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Looking for reliable packers and movers in Jaipur whom you can handover your valuables? Assureshift can help you to find the best and Verified packers and movers in Jaipur within your budget. Just fill-up enquiry form or tell us your relocation requirement and get packers and movers price estimation from 3 nearby moving companies in Jaipur. Ratings, Reviews and our moving company hiring tips will help you in finalizing the right shifting services in Jaipur. With a proper moving plan you can save time and make your shifting cost-effective and easy. AssureShift ensures the best customer experience with proper service quality checkpoints.

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Packers and Movers Hiring Guide - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Professional Packers and Movers Jaipur

The Pink City of India, Jaipur is a fast-growing & well-maintained city, a perfect place to live. When you plan to shift in Jaipur or from Jaipur to anywhere in India, there are a lot of things that will crowd your mind and freak you out. House shifting involves various tasks like disassembling household goods and appliances like ACs, TV, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. To handle everything alone could be painful and might lead to self-injury as you are not habituated to packing and loading procedures. So many things to take care of and it could be clumsy and hard to shift anywhere around a busy city like Jaipur. Hiring a moving company can make your home relocation easy in Jaipur. Relocation service providers in Jaipur are experts in carefully handling your bulky items (cot, sofa, wardrobe, etc.) & delicate goods (showpiece, glassware, dinner sets, mirrors, photo frames, etc.). Packers movers use the best quality packing supplies like bubble wrappers, plastic sheets, corrugated sheets, etc. to properly pack the delicate/valuable items of your home. For loading and unloading the goods, packers movers in Jaipur use the right goods handling equipment like furniture sliders, hand trucks, panel movers, ropes, straps, etc. to ensure safe loading & unloading. Hiring a packer & mover in Jaipur isn’t a big deal, but choosing the right house shifting service company is important because there are several moving companies claiming they are the best.

Now that you know all tasks to do once you start the relocation process in Jaipur, it is necessary for you to know how to hire professional packers and movers in Jaipur.

To hire home shifting services in Jaipur you must spend a lot of time doing research on the moving service providers. The excitement of moving to Jaipur is ruined by the stress of hiring the right packers movers in Jaipur. However, AssureShift can help you in hiring the best packers and movers in Jaipur.
AssureShift a packers and movers referral portal partnered with top verified moving service providers in Jaipur. Our associate relocation companies in Jaipur undergo a complete verification process. We visit their websites, check their contact details, we go to the office address in-person to ensure they are genuine, their years of experience. validate the company registration documents, inspect the quality of the packing materials like carton boxes, bubble wraps, packing papers, polypropylene bags, etc. used for packing valuable goods. We also check their transport arrangements, we collect feedback, reviews & ratings from the customers to ensure our movers provide better services to the customers.

We make sure you get professional service and a good moving experience at an affordable price. You can hire from us in 2 ways, you can either look into the list of verified packers and movers at our portal, shortlist, get quotes, compare & hire. You can also fill in the query form and share your shifting requirements like moving date, the quantity of moving goods, distance, services required, etc. & our support team will get back to you with details of the 3 best moving company matches near you in Jaipur. Our dedicated customer team will support you throughout the moving process.

Local Packers and Movers in Jaipur Price

Price Breakup/ House Size 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK
Packing Costs ₹ 700-1,700 ₹ 900-2,500 ₹ 1,200-3,200
Labour Charges ₹ 600-1,400 ₹ 800-2,200 ₹ 1,000-2,800
Transport Rates ₹ 2,300-5,400 ₹ 3,200-8,500 ₹ 4,000-11,000
Total Moving Price ₹ 3,350-8,400 ₹ 4,600-12,600 ₹ 6,000-16,300

Factors Affecting Local Moving Rates in Jaipur

Relocation cost is based on the basis of the distance covered from your origin to your destination. There are various aspects like the number of items, size of your house, on the floor you reside on, if there is any lift availability or not. The mode of transportation is also one of the major aspects that affect the charges of relocation in Jaipur. It depends on the choice of truck, i.e, shared truck or dedicated truck chosen for transportation. To make your relocation easy if you hire packers and movers, then their services and their brand would also add to the relocation rates.

Relocation Charges based on distance from Jaipur

Move Type/ Distance Up to 350km 350-750 km 750-1200 km 1200-1700 km 1700-2300 km
1BHK ₹ 7,900-16,700 ₹ 9,800- 18,600 ₹ 11,600-19,500 ₹ 14,000-22,330 ₹ 16,300-25,000
2BHK ₹ 11,600-21,400 ₹ 13,500-24,200 ₹ 15,800-27,000 ₹ 17,700-30,700 ₹ 20,500-34,400
3BHK ₹ 13,900-25,100 ₹ 16,300-28,800 ₹ 18,600-32,550 ₹ 21,400-35,300 ₹ 23,250-39,100
4BHK/Villa ₹ 15,800-27,400 ₹ 17,700-30,700 ₹ 20,800-34,400 ₹ 23,300-36,600 ₹ 25,000-40,900
2-Wheeler ₹ 2,00-3,900 ₹ 2,600-5,000 ₹ 3,200-6,100 ₹ 4,100-8,900 ₹ 5,100-10,000
4-Wheeler ₹ 3,700-6,000 ₹ 5,100-8,400 ₹ 5,800-9,500 ₹ 7,000-12,300 ₹ 8,400-13,400

Factors Affecting Domestic Moving Cost in Jaipur

As you plan your relocation from one place to another be it city or state from Jaipur, relocation charges might get affected by various factors that you wouldn’t have thought of. Calculation of relocation expenses would definitely depend on the distance and according to the place where you are shifting. For shifting, the requirement of packing materials, labour charges, the floor you are residing on if there is availability of lift or not also adds to the moving budget. For transporting your goods from one place to another, if you choose a shared truck or dedicated truck for your relocation would also put an impact on the relocation expense.

Transportation Charges from Jaipur based on Truck-type

House Size/ Truck Type Shared Truck Dedicated Truck
1 BHK ₹ 7,200-12,300 ₹ 8,600-14,700
2 BHK ₹ 9,500-16,500 ₹ 11,300-19,900
3 BHK ₹ 11,300-19,300 ₹ 13,500-23,300

Note: The transportation charges vary as per the distance traveled from Jaipur to the destination city.

Easy Shifting with AssureShift in Jaipur

Step #1: Hiring the Best Packers and Movers via AssureShift

To hire a genuine moving company in Jaipur is easy with AssureShift.

  • Share Your Home Shifting Requirements: Tell us your moving needs by filling in your relocation details in the query form.
  • Get 3 Quotes Quickly: Our team will quickly get back to you with details & quotes of the 3 best matches as per your shifting requirements.
  • Pre-Move Survey: Our referred packers and movers will conduct a pre-move survey over a phone call, or by personally visiting your home.
  • Negotiate for Best Deals: Negotiate with the movers smartly to get the best services at discounted rates.
  • Compare & Hire: Compare the service provided, cost, years of experience, customer feedback, ratings, availability, etc. & hire the best match for you.

Step #2: House Shifting Services with the movers in Jaipur

Packers in Jaipur offer start to end relocation services. They plan, & organize your move, providing the best moving service.

  • Disassembly: Packers and movers use proper tools to systematically dismantle your delicate/bulky goods like cot, sofa, wardrobe, TV wall mount, etc. for easy moving.
  • Packing: Movers pack each item based on its packing requirements, using top-quality packing materials to ensure zero-risk relocation.
  • Loading: Moving companies use appropriate goods handling equipment like furniture movers, hand-truck, straps, slide-shifters, etc. to skillfully load your goods.
  • Transportating From the wide variety of trucks they have, movers choose the right size truck to fit in all your goods, for a safe relocation.
  • Unloading: Moving laborers are skilled in carefully unloading your goods, using proper material handling equipment.
  • Unpacking & Reassembly: Packers safely unpack your goods & reassemble systematically using appropriate tools.

Note: For domestic relocation from Jaipur packers and movers offer unpacking and reassembly services at your request, for an additional cost.

Why hire Packers Movers in Jaipur

The packers and movers are well-experienced and well-equipped when it comes to home relocation or any kind of shifting. Jaipur packers movers are experts in their fields. When you hire a moving company, ensure you do a proper background verification and then go ahead with the relocation service provider.

Packing of the items:

The movers in Jaipur follow proper disassembling and packaging practices of the home appliances like TV, refrigerator, AC or furniture, etc. Our shifting service providers pack delicate/fragile items with proper care using carton boxes, bubble wrap and corrugated sheets. The packers in Jaipur put all the packed items into the carton boxes to ensure zero damage.

Loading the valuable items:

Jaipur packers movers have proper tools for lifting or loading the packed items from home to the truck using equipment like, furniture dolly, hand trucks, etc. They follow all the safety precautions to make sure there is no mishandling of the home appliances.

Transportation of the items to destination:

The relocation companies in Jaipur decide/advise an apt carrier/truck according to the number of goods to be shifted. Choosing the correct carrier also helps in curbing the shifting charges in Jaipur. Moving service providers choose the best route to the destination for fast and secure transportation

Cheap & Affordable House shifting in Jaipur:

Hiring the best packers in Jaipur for local Shifting helps in making relocation economic. Buying all the packaging material and hiring a truck and performing all the loading and shifting activities could tire you up and might cross your expected expense. Hence, hiring the packers and movers who have all the ideas and experience can make the relocation fast and budget-friendly.

How to Hire Genuine Packers Movers in Jaipur

Finding packers & mover in Jaipur is easy, but hiring a genuine moving company is a tough task. Follow these simple tips to hire the best moving company.

  1. Check Website: Look for details like about us, years of experience, contact number, office address, etc. Validate it by calling or personally visiting the mentioned address. phone number.
  2. Verify Registration: Check whether their registration documents are Authorized by Govt. of India such as their GST, License, etc., also verify Owners ID proof like Aadhaar, PAN, etc.
  3. Services Offered: Check the quality of services offered, methods of packing they follow, the equipment they use, transport arrangements, etc.
  4. Reviews & Ratings: Through reviews know about the company by previous customer experience & feedback.
  5. Never Choose Low-Priced Quotes: Don’t choose a company that offers low-cost quotes, they may have hidden charges, or mishandle your goods.
  6. Negotiate for Better Deals: Choose a company that offers average-cost quotations, negotiate smartly with them to get discounted price, and quality service.
  7. Compare & Hire: Compare all the factors like price, services, years of experience, ratings, feedback, etc. & hire the best.
  8. Pay Attention Before Signing: Read the terms & conditions properly, clarify doubts if any, don’t sign the contract unless you completely read and understood it.

Plan your Relocation with AssureShift

Relocation requires a lot of planning & preparation, to have a relaxed moving experience. Prepare a checklist to have a track of your moving tasks.

  1. Sort out Unwanted Goods: Reduce the number of moving items by clearing up unwanted goods. You can sell the usable things or donate it to charity.
  2. Look for packers and movers: For local shifting, start looking for movers 1-week before & domestic relocation, 15-20 days before the moving day.
  3. Pack Your Essentials: Make sure your first few days at your new place is comfortable, pack your essential things like medicine, a pair of clothes, toiletries, personal care, etc.
  4. Organize Documents & Valuables: Carry all your important documents, laptops, valuable jewelry, etc. along with you.
  5. Choose Right Moving Day: Weekdays, & mid-month are the most relaxed days for the movers, shifting in these days you will get quality service at less price.
  6. Deep Clean & Check For Repair: Clean your new home before moving, check the taps, switchboard, sockets, etc. & get the repair done.
  7. Update New Address: Change your address at necessary firms like banks, educational institutions, post offices, online shopping sites, etc. to avoid missing out on important communication.
  8. Manage Utilities: Contact your utility service providers like Wi-fi, TV DTH/Cable, Newspaper/Magazine suppliers, LPG agency, etc. to disconnect, reconnect, or transfer the service to your new place.
  9. Prepare Appliances & Electronic: Deep clean your electronics & appliances like defrosting the fridge overnight, emptying the water from the filter, etc.
  10. Take Photos of Your Goods: Click pictures of your goods before unplugging or dismantling it, this will help to easily identify damages.

Shifting Services by packers and movers in Jaipur

Economic Local Home Relocation in Jaipur

Local House Shifting in Jaipur

Local shifting in Jaipur is made easy with full service moving service providers. They take care of the complete relocation process using professional tools to dismantle your large goods, best quality packing, & proper goods handling equipment for safe & smooth move. They provide the best fit truck along with moving labors.

Trusted Intercity House Packing Moving Services from Jaipur

Domestic Relocation

As moving to another city from Jaipur, the distance covered is long, packers in Jaipur do multi-layered packing using top quality packing materials. Our shifting service providers here offer moving insurance to ensure the safety of your goods. The relocation service providers deliver your goods on time at your doorstep safely.

Safe Car Transportation Services from Jaipur

Jaipur Car/bike Transportation

Car/bike relocation service in Jaipur comes along with insurance cover. The local packers and movers check your vehicle condition before the move, by using the right tools they dismantle all the removable parts such as mirrors, etc. They carefully pack your 2/4 wheeler and transport via vehicle trailers.

Insured and Secure Storage Warehouse Services in Jaipur

Warehouse Facility in Jaipur

Packers and movers provide a warehouse facility along with insurance cover for all your household & office goods at your request. The storage warehouse has 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of your goods/cargo. They will provide you with storage facilities as long as you need and charge you daily.

Cost Effective Cargo Shipping Services from Jaipur

Jaipur International Relocation

International moving companies in Jaipur offer shifting services for your household/ office cargo, along with insurance cover. They properly plan your move, take care of all the required export-import documents. They provide warehouse facility, pet & vehicle relocation services too. They ensure a smooth & safe delivery on time at your doorstep.

Professional Corporate Relocation Services in Jaipur

Office Shifting Services

Packing service provider in Jaipur provides a one-stop solution for office relocation along with insurance coverage. They use the right tools to dismantle your office furniture, computers, projectors, printers, whiteboards, etc. professionally. They use the best quality packing materials to ensure zero risk transportation. They also provide a timely set-up of your workplace.

Top-Quality House Shifting Services in Jaipur

List of Verified movers in Jaipur

Our associated packers and movers undergo a complete online & offline verification process. We visit their website, look for details like about us, contact number, office address, etc. then our team personally visits the office location, validates their registration documents, and inspects their packing quality, methods, & transport arrangements, etc. they also check their reviews & ratings, etc.

Organized List of Movers

We have a neatly-organized list of packers and movers specifically for each city. You can easily filter them based on tags like near me, services, ratings, cost, experience, etc. You can choose the most appropriate one for you as per your relocation needs, directly contact, get quotes, compare & hire.

3 Instant Quotes of Best Matches

You can also do it the other way, share your shifting requirements with us by filling in details like moving date, the volume of goods, size of the house, quality of packing, service required, etc. our support team will quickly get back to you with quotes of 3-best matches near you, based on your relocation needs.

Regular Quality Check

At AssureShift we maintain our quality by a routine check. We take feedback from customers who hire through us to know about the quality of service provided by our partnered companies. We reward the best service providers with high ranks, & temporarily block or blacklist unprofessional companies who fail to provide the promised service.

Complete Support from Start to End

Our support team will be completely available to answer/resolve your queries from the time you fill the query form to the final delivery of your goods. Our team will also help you claim compensation if any goods are damaged/lost during the relocation.


  • Alfa packers and movers: Shalimar Bagh, Jagdamba Nagar, Jaipur 302024
  • Southern Express packers and movers: Milan Cinema Road, Delhi Bypass Road, 14 VKI Area, Jaipur-302103
  • Best Home Safe packers and movers: Shiv Nagar, Hathoj Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur-302012
  • Tirupati Balaji packers and movers: Rajni Vihar, Ajmer Road, Jaipur-302006
  • All India packers and movers: Lionslane, Sirsi Road, Panchyawala, Jaipur-302034

Estimated rates for local relocating in Jaipur vary based on various factors. The standard estimated moving cost for shifting within Jaipur will be:

  • 1 BHK: ₹ 3,350-8,400
  • 2 BHK: ₹ 4,600-12,600
  • 3 BHK: ₹ 6,000-16,300

Jaipur Packers and Movers Reviews

on rated 5
For: Leader Packers and Movers
Hello, I did three times with the same packers and movers in the last six years. They improved their service very well. recently did madathukulam to Chennai. Materials used, loading, unloading, transportation everything is good and hassle-free. The cost is also reasonable.
on rated 5
For: DSL Express Shifting Solution
Pretty good experience. Shifting was hassle free and did all tasks on time.
on rated 5
For: Honest Packers and Movers Bangalore
The service from Bangalore to Pune was fast and good, i have received my bike with in two days. The door-to-door pickup was hassle-free and easily managed by the team.
on rated 5
For: Jai Kisan Movers and Packers
I got my stuff transported by them! Fabulous service! Carefully handling the goods & smart working employees. Good talking people & always on them! Recommended trying them at once in your life!
on rated 5
For: Jai Kisan Movers and Packers
Really thankful to Jai kishan movers and packers for packing my stuff so professionally and delivered safely! Highly Recommended
on rated 5
For: Honest Packers and Movers Bangalore
The service was very prompt and all stakeholders did their work professionally. They even accommodated my delay for delivery. Good job done! I would recommend them.

Relocation Services in Jaipur

Although it’s easy to find quick and easy packing moving solutions for your relocation problems, you should be careful about which home shifting services in Jaipur to choose due to the presence of many fraudulent packers movers companies in your city. But, once you perform a good amount of research and identify the best movers and packers in Jaipur, you can rest assured knowing you will get the most efficient shifting solution. Professional relocation service providing companies in Jaipur use high-quality packing supplies like bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, plastic sheets, moving blankets, etc. and modern loading tools like hand trucks, sliders, trollies, dollies, etc to relocate entire House, Car/Bike, Office, Industrial goods, Cargo Shipment, or any other items, for shifting them within or from Jaipur in least amount of time and at most affordable prices.

AssureShift is a trusted and reputed referral portal for packers movers where our main aim is to eradicate fraudulent relocation service providers in Jaipur from the market. To ensure this, we do thorough verification of all Jaipur packers movers company details like moving company registration, owner ID documents, proof of office location, and transport arrangements. We put all reliable Jaipur packers movers in a single place so that you can easily choose from a pre-verified list of reliable movers and packers in Jaipur. You can either go through the list, shortlist by yourself and directly contact the movers packers in Jaipur, Rajasthan or anywhere in India. To get charge estimations; or, you can share your requirements with us and get quotes and references of 3 top movers and packers Jaipur within few minutes. Take instant cost quotations from our suggested house shifting companies near you and request them for pre-move survey for more accurate relocation prices. Quickly compare necessary company details on AssureShift website, such as packers and movers reviews and ratings, company profiles, and home shifting services rate chart to hire the Best Packers and Movers in Jaipur. AssureShift has expanded its services in 18 cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Surat, Chennai and many more.

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