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Looking For Professional and Reliable packers and movers in Borivali Mumbai, you have reached the right place. Get quick overview of company profile, ratings, reviews, services, specialities, and contact info. Shortlist prefered companies and ask for charges estimation from all at once, or simply request quote and we will find best packers & movers in Borivali for you.

Top 12 Packers and Movers Borivali Mumbai List

Directly connect with top packers and movers in Borivali Mumbai compare best mach service providers from our reference or find the right fit by yourself. When you book anyone without AssureShift’s knowledge it will be your responsibility to cross check the relocation service professional.

Goodwill domestic packers and movers
  • Reliable
  • Cheap
  • Safe
91 9867987655 / 91 7498577555
No.16, Sulochana Building, Mantri Wadi, Lok Maniye Tilak Chowak Opp Samarath Pustakalay, Zhakeria Road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064

Mumbai Packers and Movers Charges

Within Mumbai Shifting Charges

Get approx estimation of complete door to door packing and moving rates. For accurate costing please give us your moving details, and get quote from 3 best match service providers.

Few Goods Moving Cost
4.2K - 5.5K
1 BHK Moving Rate
5.9K - 9.1K
2 BHK Shifting Rates
7.8K - 14.3K
3 BHK Shifting Charges
12.4K - 20.8K
4 BHK Relocation Price
17.6K - 26.0K
Few Goods
Bed, Fridge or Washing Machine, Few Kitchen Items, and Cloths
Bed, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Kitchen Items, Small Table, Few Chairs, and Cloths
2 Beds, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Dining Table, Sofa, Study Table, Few Chairs, Wardrobe, Almirah, 1 AC or Cooler, Kitchen Items, and Cloths
2 Double Beds, 1 Single Bed, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Dining Table, Sofa Set, Study Table, Computer Table, Chairs, 2 Wardrobes, 2 Almirahs, 2 AC, Dressing table, Kitchen Items, and Cloths
2 Double Beds, 2 Single Bed, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Dining Table, Sofa Set, Center Table, Study Table, Computer Table, Chairs, Dressing Table, 3 Wardrobes, 3 AC, Aquarium or Show pices, Kitchen Items, and Cloths

Borivali Relocation Guide

Congratulations on buying or renting a new house. Hoping you turn it into a peaceful and a place of many happy moments. If you want this happiness and peacefulness to continue at your home for life long, you should have all necessary households and other facilities to maintain your happiness. Make sure that you shift your household belongings to your new home without any stress or trouble, as moving is not an easy thing to perform by yourself. It would be very tough when you shift your items in one of the popular areas in Mumbai like Borivali. It is your responsibility to move your valuable items like kitchen appliances, huge furniture, electronic appliances, fragile products, and other items without any damage. It would become more stressful and hard for you when you try to shift your items by yourself without any training. Hence, hire professional packers and movers in Borivali to make you moving job stress-free and safe.

Packers and movers Borivali can brilliantly manage their shifting job using the latest equipment and modern ideas. They mostly deliver all types of local services for all customers who live within and outside Borivali area. They also provide domestic shifting services for customers in Borivali to any other city or area inside India. Normally, movers and packers in Borivali are well trained and experienced. They can manage any hard moving task securely and comfortably without causing any damage to your goods. They even provide insurance options for your household belongings, if something happens during the relocation process. Therefore it is brilliant to hire expert movers and packers Borivali area, as you can reduce your moving time, costs, mental stress, physical pain, etc. The important thing you should do is to watch how movers do their job wisely and securely.

Generally, people believe that choosing packers and movers in Borivali would charge them more and they are not confident about allowing strangers inside their home. But, when you hire a moving company, the experts are genuine, and their charges are reasonable. If you avoid selecting Borivali packers and movers, the risks factors you have to face such as lack of expertise, lack of workforce, possibilities of getting injured, taking more time and money.

It is good to be careful about fraud moving service providers surviving in the market to cheat you and grab a lot of money from you. These fake packers and movers Borivali could cheat you without delivering you the right services such as giving you more excuses for every task they do, charging you more after the whole moving task is completed, revealing some hidden charges, etc.

Reliable movers and packers Borivali can manage their shifting work, and they can offer different kinds of local shifting services for all customers in Borivali are without any problem. They can even handle tasks like providing the appropriate vehicles for moving, offering proper estimates, providing the latest equipment, delivering fast customer care services to all customers, etc. These relocation service providers in Borivali deliver local shifting services like local residential moving, local corporate relocation, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, disassembling and assembling, a vehicle moving, truck shifting and domestic relocation as well.

It is essential to choose movers and packers Borivali Mumbai, as they can help you in finishing your relocation task effectively and safely. When you hire a professional moving company, you can, move your goods securely with proper packing, have many insurance options, avoid lifting heavy items and shifting stress, save a lot of money and time.

You can find packers and movers Borivali by getting referrals from your relatives, friends or neighbors, as they could aid you in choosing the best mover. You could also hire by getting the location address of the moving companies using Google map through your smartphone and visiting their offices directly. Also, you can find a packer by using some relevant keywords like “packers and movers in Borivali, movers and packers in Borivali, packers and movers near me, movers and packers near me using any search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. After putting these keywords, you will get many relevant results regarding the moving companies. Then you could select a trusted service provider by verifying their website, ratings, reviews, feedbacks, etc. If you are not able to find a genuine packer and mover in Borivali Mumbai, you can get support from this moving reference portal called “Assure Shift.”

Assure Shift is a famous reference portal that helps you in finding trusted packers and movers in Borivali area and all other major cities in India. It offers both local and domestic relocation services for all customers in Borivali. The best features available in this reference website are standard rates, 100% secured moving, fast response and delivering full service to all level customers. It even provides top deals and offers for those who require to move their goods anywhere within India from Borivali area.

Borivali is situated in the northwest part of Mumbai city, and it is bordered by Kandivali, Charkop Gaon, Lokhandwala TWP, Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Dahisar. This area is sub-divided into east Borivali and west Borivali. Borivali area is very popular in Mumbai due to its presence near SG National Park and has some residential complexes, corporate building, houses, shops, commercial markets, schools, gardens, parks, temples, etc. Therefore, it is wise to buy or rent a home in this oldest place like Borivali with many historical structures, religious places, ancient sculptures, caves, etc. Some top movers and packers in Borivali Mumbai deliver all types of local and domestic shifting services for all customers based on their requirement.

Local packers and movers in Borivali east have supported and served all customers who live in the localities like Ekta Bhoomi Gardens III near Food Corporation of India Warehouse, Rajendra Nagar near SG national park flyover, Shankheshwar Nagar near Borivali Nancy Colony Bus Stand, Kajupada near Om Siddhivinayak Society, Shri Krishna Nagar near Abhinav Nagar, Raheja Estate near Dahisar river, Kulupwadi near Kanheri caves road, Magathane near Devala Pada Siddharth Nagar near Khatau Estate.

Local packers and movers in Borivali west have aided and served customers who stay in the localities such as Gorai 1 near Padma Nagar, Swagat Society near Pragati School and Junior College, Staff Colony near Gorai Nagar, Eksar near Devki Nagar, I.C. Colony near MM Hospital, Mount Poinsur near Mandapeshwar Caves, Prem Nagar near Joggers Park MCF Grounds, Kamdhenu Society near Babhai Naka near Rameshwar Darshan CHS, Shimpoli near Haridas Nagar, Bhatt Chawl near Gokul Dham Society, Mulji Nagar near Kosamgo Nagar, Mahavir Nagar near Poisar.

Risks involved in shifting your households all on your own

Moving on your own seems to be a comfortable way to move your entire household belongings from one area to another area. There is some risks involved in packing and moving without any help of movers and packers Borivali Mumbai. Here, we discuss regarding risks you face when you plan to shift on your own. Check out what issues you could face when you relocate and find a better alternative to solve your moving problems.

Without any experience: Trusted packers and movers in Borivali are very well experienced to move boxes and arrange them neatly within the moving truck. Their experience aids them in moving your items without any damage or loss. But, when you move by yourself, you will not have the needed experience to move your things carefully.

Higher Costs: The simple reasons that you are not interested in selecting reliable movers and packers in Borivali because you think the services charges are high. You may think that moving yourself will charge you very low. But, while you move on your own, you should spend more than choosing relocation service providers. Again, you have to spend on packing supplies like tape, boxes and bubble wraps.

You should pay for your vehicle’s fuel, and if your truck faces any trouble during the shifting process, you have to spend for all repairs. If you have a small vehicle, shifting your large households will become difficult. Then, you should choose a moving truck or a trailer to move everything in one shift.

Lack of Workforce: Before you relocate your items, you may have asked your relatives or friends to help in shifting to your new area. But, on the relocation day, some may not show up because of their work. Then, you should do everything with a small workforce. Hence, your moving process will take much time to finish the task than choosing the best packers and movers Borivali Mumbai.

More time spent: You have spent a lot of personal time and work to achieve all your things. After you have collected, packed all the boxes, organized, you would have wasted lots of valuable time. Again, you should spend much time for unloading, loading, and driving between your areas.

Physical Injury Risks: As you don’t have an expert relocation experience, there is a larger risk of injuring yourself when carrying and lifting boxes. With a lack of professional experience, there are many chances to sprain and strain your back. You could drop your heavy product or furniture on your hands, feet and even you could damage shoulders.

Low Security: When you relocate your items from your old to your new house, your households could get into the theft. If you lose anything while you are moving, you are responsible for your loss. But, when you use expert packers and movers in Borivali, you could also invest in insurance options that cover lost or damaged goods when packing, loading or shifting.

Best options to find fake packers and movers Borivali West easily

Your area may have many relocation service providers, that you are unable to find the top one relevant for you. Relocation is not so tough but, all cannot do this job. It requires full planning, and it should handle everything better with more alert. Make sure that professional movers and packers in Borivali West to get your job done without any problem.

You can easily find out fake movers and packers in Borivali West by the following ways.

  • To make sure that the relocation company you hire is literal and you have to visit their office with the support of the address given on the website. Request them some questions regarding the services they offer, registration, hidden charges, tax details, etc. Don’t forget to ask regarding their estimate according to your need.
  • It is good to read the reviews, ratings, and feedback provided by the people on the internet, who have previously used their services. Create a list of movers and packers in your area and verify their ratings to compare online. Also, you can ask your relatives and friends regarding their referrals on packers and movers in Borivali.
  • Cheap rate moving services are not always best. While comparing the offers from various shifting companies, it is always better to be careful regarding the quality other than the costs. The prices will be more or less based on the equipment they employ and the workforce they involve for the job. Fraud relocation companies normally deliver you with a minimum quote, and they increase the rates between the jobs.
  • When choosing a trusted packers and movers Borivali, hire a company with better customer care option. They can manage the queries and complaints of the customers professionally.

How to do good negotiation with packers and movers in Borivali East

Shifting a house is a time-consuming and a costly task for those who need to move their households. You should pay more for safe and trouble-free moving. Usually, people don’t select movers and packers in Borivali East due to more shifting charges. It is not possible for everyone to choose moving relocation companies for their moving and they provide valid reasons for their moving charges.

The costs of packers and movers rely on a few factors such as moving distance, the weight of the product, relocation time, negotiation skill and the mover as well. The rates could be negotiated if they have wise negotiation skills.

  • People are worried about their shifting charges, and they always prefer the one who delivers them with low costs. This is not the right way to manage things, and when you require the best, you have to find a good solution.
  • Shifting on your own is the important worry of people, and they assume that DIY will make them save a lot of money. No guarantee that this job will reach success and the initial thing gets in the mind of people for this approach is saving more money. This process is only suitable for a local move.
  • Sometimes, self-moves are costlier than expected. According to the time, potential risks that you can experience, and it is largely recommended to do the calculations correctly.
  • In the idea of saving some more money, people select few services from packers and movers Borivali East, and they can manage other tasks by themselves. People believe that fewer service they receive, lesser they would pay.
  • Grab the deal, and then it changes into a budget-friendly environment while dealing with a shifting company. Try to move the essential things to your new house, and there is no use of taking those goods to another area.
  • A relocation company should negotiate by compromising service quality. When the company delivers you a very minimum quote, it is like an alert signal. Check the moving company identity and verify completely before taking the last decision.
  • When you need to find out your best offer and deals, initially negotiate with more movers and packers. Options are there you will get the benefits of low rate budget.

Hence, these ideas are very useful, while you search for a packer and mover in Borivali to negotiate with. It is good to pay the average rate for moving rather than getting the lowest estimate from a company to prevent a horrible moving experience.

Save your time and money while looking for movers

While you shift from a rented home to a new house or shifting your office to a bigger area, you require more people to finish the task. Unless you hire movers who are well trained in their field, you could waste much of your precious time. Moving is a very hard task to do.

When you want to shift, it is important to verify valuable and small products such as furniture, decorative, glassware, chinaware, and electronic goods. Professional moving companies in Borivali have the experience to pack things securely. Expert movers help you move with ease as they are specialists in all techniques related to packing and relocation.

With their help, you can ensure that your valuable time is applied in the best way. Handling the whole moving process is too much difficult. So, getting support from relocation companies is always advisable.

Advantages of using trusted movers:  Many benefits you get from professional packers and movers in Borivali Mumbai when moving from one area to another area. They get packing supplies like padding material, bubble wrap, proper boxes, wrapping paper to ensure that precious goods are stored and packed correctly. They care about your goods that guarantee their safety. They are professionals with total years of expertise, and they are well equipped to manage everything.

Shifting services are available for any relocation such as house moving, office relocation or vehicle shifting. They not only save time and energy, but they also care about the total shifting task. It is better to solve all the unwanted things you have at your house before the relocation service providers come to your home on the relocation day.

Look for movers in your area and try to read reviews and feedback regarding them. As your house is valuable for you, hire a mover who is trained and experienced to take care of your belongings. Checking the moving companies by visiting them directly is a good idea before you hand over your products to them. Selecting movers and packers in Borivali for shifting without any problem is referred to as a good way to save your time and money.

Local Packers and Movers in Borivali

  • Surabhi Home Packers and Movers: Lokmanya Tilak Rd, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092.
  • ICL Packers and Movers: National Park Flyover, Hari Om Nagar, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400083.
  • Servile Relocations: M G Road, Near Sukarwadi Bus Depot, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066.
  • Krishna Home Packers and Movers: Ratan Nagar, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066.
  • Chetak Packers and Movers:  Packers And Movers Mumbai, Chinchpada, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066.


Relocation Services in Borivali

  • Local House Shifting: Our local packers and movers Borivali offer home relocation services for customers to any area within the city without any type of stress or problem.
  • Local Office Relocation: Office and corporate relocation services are delivered for all types of companies in Borivali without any damage or loss.
  • Truck Shifting: Our movers in Borivali Mumbai offer relevant moving vehicles for all customers to move their household belongings safely without any damage.
  • Dis-Assembly & Assembly: Packers Movers Borivali are great in providing dis-assembling and assembling services for customers using the latest instruments and modern technology.
  • Packing & Unpacking: Our local packers in Borivali deliver packing and unpacking services for customers with proper packing using good quality packing supplies.
  • Loading & Unloading: Local shifting service provider in Mumbai Borivali provide loading unloading services using modern techniques and tools without any damage or loss.
  • Fine Art Relocation: Our movers and packers Borivali are professionals in shifting natural paintings, art, and drawings with full safety without causing any problem.
  • Car and Bike Shifting: Borivali Mumbai Transporters deliver bike and car moving services for all customers with total safety and insurance choices.
  • Antique Shifting: Our moving service providers in Borivali area are specialists in moving your fragile products such as clay products, ceramic statues, and glassware items without any damage.
  • Domestic Moving: Domestic Movers and packers in Mumbai Borivali are experts in offering domestic shifting services to any part of our country from Borivali area with insurance options and complete safety.

Therefore, this whole page delivers full details regarding local packers and movers in Borivali area. In this page, you can find top packers and movers available in Borivali area, how to choose relocation companies in, how it functions and how this reference portal helps Borivali customers. Compare moving charges and services offered by best packers and movers in Borivali. Relocation service providers listed in this reference portal are already checked and trusted by Assure Shift.

Also find out the risk factors involved in shifting your household belongings yourself in Borivali, good ways to identify fake packers and movers in Borivali West, how to do better negotiation with movers and packers Borivali East, save your time and money when looking for moving service providers.

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