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CPMC INDIA is an ethically managed company that offers the unbeatable advantage of hassle-free relocation under the watchful supervision of our professional team.

The process of packing all the goods in your house one by one for a move can be daunting and time-consuming. To transform this challenging task into an easy and hassle-free experience, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as CPMC INDIA. Since 2005, CPMC INDIA has been an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, continually striving towards total customer satisfaction through the enhancement of service quality. We are an organization you can trust for a hassle-free moving experience, whether it involves family, official, or business merchandise. At CPMC INDIA, we believe this is the place where you can seamlessly blend business with pleasure.

Founded with an awareness of the significant changes in the global relocation business, CPMC India adapts to evolving trends and needs in the industry. Recognizing the present-day demand for combining relocation with logistics, we provide our esteemed customers with one-stop solutions for their moving needs.


on rated 4
I engaged CPMC Relocation and Logistics for a small move within Bangalore to Domlur, just transporting a few household items. They did a good job. The staff was exceptionally polite and handled my belongings with care, ensuring everything was securely packed and moved without any damage. Their professionalism and courteous interaction made the moving experience quite pleasant. I would recommend CPMC Relocation & Logistics for those looking for efficient and friendly moving services in the city.
on rated 4
The move was conducted in a highly professional manner. I needed to relocate within Bangalore, covering a distance of approximately 15KM. The referral came from someone who had previously utilized their services, leading me to contact the manager directly for a quote. Subsequently, they provided a detailed quote via email, ensuring clear communication.
on rated 4
I had a positive experience with my relocation by CPMC. All my household items and vehicle arrived in excellent condition, which I appreciate.
on rated 5
CPMC Relocation & Logistics Private Limited did an excellent job with my move within Bangalore to Nagasandra, involving just a few household items. Their service was both quick and safe, ensuring a hassle-free relocation. Highly recommended for their outstanding and efficient service.
on rated 4
Shifting homes is always a challenging task, but thanks to Cpmc Relocation & Logistics Private Limited, our journey from Bangalore to Udupi turned out to be smooth and hassle-free. The team did a commendable job in handling our household items and bike with utmost care. It's a 1BHK house, but the quantity of stuff we accumulated over the years was overwhelming. Their expertise helped in making the process less daunting and more organized. The service was quick, and we received all our belongings safe and sound in Udupi. The work of the company is much appreciated. I am very thankful for their support and good work

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