What Would be the Average Cost of Living in Bangalore for Bachelors?

Illustrating Areas of Expenses for Living in Bangalore

Bangalore has earned its place as one of the best cities in the world, if not India.

It is a city that is home to millions of people and is known as the Silicon Valley of India due to the presence of thousands of tech companies and startups. A place full of opportunities and unmatched natural beauty, as well as amazing weather.

Bangalore is a hub of opportunities, and if you are a bachelor or a job seeker, this is the city to live in.

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But all of this has a catch; it isn’t exactly an inexpensive place to live in. When I say that, I don’t mean it's a rip-off; it just means that it is a slightly more expensive place to live in compared to some other metros around India.

If you have a family and want to know how much is the Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, we have a blog on that just for you.

But what does it take for a bachelor to live in a city like this? What is the Cost of Living in Bangalore for Bachelors?

Average Monthly Living Expenses in Bangalore for Bachelors

It can cost a bachelor anywhere between ₹15,000 to upwards of ₹40,000 depending on your standard of living and lifestyle choices.

I have broken down the average costs for every necessary aspect of life while living here so that you get a better picture of how much staying here will cost your pocket.

These numbers were calculated after hours of scouring the internet and are not exact. You can consider them to be ballpark figures for the average cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor. Even if they seem high, you can always follow our tips to reduce the cost of living.

Average Cost of Living in Bangalore

Basic Necessities/Standard of Living





₹4.000 - ₹8.000

₹7,000 - ₹15,000

₹10,000 - ₹20,000


₹1,000 - ₹1,500

₹1,500 - ₹2,000

₹1,800 - ₹3,000


₹1,000 - ₹1,500

₹1500 - ₹3000

₹2,500 - ₹5,000


₹1,500 - ₹2,000

₹1,800 - ₹2,500

₹2,200 - ₹3,000

Entertainment and Shopping

₹8,000 - ₹10,000

₹10,000 - ₹14,000

₹14,000 - ₹18,000

#1 Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs are not that high in Bangalore when you compare it with metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, but they are fairly high.

Staying in the right locality has a significant impact on the average cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor, especially if you’re a working professional.

Areas with a High Concentration of MNCs and office spaces: Electronic City, HSR Layout, ITPL, Marathalli, Sarjapur Road, Yelahanka, Koramangala, KR Puram, Whitefield, Nagawara, Hebbal

Fortunately, if you are looking for cheap accommodation, there are thousands of good PGs in the city. The cost for PGs can vary between ₹4,000 to ₹15,000, depending on the quality and amenities. Most of them serve food as well. This is the best option for those who are looking to save money as most utilities, including Wifi, are available in PGs.

You can also check out some of the best places to live in Bangalore for job seekers.

If you are intent on renting a house, there are loads of 1BHK accommodations around, and you even have Coliving and room-sharing services available. But they will be pricier as you will have to spend on rental costs, utilities, groceries and cooking essentials separately.

Accommodation Type

Rental Costs


₹4,000 - ₹15,000

Coliving Spaces

₹8,000 - ₹30,000


₹5,000 - ₹18,000


₹10,000 - ₹25,000


₹18,000 - ₹40,000

Tip: If you plan to rent out a place for yourself or with friends/family, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to buy furniture (which could become difficult to pack & move when you plan to relocate). The city offers many Furniture and Appliance Rental Apps like Pepperfry, Furlenco, Rentomojo, and so on, where the monthly rental costs can be around ₹1,000 - ₹7,000 (based on the number of furniture and appliances rented). Managing your own belongings during a move is manageable as long as you enlist the services of competent packers and movers in Bangalore. A trustworthy moving company ensures a cost-effective and efficient relocation process.

#2 Drinking Water, Groceries and Food

Purchasing drinking water will also not take too much out of your pocket as drinking water is made easily available to all by the Karnataka Government.

Government Drinking Water Supply: ₹ 5 for 20 litres

Groceries are fairly cheap in Bangalore. Your grocery charges for a month won't exceed more than ₹1,500 unless you are into exotic vegetables and fruits. 

Average Monthly Grocery Cost per Adult

Regular Fruits and Vegetables

₹ 800 - ₹ 1,500

Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

₹ 2,000 - ₹ 5,000

Cooking at home is a much cheaper option than eating out as restaurant and street food costs in the city are fairly high.

Cost of Hiring a Cook: ₹ 800 - ₹ 1,800 (per head)

Cost of Dining Out per head

Low-Cost Restaurant

₹ 70 - ₹ 120

Fine-Dining Restaurant

₹ 200 - ₹ 500

High-End Restaurant

₹ 1,000 - ₹ 3,000

#3 Transport

The city is known for its abysmal traffic problems, but fortunately for you, it also has an expansive bus transport network. You can take a bus to pretty much any place in Bangalore, and the frequency is quite good as well. 

The city also has 2 Metro lines that connect the four ends of the city. If you own a vehicle, there is some good news for you as well. Fuel prices in Bangalore are lower when compared to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, so that won't hurt your pocket all that much, but the cost of living can be slightly higher in this case.

Type of Transport

Monthly Costs

2-Wheeler (Personal Transport)

₹ 2,000 - ₹ 4,000

4-Wheeler (Personal Transport)

₹ 4,000 - ₹ 10,000

Metro Train

₹ 500 - ₹ 1,400

BMTC Daily Transit (without bus pass)

₹ 1,500 - ₹ 3,000

Non AC Monthly Bus Pass

less than ₹ 1,100

AC Monthly Bus Pass

around ₹ 2,400


₹30 for first 2 km + ₹15 for every additional km


₹ 5,000 - ₹ 7,500

#4 Utilities

If you are staying in a PG, this doesn’t really have much of an impact on your Cost of Living since most of the utility bills are taken care of by the PG. You will only have to spend on mobile phone tariffs, which are pretty standard nationwide, thus reducing living expenses in Bangalore for bachelor.

However, if you do stay in a flat or villa, you will have to spend on electricity, gas, water and Wifi separately. But all of these, except for electricity,  are relatively inexpensive in Bangalore, especially the internet.

Electricity Cost: ₹ 4.15 - ₹ 8.20 per Unit

Water Cost: ₹ 7 - ₹ 45 per Kilo Litre


Monthly Charges

Electricity, Water and Gas

₹2,000 - ₹3,500

Mobile Tariff

₹200 - ₹400


₹600 - ₹1,500

#5 Entertainment and Shopping

The costs for entertainment will purely depend on your choices. Approximately, your monthly entertainment costs can be:

Entertainment Options

Average Expenses

Gym Monthly Costs

₹ 1,400 - ₹ 2,400

Movie Theatre Tickets

₹ 150 - ₹ 650 per head

Beer (1 Pint)

₹ 70 - ₹ 250

Club Entry

₹ 1,000 - ₹ 3,000

Comedy Clubs and Other Entertainment

₹ 500 - ₹ 2,000

Lazer Tag and Bowling Per session

₹ 200 - ₹ 500

Gokarting per session

₹ 250 - ₹ 1,600

Paintball & Other Games

₹ 400 - ₹ 1,000

If you want branded clothes and accessories, they will pretty much cost you the same as anywhere else across the country.

However, if you are thrifty, there are loads of stores in Chickpet and Commercial street that can be your destination for a weekend shopping spree. This can help you reduce living expenses in Bangalore for bachelor.

While these are cheaper options, they cannot be compared to Mumbai’s Linkin road.

Cheap and Best Places to Shop

Commercial Street: Clothes and footwear

SP Road: Electronic items and services

Avenue Road: Books (New and Used) and stationary

Minerva Circle and JC road: Automobile spares, tyres, helmets, bike & car accessories, etc., as well as servicing of Automobiles

Chickpet: Textiles, Household items, plastic and metal items, kitchen items, spectacles. It is the wholesale distributors centre of Bangalore.


So Bangalore is a relatively expensive place and the average cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor is quite high compared to other south Indian cities. However, when you compare it to Delhi and Mumbai, it can be cheaper. 

Here’s the kicker, you have amazing career opportunities here, and the chances are that you will be earning a fairly good amount of money that can cover your expenses. 

If you plan on bringing your family, later on, here are some recommendations for the best places to live in Bangalore for families that will help you out.

So, here is my verdict. While it is relatively expensive, you can make that money easily, and the city is worth spending that money on.

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