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Make the right Choice from list of affordable packers and movers in Pune Hinjewadi. Hire Professional Packers and Movers Hinjewadi for local/domestic shifting services with quick cost estimation verified list of trusted movers in Hinjewadi Pune that provide fast and economical relocation service. Moving companies offer budget-friendly packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, disassemble & assemble, transport, and office shifting services. Check Company profile, local shifting charges, packers and movers reviews and ratings, then shortlist affordable packing moving companies according to your requirement. We always provide reliable customer support to our customers. Save money & choose the right option.

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Guide to Hire Packers and Movers in Hinjewadi

Packers and Movers Hinjewadi

Congratulations on finalizing your new home! Generally, people decide against hiring packers and movers Hinjewadi because of popular belief that movers are too expensive and can’t be trusted so easily. However, moving homes from Hinjewadi by yourself is extremely risky and challenging, no matter whether you’re moving within the same city or 1000’s of kilometers away. You’ll have to take care of every single task by yourself like buying necessary packing material, lift and move heavy goods, know how to protect walls and doors from damages, etc. Apart from these packing-moving tasks, you’ll also have to take care of reconnecting or transferring utilities, update address in schools, banks, etc., finding out essential information about your new locality, and other such important tasks. Handling everything alone will make it stressful not only physically but also mentally and financially.

Finding reliable movers and packers in Pune is crucial to have secure and stress-free relocation. You can search for reliable shifting service providers by asking your friends/family or you can check Google, etc. However, it’s important to beware of fraudulent and unprofessional shifting companies who entrap customers by offering lowest cost quotations in beginning and end up increasing prices or adding hidden charges to the bill. They may also provide poor or low-quality services and mishandle your goods or even stealing. To stay safe from such unethical moving companies, you will need to do thorough research of every packer mover company in Hinjewadi before hiring them. You will have to check their registration documents, verify owner ID proof, go through reviews & ratings. To validate their contact details and office address, call or visit them.

Hinjewadi is a local area located in the northwestern part of Pune city and it’s surrounded by areas like Wakad, Balewadi, Nande, Godambewadi, and Nerhe. Considered as one of the top IT hubs in the city, the local area is popularly known for its Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. Moving companies here deliver various types of local and domestic shifting services for customers of all levels and quality local and interstate packing and moving.

An easier alternative to hiring Affordable moving companies in Pune is through AssureShift where you’ll find pre-verified and reliable home relocation companies for local shifting in Hinjewadi. We list only trustworthy packing moving companies after properly verifying their details like registration documents, owner identification, website, office set up, past performance history, and other important information to prove their legitimacy.

In AssureShift online portal, you can go through the list by yourself and directly contact our trusted local moving companies in Pune to get instant cost estimations. Or, you can also tell us your moving requirements and get references of 3 best local movers and packers in Hinjewadi nearest to you. Quickly compare details like company profiles, reviews, ratings, shifting charges, etc., on our website before finalizing most affordable and best-suited packers and movers, as per your requirements.

House Shifting Charges in Hinjewadi

House Size/ Distance Up to 10 km 12 - 30 km 31 - 50 km
1 RK ₹ 2,800 - 7,600 ₹ 3,000 - 8,000 ₹ 3,200 - 8,400
1 BHK ₹ 3,800 - 8,600 ₹ 4,000 - 9,000 ₹ 4,200 - 9,500
2 BHK ₹ 6,200 - 14,300 ₹ 6,500 - 15,000 ₹ 6,800 - 15,800
3 BHK ₹ 7,600 - 17,900 ₹ 8,000 - 18,800 ₹ 8,400 - 19,700
4 BHK/Villa ₹ 9,500 - 19,500 ₹ 10,000 - 20,500 ₹ 10,500 - 21,500

Factors Influencing Local Relocation Rates

  1. Number of Items: Size of truck will usually depend on number of items you are moving. The more things you are shifting, spacious truck you require, and higher the relocation charge you will have to pay.
  2. Packaging Quality: Chances of damaging goods are low when relocating items approximately within a 30 Km radius. Therefore, the packing will be concentrated on delicate goods, furniture, and large appliances. In this case, charges will differ based on the labor and packing material used.
  3. Day of moving: You need to think twice about the day of the month on which you decide to relocate. The most expensive time for you to plan your move is during the weekends and month-end as it is a hectic time for packers. It is better to move during weekdays or mid-month and save immensely on the inflated pricing charged by the movers.
  4. The floor you are residing on: In both origin and destination, if you are living on the ground floor, the charges are minimal as a door to door shifting is easy. However, if you are residing on or above the first floor, expenses might be slightly higher as more labor and effort is required to shift the goods.
  5. Lift Availability: If there is no lift available in your building, and you need to shift from or into the house on a higher floor, then charges may increase because the movers have to manage narrow staircases.
  6. Man Power: The entire team of movers is involved in the complete shifting process with each of them doing a specific job. For a local relocation, big team is not required, but it may vary depending on the size of the house you are moving to.

Benefits of Hiring Relocation Companies

Few people consider the advantages of choosing movers in Hinjewadi or packers and movers near me. But, hiring expert relocation service providers will help you complete the task quickly and effectively. You might think that hiring packers would cost you more, but you should regard that they charge standard fees for all services. Visit the link to understand better about the moving charges in Pune for local amd domestic shifting

House shifting is messy, laborious, and unsafe to be carried out alone, especially when you don’t have necessary experience in handling large household goods and unmanageable relocation tasks. You may not know how to correctly pack goods or lift and move them, which may lead to goods damaged or self-injuries.

Professional relocation companies in Hinjewadi have years of experience in the packing moving field – having helped 1000’s of families and offices to relocate any kinds of goods like household items, car, bike, office things, cargo shipment, industrial equipment and machinery, and various others based on customer requirements.

Advantages of hiring packing company are:

  • Movers offer end-to-end relocation service.
  • Hiring packing companies saves your time and money.
  • They plan and neatly organize your move.
  • They take accountability and ensure safety of your goods.
  • Experienced labor skillfully takes care of your move.
  • Packers are fully equipped with right tools, latest handling equipment, best-fit truck, etc.
  • They provide timely pickup and safe doorstep delivery.
  • They offer insurance cover at additional cost upon your request.

How to Find Trustworthy Packers and Movers?

Finding a list of packers and movers Hinjewadi is not a complicated process, but it is challenging to choose trustworthy options. Due to the absence of a proper verification authority, many fake and unprofessional movers attract customers with the lowest quotes. These are some simple steps to ensure you hire the packing shifting company in Hinjewadi:

Check Mover Registration Documents and Office Space

When you consider choosing moving service provider in Hinjewadi, find out whether they have proper office space, Govt. registration documents, transport arrangements, good performance record, and team of skilled moving labor.

To validate credibility of Hinjewadi relocation companies, check if they have official website with complete company information along with contact details; verify their registration documents and GSTIN number, owners identification proof, etc.

Check Services Quality and Customer Support Provided

It’s good to check how they will handle your goods, quality of service movers provide, and service charges for entire move. Another important factor to check before hiring any packing company in Hinjewadi is whether they have good customer support team who can help you during the move. A dedicated support team will be able to deliver prompt resolutions along with regular updates about any information as and when you need it.

Beware of Cheap Price Quotations from Packers Movers

Hiring packers and movers in Pune Hinjewadi should not empty your pocket; at the same time, you should not go with the one offering cheap cost quotes since they usually end up being fraudulent and easily trap customers who have low budgets. These fake and unprofessional shifting companies in Hinjewadi may end up providing poor quality services or cheat you by increasing prices halfway through move or even steal your belongings under pretext of moving them.

It’s always best to pay full amount to packing companies, only after they deliver your required services. If any relocation company expects you to pay the total amount before the move, they could be a fraudulent moving company.

Packing Moving Services in Hinjewadi

Affordable House Shifting Service in Hinjewadi

Economic Local House Shifting Within City

For shifting within Pune city, packers and movers in Hinjewadi Pune are capable of packing and moving household goods in less time and expenses. As goods have to be moved over short distance and damages are low, protective packing is done for electronics and delicate items, while other home goods are packed normally.

Quality Packing unpacking Services from Hinjewadi

Quality Packing and Unpacking Services

Normal packing material like plastic wrap, carton boxes, corrugated sheets, and similar others for packaging clothes, kitchen items, and other household goods. Protective materials like packing foam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, moving pads, blankets, packing tape, markers, etc. are used to maintain 100% security.

Safe Loading Unloading Services

Experienced Loading and Unloading Services

House shifting labourers in Hinjewadi use goods handling equipment like furniture sliders, hand trucks, and appliance dollies, moving straps and ropes, and other suitable ones to ease the process of loading and unloading. Movers make sure several challenges are avoided using appropriate equipment for goods.

Quick Disassembly and Reassembly Services

Cautious Disassembly and Reassembly Services

Proper guidelines and modern tools are used by experienced packers and movers Hinjewadi for dismantling and reassembling large items like sofa set, bed, TV, AC, fan, geysers, etc. They do this to ensure proper packing, easy loading, and full safety of goods during transit.

Efficient Interstate House Shifting Services

Professional Intercity Household Moving Services

House shifting from Hinjewadi Pune can be completed with detailed planning to ensure goods are fully secured during long-distance transportation. Domestic shifting companies in Hinjewadi offer insurance cover for all or partial items to safeguard them against any damages so that you’re not worried until final delivery.

Car/Bike Shifting Service in Hinjewadi

Car/Bike Shifting Services from Hinjewadi Pune

Vehicles can be transported safely from Hinjewadi to your destination promptly after dismantling and securing the automobile with bubble wrap & corrugated sheets. They will take full responsibility to deliver the bike/car within scheduled time to your doorstep.

Local Home Shifting Process

  1. Disassembly of Bulky Items: Packers disassemble bulky goods like furniture, appliances, TV, AC, etc., with help of experienced moving labourers who follow proper guidelines and using suitable tools and techniques.
  2. Packing Home Goods: House shifting companies use good-quality packaging material and choose appropriate material considering size, shape, weight, and material of your moving items.
  3. Loading Goods into Truck: Skilled moving labor is capable of loading goods by employing necessary safety precautions like protecting doors, floors, and walls with moving blankets, floor protectors, padding, etc.
  4. Transporting to Destination: Movers provide reliable and right-sized vehicles to safely shift your goods to your destination. They select suitable trucks based on total quantity of goods and moving distance.
  5. Doorstep Delivery and Unloading: Moving companies guarantee prompt and secure delivery to your doorstep. They will unload all goods using suitable handling equipment and place everything inside your house as per your requirement.
  6. Unpacking Services at Destination: Packing companies will also perform complete unpacking of delivered goods and help you set up everything as well if you need. As soon as they unpack your home goods, check for damages, and report right away and claim compensation.
  7. Reassembling Goods: Items that were dismantled will be put back together following necessary guidelines and using appropriate tools by packers movers. Plugin and check working condition of all appliances and reassembled goods.

How to Reduce Relocation Rates in Hinjewadi

Get rid of unused/unwanted things

House shifting charges will depend mainly on quantity of goods because packing material, size of truck, number of labor required, etc., will vary accordingly. Declutter/get rid of goods which you haven’t used for long time, you will be able to considerably lower your relocation costs.

Compare multiple price quotes

Movers will have different ways of estimating shifting prices because of which moving prices vary. That’s why it’s best to take quoted chargPack Your Essentials:es from at least 3 relocation companies so that you can compare them and hire the most affordable and suitable house shifting service provider.

Negotiate and work out a good deal with your movers

Instead of accepting moving company quotes as final, negotiate with them to get good deal and lower your relocation prices. You should also check with them and make sure no hidden charges in the given quotation.

Disconnect Your Utility Services

To avoid pay bills for services you haven’t used. Contact your utility service provider like LPG agency, Wi-Fi, DTH, Magazine company, etc., to transfer, reconnect, or disconnect your services.

Tips to Prepare before Packing & Moving Home Goods

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Goods: Declutter goods to reduce your moving cost; you can either sell or donate usable goods.
  2. Look for Movers: For local shifting start looking for relocation service providers at least 7-10 days before your moving day.
  3. Choose Right Moving day: Weekdays are the most relaxed day for packers. Plan your move on a weekday to hire genuine shifting company at an affordable price
  4. Deep Clean and Repair: Neatly clean your new home and check the working conditions of taps, sockets, switches, etc., and get the repair done before you move.
  5. Pack Your Essentials: To ensure comfortable stay at your new place carry your medicines, pair of cloth, toiletries, personal care, etc. with you.
  6. Update New Address: To avoid missing out important communications, change your address at essential firms like post offices, banks, insurance companies, educational institutions, etc.
  7. Manage Utilities: To reconnect/disconnect/transfer your utility service like DTH, WiFi, Newspaper Suppliers, LPG Agency, etc. at both locations contact the service provider.
  8. Prepare Appliances: Clean and prepare your appliances like unplugging TV cables, defrosting fridge, etc.
  9. Click Picture of Goods: Take pictures of electronic goods and furniture before packing; it’s easy to identify damages and while replugging.
  10. What not to Shift with Movers: Do not shift your valuables, financial lifesavers, hazardous liquids, perishable items, etc.


Packers and Movers Local shifting rate in Hinjewadi depends on the size of house to move with distance covered on relocation. If any change in destination or distance travelled it will affect the estimated shifting cost. Approximate charge sheet for local moving in Hinjewadi is

Size of House Shifting Rate
1 BHK ₹ 4,000 - 9,000
2 BHK ₹ 6,500 - 15,000
3 BHK ₹ 8,000 - 18,800

  • DTC Express Packers and Movers: Hinjewadi, Pune - 411057
  • Dosti Packers And Movers: Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune - 411017
  • Balaji Cargo Packers and Movers: Nigdi, Pune - 411044
  • Hindustan Express Packers and Movers: Nigdi, Pune - 411044
  • PMS Care Relocation Packers and Movers: Nigdi, Pune - 411044

Best-performing Movers and packers Hinjewadi will provide easy and smooth local relocation experience whether you’re planning to shift home goods, office workspace, car/bike transportation, cargo shipping, etc. Reliable Local Shifting companies in Pune will handle every single task from start to end, like planning various work techniques, bringing required packing materials for secure packing and unpacking, organized loading and unloading with apt handling equipment, disassembling and reassembling heavy goods like fridge, TV, AC, etc. using necessary tools, determining best-fit truck for moving goods with insurance, and guarantee secure and timely doorstep delivery.

Local packers and movers in Hinjewadi listed on our platform have helped and served customers living in localities such as Splendour Society near Embassy Quadron Business Park, Shinde Nagar near Vinod Nagar, Blue Ridge Town Pune Phase 1 near Main Road, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park near Kasarsai Road, Zenobia near Marunji Road, Kate Wasti near Wasti Forest, Bhujbal Vasti near Hinjewadi Bridge, Bhatewara Nagar near Hijawadi road. You can also choose moving companies in Wakad for home relocation in Hinjewadi.

To safeguard customers from hiring fake or corrupt packers and movers Pune Hinjewadi, AssureShift offers you list of pre-verified moving service providers who undergo thorough document verification. Share your shifting requirements with us, we will refer to 3 nearest and best-matched moving packing companies in Hinjewadi who provide your necessary services within budget. You can either directly choose house shifting service providers in Hinjewadi and get approx relocation cost quotations based on your specific requirements. You can also take references of movers and packers Pune Hinjewadi from us to get quick-shifting charge estimations in minutes; quickly compare moving company profiles, list of services provided, packers and movers reviews and ratings, and cost quotations before hiring best-suited professional packers and movers Hinjewadi.

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