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Fine Tuned Transport and Logistic System
Fine Tuned Transport and Logistic System
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Service Type Approx price
Local 2BHK ₹ 5000 - ₹ 11000
Domestic 2BHK 401 - 800Km ₹ 12500 - ₹ 23000
Domestic 2BHK 801 - 1500Km ₹ 14000 - ₹ 26000
Domestic 2BHK Above 1500Km ₹ 16000 - ₹ 30000

The Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers Pvt. Ltd.! are so popular in the markets of domestic and international. Aim of serving customers for full satisfaction gives them day by day growth in transportation sector. The Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers Pvt. Ltd. are capable of serving customers of all over country. They are independent and surviving dominantly in this field with strong knowledge and experience of 20+ years. The company is ranked as the topmost leading shifting company and subsisting as leading transporter of India.

The dedicated Kuber Logistics Packers and Movers Hyderabad understood the needs of people in packing and moving so they are supporting people wanting transmit of households, office furniture and equipments, plant and machineries and industrial goods. Genuine rates and customer service is also provided as extra benefit to the customers. The leader of relocation industry is Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers Hyderabad. who owns well-natured transportation and other facilities for performing the best and unique relocation to their customers only for receiving their contentment. With a warm sole of aim, they serve their customers in manner of delighting them. As this is an iconic relocation management firm will help people for any relocation related activity to the indefinite destinations.

Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers Reviews

Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers
Top packers
Very good servises to packers and movers in packers compamey
Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers
Disgusted by their unprofessional service and rude behavior
Shifted household from Mumbai to Nagpur. The truck arrived 4 days late and no one seemed to have any clue about its whereabouts. Mr Sharma and Mr Yadav are extremely rude and use crass language. They don't give a damn about the safety of your luggage or the timelines that you request them for. It's been over a month and I haven't received the insurance papers yet. They weren't even sending me a proper bill with GST number. They lie each time if at all they answer the phone. Mr Sharma even went all filmy saying he will resign if the papers don't reach me in the next one hour. It never did but he still seems to be sitting in that office!
Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers
Its been 11 days since my goods have left Mumbai and I have absolutely no clue where my goods are at the moment (I was promised a 4 day delivery from Mumbai to Bangalore). I have had to stay in a hotel out of my own money last one week because of non-delivery of goods. They absolutely sweet talked to us initially with false promises, we went with them considering the (fake) reviews on Urbanclap but this was the biggest mistake. They charged GST first 18%, then 12%, then 5% then when we told them individual shifters don't have to pay GST, they cancelled the whole GST. They also charged 3% for insurance but gave absolutely no receipt or insurance copy even after following up, they will mostly pocket insurance from all customers. They promised quick delivery in 4 days with GPS tracking(there's nothing), I can understand a 1 or 2 day delay from that but its been more than 11 days since my goods left Mumbai to Bangalore (which is 1000kms) and I am literally scared as to what happened to the goods as there is no proper response. I have had to call their representatives literally atleast 10-15 times daily to follow up and even then, all they do is LIE, LIE, LIE continuously and deflect the blame on someone else in the other city/truck has broken down(which is a lie again), but even after 11 days I have zero clue where all my household stuff is or if they have been lost/damaged somewhere. Go with Kuber ONLY if you are intent on damaging your own life's hard earned goods, they are a FRAUD company. I am going to visit the police and consumer redressal court to initiate legal proceedings against them for non-delivery of goods well beyond the time they promised and giving false updates every single day on delivery. This is a genuine review, please do not go with them. I'm still waiting for my entire household goods to be delivered. This has been the single WORST experience I have ever had with any company in my life
Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers
Choose Kuber Logistics only if you want to destroy yourself. Given the fact that I am a medical doctor and this is my 8th relocation - I have reasonable experience with domestic goods logistics. My tryst with Kuber logistics started in the last week of July when I contacted them for a transit from Delhi to Gurgaon. They did give me a quote which was 20K lesser than Agarwal Packers and assured a better packaging quality. On Aug 3 morning arrived a bunch of UNTRAINED packers (all third party - villagers) with only one person from Kuber logistics. They refused to pack delicate glassware in plastic crate boxes. After lot of requesting and cajoling they delayed packing by 4 hours and brought few plastic crates. (Note : I had lost trust at this very point but there was no other option since I had to initiate my relocation on the very same day) Only the very delicate glass and crystal ware was packed in crates. ME AND MY WIFE SPENT THE REST OF THE DAY TILL 2AM PACKING THE GLASS ITEMS OURSELVES. They donot provide mattress wrapping like the way most vendors do. Ultimately again me and my wife wrapped our expensive mattress in an Agarwal Packers mattress case that we had used in the past. We have a marble Puja temple which was assured to be packed in a dedicated wooden case, but none was provided. I literally risked all my hopes in having the marble temple hammered between some planks of wood. Anyhow after an ordeal lasting for over 24 hours they loaded our goods in the truck. I was used to sealed locking of the carrier. To my utter horror the driver said that even if I lock the container with my own lock - the same might be broken for police checks at state borders - now i lost it completely. I had an hour long conversation with the supervisor (Mr Sharma - who was the only person contactable at Mumbai). Imagine my plight - all my domestic goods loaded into the truck and the driver says that the lock can be broken. I had no option but to let go. I literally taped the inside bolts of the lock. My biggest mistake was to hand over my car also for transit to Kuber logistics PART 2 My domestic goods arrived after almost 10 days at Gurgaon and then the ordeal part 2 started. There was NOT A SINGLE AUTHORISED STAFF OF THE COMPANY WAS THERE TO UNLOAD. When the truck opened in front of me - to my shock - the items had reshuffled. I was told that this happened due to the long road travel. How could a bicycle placed on left side of the truck move to the right side - note that it was fixed in between boxes. The entire unloading process was undertaken by the driver and some local gurgaon villagers. Again me and my wife had to do the entire unpacking as the staff refused to unpack even the furniture and glass items (again this is a standard practice by Agarwal packers whom i have used 7 times in the past). With lot of fighting with the supervisor (Mr Sharma from Mumbai) we were able to get partial unpacking done by the local laborers. As anticipated - several glass items and furniture broken. Then came the biggest scare of the entire process. My car was UNTRACEABLE. Kuber logistics had assured that my car would reach in 2 weeks time (since it would be sent in larger carriers which the company outsources to) After 20 days with no information I started getting very jittery. I made over 100 phone calls (not exaggerating !!) to Mr Sharma who repeatedly kept telling that the car would arrive the next day. Ultimately I threatened to make police complaint. They finally delivered my car by road on Aug 22 exactly 1 month after it was picked up. [SEE PICS OF THE CAR ATTACHED] It was obvious that the car was driven for a very long distance (horror - the milometer wasnt working]. I and my family are still reeling with the horror of this transit. This is just to warn all prospective individuals who are undertaking a relocation - DONT EVER THINK OF KUBER LOGISTICS

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