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Make your right choice from list of Packers and Movers in Munnekolala Bangalore. Hire Professional packers and movers in Munnekolala for local and domestic household shifting services with quick cost estimation.AssureShift provide verified list of movers in Munnekolala for safe house shifting service. Movers and packers in Bangalore Munnekolala offer budget-friendly disassemble-packing-loading--unloading-unpacking-assemble, transport, and office shifting services. Check Company profile, local shifting charges, rating and reviews, then shortlist affordable packers and movers near me according to your requirement. We always provide reliable customer support to our customers. Save your time & choose the best option.

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Guide to Relocation in Munnekolala

Local Packers and Movers in Munnekolala

After renting or purchasing a new home in Munnekolala Bangalore, you should plan and choose the right date to shift your household. Do not underestimate the process of moving your goods from your old house to your new home. Performing all the tasks on your own is not that simple, and you have to take full responsibility if any damage or problem occurs during your shifting task. It will be more difficult and a very hectic job if you are not well experienced. Generally, packers and movers Munnekolala are well trained, and they can help you shift all your household belongings easily and securely. Professional movers and packers Bangalore Munnekolala provide top local relocation services such as disassembling and assembling, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transporting, and arranging your items. Moving companies offer domestic moving services for customers who need relocation services from Munnekolala to another city. Hiring the services of movers and packers in Munnekolala will minimize your mental stress, physical pain, relocation time, and help you save more money. Hence, hire local home shifting services in Munnekolala for shifting your household things like furniture, electronic appliances, kitchen items, delicate goods, etc., smoothly without any damage or loss.

Suppose you avert choosing movers and packers Munnekolala. In that case, you will get into more risks such as lack of human resources, lack of safety, lack of training, chances of getting injured, spending more money and time. While hiring moving companies in Munnekolala, you have to be alert about fraudulent moving companies in the market that could cheat you by putting some hidden charges, giving excuses and not offering the right services, etc.

It is necessary to choose packers and movers Munnekolala to help you complete your task brilliantly and safely. Trusted packers and movers in Bangalore Munnekolala do their job comfortably by providing you right services such as offering transparent cost estimates, handling customer services, using modern equipment, providing security for your goods, and using suitable trucks for transporting your household. Movers in Bangalore also provide best domestic relocation services in Munnekolala

There are more options to hire top movers and packers in Munnekolala Bangalore such as getting references from your relatives, friends, and neighbors. Also, hire trusted moving companies by getting the address details of their location and directly visiting them. You can hire the best packers and movers on search engines like Google, Safari, etc. You will get n number of results on relocation service providers, and you should select the best moving company by analyzing their reviews, ratings, feedback, etc., on their websites. If you are unable to select the right packer and mover in Munnekolala, get support from any moving reference portal like “Assure Shift”.

There are more options to hire top movers and packers in Munnekolala Bangalore, such as getting references from your relatives, friends, and neighbors. Also, hire trusted moving companies by contacting the address details of their location and directly visiting them. You can hire the best packers and movers on search engines like Google, Safari, etc. You will get numerous results on relocation service providers, and you should select the best moving company by analyzing their reviews, ratings, feedback, etc., on their websites. If you cannot determine the right packer and mover in Munnekolala, get support from any moving reference portal like “Assure Shift.”

Assure Shift is a popular shifting reference portal that helps you hire the top movers and packers in Bangalore and all other major Indian cities. Mainly, it provides local relocation services for customers and domestic moving services for those who require out of city shifting services. Assure Shift has unique features such as standard costs, full services for various customer levels, fast customer service, and 100% safe shifting. Share your shifting requirements with us and we will refer 3 most relevant moving companies near you as per your relocation needs and budget. Compare all their details like charges quotations, company profiles, ratings reviews, in a single place on AssureShift and choose the best one for your move.

House shifting Charges in Munnekolala

House Size/ Distance Up to 10 km 12 - 30 km 31 - 50 km
1 RK ₹ 2,600 - 5,100 ₹ 2,900 - 6,200 ₹ 4,700 - 8,700
1 BHK ₹ 3,700 - 8,700 ₹ 3,900 - 9,700 ₹ 5,200 - 10,100
2 BHK ₹ 5,200 - 12,200 ₹ 5,600 - 14,200 ₹ 6,000 - 14,700
3 BHK ₹ 6,100 - 17,700 ₹ 6,700 - 19,200 ₹ 7,200 - 19,800
4 BHK/Villa ₹ 6,300 - 19,700 ₹ 8,700 - 21,200 ₹ 9,200 - 22,700

Note: Transportation charges may vary according to the distance from city to city within Bangalore. Go through detailed house shifting costs in Bangalore to know more about relocation price lists.

Factors Affecting Local Moving Charges

Here are some of factors that mainly affect the cost irrespective of where you are moving to within the city:

  • Number of Items: Size of the truck, number of laborers required, etc., will usually depend on the number of moving items. The more things you are shifting, the bigger truck you need, the more laborers will be involved, and higher the price you will have to pay.
  • Day of moving: Think twice about your moving day; as it is a hectic time for packers planning your move is during the weekends and month-end will be very expensive. It is better to shift during weekdays or mid-month and save immensely on the movers' inflated pricing.
  • Packaging Quality: Chances of damaging goods are low for local relocation, as the moving distance is short. Therefore, the packing will be concentrated on delicate and essential goods like furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, etc. The charges will differ based on the quality and quantity of packing material used.
  • Man Power: The entire team of movers is involved in the complete shifting process, with each of them doing a specific job. For a local relocation, a big team is not required, but it may vary depending on the size of the house you are moving.
  • Residing Floor: If you live on the ground floor, charges are minimal as door-to-door shifting is easy. However, if you are residing on first floor or above, expenses might be slightly higher as more labor and effort are required to shift goods.
  • Lift Availability: If there is no lift available in your building, and you need to shift from or into the house on a higher floor, charges may increase because the movers have to manage narrow staircases

Packers Movers Services Offered in Munnekolala

House Shifting Services in Munnekolala

Economical Local Home Shifting

Local packers and movers in Munnekolala Bangalore offer start-to-end household shifting services like disassembly, reassembly, packing, unpacking, transporting, loading, unloading, etc. They also provide insurance coverage if you have more fragile goods/antique items for an additional cost upon your request

Local Packing unpacking Services in Munnekolala

Professional Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving service providers in Munnekolala use good quality packing materials like cardboard boxes, polypropylene bags, bubble wraps, packing papers, duct tapes, labels, etc., to pack your essential/delicate items. Packers ensure maximum safety of your goods. You can easily claim compensation if there is any damage.

Local Loading Unloading Services

Cautious Loading and Unloading

Munnekolala has moving and packing companies have skilled laborers who securely load and unload your things. Using best techniques and latest goods handling gear like yard ramp, hand-truck, furniture dolly, slide-shifters, belt conveyors, straps, goods moving panel, ropes, etc., they skillfully do the loading-unloading task.

Quick Disassembly and Reassembly Services

Systematic Disassembly and Reassembly

Packing companies in Munnekolala can also carry out disassembly and assembly tasks using appropriate tools like wire cutters, electric tape, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. To ensure secure packing and easy moving of your bulky/fragile goods like AC, TV, fridge, sofa, etc., following proper guidelines for safe dismantling and reassembling.

Hire labours and truck Services

Hire Two Men and Truck in Munnekolala

If you decide to move by yourself, you’ll have to search for a suitable truck to safely shift your belongings and hire 2-3 men if you need help packing or moving bulky items. Local shifting companies in Munnekolala Bangalore lets you hire reliable trucks and working labor for assistance.

Efficient Office Relocation Services

Office Shifting from Munnekolala

Packing moving companies offer office relocation services with insurance coverage. They use high-quality packing materials and best methods to pack your office goods like UPS, servers, monitors, laptops, projectors, printers, whiteboards, office furniture, etc. They offer safe relocation, timely delivery, and quick set-up of your workplace.

Advantages of Hiring Movers in Munnekolala

  1. Avert Lifting Huge Items: You could easily get hurt by carrying items in the wrong method. Relocation service providers will care about every work involved in your relocation process, from packing to unloading your goods. Hence, choosing moving companies could help you shift all your households, remove your pain, stress, and keep you far from injuring yourself.
  2. Save Valuable Time: Packing your household belongings could take a lot of time and effort while doing your moving process. When you can’t pack your items on your own and limit moving your goods, choosing movers and packers Munnekolala in your area will help you save much time.
  3. Pack Your Belongings Safely: The greatest benefit in hiring shifting service providers is that they are professionals in properly packing your items. They are good enough in handling packing boxes and packing materials employed.
  4. Save Money: Choosing moving companies is not related to spending much money just for shifting your items. But, hiring shifting companies in your area could cost you relatively low than you believe. It is not essential to calculate moving costs separately for all the work they do. The Packers have quotes for every type of work they perform, and they offer the estimate format. Extra rates might be added while the shifting job requires any additional packing materials and extra fuel.
  5. Moving Households are Insured: While doing a shift, Munnekolala packers and movers can offer insurance and full safety for all your goods during any theft or damage.

How to Minimize Your Moving Expenses

Choose Right Moving Day

To save immensely on the moving company's inflated pricing, choose weekdays or mid-month to shift because weekends and month-ends are the most expensive time to plan your move, as the demand on these days is high.

Get Charge Quotations

Every shifting service provider has its own way of calculating cost estimations. Contact movers and get at least 3-5 cost estimations to compare their charges, brand reputation, services offered, etc., before choosing the best match packing company based on your budget and requirements.

Sort out Unwanted Goods

The number of goods you are moving is the main factor influencing other factors like size of truck, amount of packing supplies needed, number of laborers required, etc. Declutter your goods to reduce your moving cost.

Negotiate With Movers

Don’t accept the packers' quote as it is, smartly bargains with them to reduce the moving cost. You must check and ensure that they have not included any hidden charges in the invoice handed over to you.

Manage Your Utility

In the excitement of moving to a new place, don't end up paying bills for the services you haven't used. Contact your utility service provider like Wi-Fi, Cable/DTH, newspaper company, LPG agency, etc., to disconnect or transfer your services.

Prepare Your Goods

To avoid paying for your electronics and kitchen appliances' repairs, prepare your goods before the move like clicking pictures of furniture, remove cables from TV, defrost the fridge, empty water filter, etc., and prepare your goods for the relocation.

How to Identify Fake Relocation Companies in Munnekolala?

Since there is more increase in the moving trend and the requirement for movers in Bangalore city also increased, there is a rise in the number of fake packers and movers Munnekolala, and they are waiting to cheat your money. It is not so easy to identify fraud moving companies. But, there are some easy ways to find out fake shifting companies in your area. Check the packer and mover is qualified to do house shifting.

Things you should be aware of while hiring a mover.

  1. For a professional packer and mover, the staff’s attitude and job ethics decide the overall performance and infrastructure. If the moving service provider fails to attract you with its attitude of expertise, you can determine that the packer is not the apt one to select for your moving requirement.
  2. When searching for reliable packers and movers in Munnekolala, it is essential to ensure their registration details and license documents. This act confirms that the moving service provider has a trustable team of good resources to provide all the needed help for home shifting services.
  3. It is not always true, but a reliable shifting company will have a proper office setup rather than hiring a rented place in most cases. If it is a rented office area, that does not mean it is a fake mover and packer. However, owning an office space almost confirms the moving company would be genuine.
  4. Before selecting any house shifting companies, it is important to read reviews from reliable sources of those relocation companies like doing market research and verifying neutral websites. Get references from your friends or relatives who have already experienced the services of those companies.
  5. When you are looking for moving service providers, it is apparent that we would look for the top moving company. Sometimes, when the mover promises some things that are not practical and genuine, it is good to avoid those relocation companies.


The estimated Packers and Movers cost in Munnekolala can vary based on various factors like the size of your house, packing required, the number of moving items, etc. However, the estimated relocation cost will be:

Size of House Shifting Rate
1 BHK ₹ 3,900 - 9,700
2 BHK ₹ 5,600 - 14,200
3 BHK ₹ 6,700 - 19,200

  • ABT Packers and Movers: Munnekollal Main Rd, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.
  • Sri Hari Packers and Movers: Phase 2, Munnekollal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.
  • Nest Packers and Movers: Manjunatha Layout, Thubarahalli, Munnekollal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.

This page delivers all details regarding local movers and packers in Munnekolala. Here, you can look for selecting the best moving company, how the shifting task is performed, what kind of relocation services they offer, and about top shifting companies available in your area. Moving service providers given in this relocation reference portal are already verified and trusted by Assure Shift. You can also search Packing moving companies in Whitefield for house shifting in Munnekolala.

Munnekolala is situated in the eastern part of Bangalore city, and this small region lies near Marathahalli and Whitefield areas. As this area is close to Outer ring road and Whitefield main road, it has developed into a popular residential colony. Our local packers and movers in Bangalore Munnekolala listed on our portal have helped lots of customers in localities like Sri Krishna Ventures near Shri Gyanoday Digamber Jain Temple, AECS Layout near Big Bazaar, DSR Krishna Royale Apartment near Yashomati Hospital, Sumadhura Sandoval near Shriram Samruddhi Apartments, Saranya Enclave near Vibgyor High School, Rohan Vasantha Apartments near Purva Riveria, Ittina Abha near Munnekolala Government School.

Also, compare movers and packers in Munnekolala, reviews, ratings, charges, and services. Read more on how to negotiate better with moving companies in Munnekolala, what are the ways to find out fraud movers and packers, and what is the advantage of hiring packers and movers Munnekolala area.

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