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Get most trusted list of packers and movers in Jaipur from all areas, at economic rates. Find top professional movers and packers Jaipur for household, office, car, and other sophisticated items relocation. Filter moving companies in Jaipur according to local, domestic, and international shifting.

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Directly connect with top packers and movers in Jaipur compare best mach service providers from our reference or find the right fit by yourself. When you book anyone without AssureShift’s knowledge it will be your responsibility to cross check the relocation service professional.

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Outside Jaipur Shifting Rates

Jaipur to Mumbai Moving Charges

Distance between Jaipur and Mumbai is around 1150Km, average transit time is approx 6 to 8 days.

1 BHK Moving Rate
13K - 18K
2 BHK Shifting Charges
16K - 23K
3 BHK Shifting Cost
20K - 27K
Few Goods Moving Cost
6.9K - 9.0K
2 Wheeler Transportation Price
3.5K - 6.0K
4 Wheeler Relocation Rates
6.9K - 9.0K

Packers and Movers Jaipur to Mumbai List

Jaipur to Surat Moving Charges

Distance between Jaipur and Surat is around 888Km, average transit time is approx 5 to 7 days.

1 BHK Moving Rate
11K - 16K
2 BHK Shifting Charges
14K - 20K
3 BHK Shifting Cost
17K - 24K
Few Goods Moving Cost
6.2K - 8.1K
2 Wheeler Transportation Price
3.0K - 5.1K
4 Wheeler Relocation Rates
6.2K - 8.1K

Packers and Movers Jaipur to Surat List

Jaipur to Kolkata Moving Charges

Distance between Jaipur and Kolkata is around 1515Km, average transit time is approx 7 to 9 days.

1 BHK Moving Rate
14K - 20K
2 BHK Shifting Charges
18K - 27K
3 BHK Shifting Cost
23K - 31K
Few Goods Moving Cost
7.8K - 10.3K
2 Wheeler Transportation Price
4.2K - 7.3K
4 Wheeler Relocation Rates
7.8K - 10.3K

Packers and Movers Jaipur to Kolkata List

Jaipur to Chennai Moving Charges

Distance between Jaipur and Chennai is around 2185Km, average transit time is approx 8 to 11 days.

1 BHK Moving Rate
17K - 25K
2 BHK Shifting Charges
23K - 33K
3 BHK Shifting Cost
28K - 38K
Few Goods Moving Cost
9.5K - 12.6K
2 Wheeler Transportation Price
5.6K - 9.6K
4 Wheeler Relocation Rates
9.5K - 12.6K

Packers and Movers Jaipur to Chennai List

Jaipur to Lucknow Moving Charges

Distance between Jaipur and Lucknow is around 575Km, average transit time is approx 4 to 6 days.

1 BHK Moving Rate
10K - 14K
2 BHK Shifting Charges
12K - 17K
3 BHK Shifting Cost
15K - 20K
Few Goods Moving Cost
5.4K - 7.0K
2 Wheeler Transportation Price
2.4K - 4.0K
4 Wheeler Relocation Rates
5.4K - 7.0K

Packers and Movers Jaipur to Lucknow List

Jaipur Relocation Guide

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, has a unique identity as the ‘Pink City’ due to the color schemes of the buildings. The city of Jaipur is famous across the globe for its royal monuments, astronomical observatories, and its unique blend of modern civilization and Rajasthani culture. Jaipur attracts people throughout the year, some who want to experience its beauty and others moving to Jaipur to start a new life there.

Shifting homes by yourself in a new place can be an exciting experience which can easily go wrong no matter how perfectly you plan it. People are so involved in packing the household items that they forget to do the more crucial tasks like informing their bank about their change of address or forgetting to manage the utility service connections. With so many things on your hands, even a small mistake could cost you dearly. Moreover, moving to a new area in Jaipur or moving entirely to a different city can bring unexpected challenges that you may not be prepared for.

So, what’s the solution? Simply hire professional packers and movers in Jaipur, who will handle the difficult task of shifting your home goods, and use this time to complete your other tasks before moving. Top packers and movers in Jaipur are doing it for years, and they are well-trained and experienced to handle your relocation from start to end with care and safety.  

How will Packers and Movers in Jaipur help you?

It might surprise you that self-moving will cost you a lot more money, time and effort than you expected. Whether you’re moving just a few kilometers away or relocating over a long distance, the process of shifting your entire household by yourself is expensive and exhausting. With the help of best Movers and Packers Jaipur, you can make everything much more relaxed and have a stress-free move. Here’s how they can help you from start to finish:

  1. Planning: The Movers in Jaipur help you plan your move effectively by getting details from you like moving date, goods to shift, origin and destination. Using such information they can plan when to start packing, how much manpower is needed, duration of your move, and the size of the vehicle required. Based on this information, they will calculate and provide you with the estimated shifting charges. By deciding these crucial elements of beforehand, there’s a lot less for you to worry about.  
  2. Save time: Relocation service providers in Jaipur help you save a considerable amount of time by packing, loading, unloading and unpacking your items with expertise in just a couple of hours. What may take you hours to pack, the packers in Jaipur can complete in just a few minutes while maintaining the quality as it should be.
  3. Protect items: Household moving companies can protect your goods by packing with extra care, and secure loading and transportation to deliver you best home shifting services in Jaipur. They take steps to dismantle your furniture (bed, sofa, almirah wardrobe, dressing table, etc.) and appliances (AC, fan, TV satellite dish, water purifier, TV, etc.) with proper guidelines and pack it accordingly to ensure full protection during transit. They use good quality packing material and latest equipment for loading and unloading.
  4. Assembly and final placement: The movers in Jaipur will also help you settle in your new house by unpacking your items after moving in and re-assembling any dismantled furniture and appliances. They may even help you arrange the large furniture and appliances according to your requirement.
  5. Economic packing and transportation: You would have to spend money on packing materials, renting a truck, hiring helpers to lift heavy items, and additional expenses in case your items are damaged. The professional packers and movers Jaipur bring all the required packing material and equipment to ensure complete protection of your things. The Packers and movers in Jaipur prices are economical, and your relocation will be quick and easy.

Services provided by Jaipur Relocation Companies

Relocating your home from one place to another is not only exhausting but also extremely expensive. The possibility of damaging your belongings is much more stressful than the daunting task of packing, loading, moving and unloading them all by yourself. Hiring the best packers and movers Jaipur will eliminate your stress and make your work much more manageable.

Movers and Packers Jaipur are experts in providing relocation services for any kind of shifting requirements. They offer services for:

  1. Household shifting within your City: Moving to a new home within the same city can be made more comfortable with the help of local packers and movers in Jaipur. They bring the necessary packing material to pack all your delicate items, electronics, kitchenware, and furniture. They ensure careful delivery of your things at affordable prices.
  2. Intercity home relocation: You can avoid the unexpected difficulties of shifting to a completely different city with the help of trusted moving companies providing house shifting services in Jaipur at reasonable prices. Since your home goods should be protected during the long distance travel, you can count on the movers to use the right types of equipment and good quality packing material.
  3. Car/Bike Transportation: With the help of professional transport services in Jaipur, you can easily move your vehicle to any part of India. They will protect your vehicle by packing using bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, etc., loaded in the specialized bike or car carriers in Jaipur and delivered to your doorstep.
  4. Corporate/Office Relocation: It’s a more significant challenge to move essential office equipment like desktop computers, conference room items, projectors, files boxes, office furniture, and other things. Packing and moving such items is better left to professional movers and packers Jaipur who use the right kind of packing material and equipment to load and move them quickly and with extreme safety. Also, relocating an office is better done in the quickest way possible so that you don’t lose too many billable hours.
  5. Cargo Shipping: The Packers and movers also take up the responsibility of shipping your commercial goods, cargo and other material by road, rail, air or sea. You can trust in the experience of these packers and movers Jaipur, to prepare and ship your package in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way possible.
  6. Storage/Warehouse: You may use the storage/warehouse services provided by the movers and packers in Jaipur to store your items for as long as you require. It’s the easiest and inexpensive way to ensure the safety and security of your things until you find a place to move them.
  7. Moving your Art and Antiques: Moving your valuable antiques require much more care and special attention than the regular items. Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, corrugated boxes, and other high-quality packing material must be used to ensure that they are not damaged in any way. Professional packers and movers in Jaipur can guarantee the careful handling of such valuables.  
  8. Moving your Pets and Plants: Your beloved pets and plants need equal importance and care while moving; special arrangements need to be made to take them along with you. Experienced packers n movers in Jaipur understand their needs and come prepared with the necessary equipment to help them have a safe and happy journey to their new house.

Local Shifting vs Domestic Shifting

There are two most popular ways of shifting houses in India – either to a different locality within the same city (Local Shifting) or to a completely different city (Domestic Shifting). A vast majority of packers and movers in India are fully-equipped and experienced in performing these relocations. However, there are a few differences in the services they provide in both types of shifting, as mentioned below:

Intra-city Shifting

Intra-city or Local Shifting is when you move your household items to a different locality within your city. As you’re not relocating very far, the move can be completed in a few hours or may take up to a day depending on the size of the house you’re moving.

The movers and packers Jaipur local perform the following relocation services in Jaipur:

  • Packing your regular household items
  • Disassembling furniture and appliances (before packing them)
  • Loading items into the vehicle
  • Transporting goods to the destination
  • Unloading items from the vehicle and into the house
  • Unpacking all items
  • Re-assembling furniture and appliances

As the goods have to travel a short distance and chances of damage are low, packing is concentrated mainly on delicate pieces, electronics, large furniture and appliances. So, you will not be spending much money on packing or for shifting the short distance. Hence, it’s the most cost-effective way of relocating within your city.

Inter-city Shifting

Inter-city or Domestic Shifting is when you move your household items outside your current city. The safety of your goods during the long distance travel is the number one priority. These moves are more complicated and require more planning and preparation.

The relocation services provided by movers and packers Jaipur during inter-city moving are:

  • Packing all your household items
  • Disassembling the furniture and appliances (before packing them)
  • Loading items into the vehicle
  • Transporting goods to the destination within the scheduled time
  • Unloading goods at the destination

While shifting outside your city, services for unpacking and re-assembling are not provided at the destination as the goods are moved with the help of a transporter who may not have the required skill or experience to do this. However, if you request for these services, the movers in Jaipur will make alternative arrangements and provide them at additional charges.

It may seem that the overall cost of moving from one city to another is slightly higher. But, if you consider the quality of the packing material used and the protective measures taken to ensure the safety of your goods, it’s a reasonable price to pay. The movers even provide insurance services for your assets and compensate you in case of any damages.  

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Jaipur?

There are various kinds of movers and packers in Jaipur and differentiating the professional ones from the unprofessional and fake movers is one of the most crucial steps. Hiring the right moving company can decide the fate of your move as this single decision can either make your move a success or a complete failure. Here’s how you can find a reliable and trusted packers and movers Jaipur at affordable prices:

  1. Plan in advance: A rule of thumb when shifting homes is to plan ahead so that you have enough time to find and shortlist many good moving companies in Jaipur comfortably. You can contact and get quotes from many relocation services providers and compare them to find the best mover suitable for your requirements.
  2. Do deep research: When you are looking for top packers and movers in Jaipur, you need to do thorough research about each company and find the most reliable one. Ask them for their company registration and license details, read reviews and ratings of the movers, talk to them or visit their office, and find out what kind of people you’ll be dealing with.
  3. Decide on a moving date: Selecting the day of your move can affect your shifting charges as well. The movers Jaipur are busy during the weekends and month-end, and they may charge you slightly higher than usual due to high demand. Moving on weekdays or middle of the month will make it easier to find professional packers and movers in Jaipur offering services at affordable rates.
  4. Set a reasonable budget: By setting a budget for your move, you can find movers and packers in Jaipur who provide services at prices which you can afford. It’s the best way to keep track of your moving expenses and ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily. Your best bet will be to find a mover who provides services within or close to your budget.
  5. Compare multiple quotes: Shortlist a couple of moderately priced packers and movers in Jaipur Rajasthan who offer good quality services and get an estimation of shifting charges from them. Compare all the quotes along with their company profiles and choose the best service provider who fulfills your budget and shifting requirements.  
  6. Meet them in person: Request the movers to conduct an in-home Pre-Move Survey, in case you have to move a large number of things, to get the accurate price list in writing, along with other details of your move. You can use this opportunity to meet the mover in person and discuss your specific handling and moving requirements. You can ensure mutual understanding and agreement on details of the move.
  7. Negotiate a price: Before accepting the written cost estimate from the mover as final, you may negotiate the prices with them to get the best deal. The smart way in which you deal with them and negotiate prices may let them know that they cannot scam you with hidden charges or sudden increase in prices during the move.
  8. Hire from a reliable source: Going through this entire process of selecting the right relocation service provider in Jaipur is an added responsibility for you. Instead, take the easy route and contact AssureShift for reliable packers and movers Jaipur list. We have already performed an extensive background check of the movers before associating with them. We will recommend reliable, affordable and best Packers and Movers in Jaipur to you, after analyzing your requirements and budget within just a few minutes.  

How can AssureShift help you in this entire process?

The industry of packers and movers in India is not as organized as one would have hoped, leading to the existence of many fraudulent service providers. AssureShift is an online reference portal for Packers and Movers, and our main aim is to eradicate the fake and unprofessional moving companies in the industry.

At AssureShift, we do a complete background check of each moving company before listing them on our website. We thoroughly verify their documents including company registration and license details, experience, and authenticity of the movers. We make sure they are fully qualified and capable of carrying out your relocation services to your satisfaction.

You can tell us your shifting requirements, budget and the expected quality of service, and we will recommend three reliable and top packers and movers in Jaipur fulfilling your needs within your budget. All you need to do is, wait for their call regarding estimated moving charges and compare to see which one best fits your budget and shifting requirements. Request for a free Pre-Move Survey to get more accurate charges and negotiate for the best price deal.

You can hire the best movers and packers Jaipur whose list of services and moving prices you are comfortable with. You leave the tedious task of packing and moving to the professionals and focus on the other important tasks you need to do before moving.

By hiring reliable and professional Packers and Movers in Jaipur, you will simplify your relocation. You can now move on to happier things and be ready for the movers on the big day. We wish you a comfortable and stress-free move!

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