Find Best Packers and Movers in Mumbai: The Complete Guide

The best packers and movers in Mumbai provide quality relocation services and are the right way to go; good choice! However, identifying the cheap and best packers and movers in Mumbai is quite challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Due to the presence of innumerable moving companies in Mumbai, it’s difficult to identify the right match for your requirements. Many shifting companies will have the experience and skill for performing different types of relocation services like home shifting, office relocation, moving your vehicle, and so on. Selecting a random moving company may result in issues like broken, misplaced or stolen items and you’ll have to bear the entire loss.

Another important point to keep in mind is to know your exact shifting requirements to find the best-suited moving company who provides your required services. You have to spend a good amount of time and do complete research into the details of the relocation companies to make sure they can be trusted with your belongings.

We’ll give you the complete step by step procedure to find the cheap and best movers and packers in Mumbai covering everything from the right place to find moving companies, how to verify their authenticity, and how to choose the best match out of the available options.

Read on to find the answers to all the questions related to hiring the best packers and movers in Mumbai fulfilling your shifting requirements and within your budget:

Where to find packers and movers in Mumbai?


Ask for recommendations from your family, friends and colleagues about moving companies whom they know about or have heard from someone else. Contact these relocation service providers, get quotes from them, and shortlist the best match moving companies according to your requirements.

Compare and choose the cheap and best packers and movers for your relocation.

Search engine

Typing ‘packers and movers near me’ in the Google Search Engine will help you get a long list of packers and movers in Mumbai near your locality. However, you should check and verify all their details before contacting them and shortlist at least 3 – 5 moving companies.

Get estimated shifting charges from them and compare company profiles along with their reviews and hire the best-suited relocation service provider.

Online reference portal

Finding a trustworthy moving company through a reliable reference portal for top packers and movers like AssureShift will be much more helpful and time-saving. You can select from a list of pre-verified shifting companies and rest assured of getting good quality relocation services.

Share your requirements and get references of the 3 top packers and movers in Mumbai according to your shifting requirements and within your budget.

What details to verify about the moving companies?

While it’s easy to find numerous moving companies on Google, it’s much harder to pin-point which movers are honest and those that are not. Since many fake and unprofessional movers keep coming up in the market, you should check the following details about the relocation service providers before hiring them:

Preliminary online check

First thing to check about a moving company you find on Google – their online presence.

Professional packers and movers in Mumbai should have a valid website with:

  • The services they provide;
  • Contact and office address details;
  • Secure connection (https);
  • Unique website design;

Thoroughly validate documents

You should check the company registration documents and owner identification proofs. Keeping note of their GSTIN number will help you track them down and bring up a complaint against the relocation company in case of any issues during the move.

In-person check of office space

Visit the office at the address mentioned on the website to ensure they have a proper office setup. While you’re at the office, check the type and quality of packing and moving supplies they use; also, cross-verify if they use their own transport vehicles.

Find out their experience

Get information about the amount of experience the relocation service providers have in the field so that you can understand how well they will perform your move. You can find out about their experience by asking people around you or checking for details on their website.

Read previous customer testimonials

Research is not complete until you find out what old customers have to say about their experience of hiring the packing moving company. Reading the genuine customer reviews and ratings will give you an overall idea of how the relocation service providers work; you can also learn about any outstanding complaints that the previous customers have issued against the movers.

You can find honest customer reviews about all relocation companies in popular websites like Mouthshut, Trustpilot, Facebook, etc.

What are the qualities of best movers and packers in Mumbai?

Not all relocation service providers can be the best; there are a few qualities that make some moving companies better than the others. The best movers and packers in Mumbai have the following parameters that help them get ratings of more than 4 out of 5 stars.


Professional behaviour of the relocation service providers is one of the main qualities that give them a good reputation. Professional packers and movers Mumbai are friendly and show respect to their customers not just before getting hired but also until the end of the move.

Value-for-money services

The top moving companies in Mumbai provide services using the best-quality packing material and moving equipment to make sure your goods are fully protected while moving them.

Such moving companies offer value for your money with useful relocation services from the start to end of your move.

Safe and secure moving

Trustworthy moving companies in Mumbai use their own transport vehicles to shift your belongings from origin to destination using expert drivers.

They also offer insurance on all the household goods so that you can claim for losses in case the items get damaged or are misplaced while shifting them; that way you can have full peace of mind until the final delivery of all the items.

Insured storage facilities

The top moving companies provide completely safe storage and warehouse facilities to store your home and commercial goods for as long as required. They also make sure to provide proper security arrangements along with insuring your stored goods after taking a complete inventory.

Complete customer satisfaction

As moving companies are part of the service industry, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is vital to their success. They work to ensure their customers get end-to-end support with an excellent support team who are available 24x7 to provide the best solution to any kind of problem they face.

How to choose the right relocation service provider for you?

Get quotes from at least 3 movers

Take shifting charge quotations from at least 3 moving companies and compare to find the cheap and best packers and movers in Mumbai. You can discuss your shifting requirements in detail and get more accurate moving costs by requesting the movers to conduct a pre-move survey in your house.

Ask the right questions

Before hiring the movers, you should ensure all your doubts are cleared so that you can avoid any surprises later on; ask the right questions and evaluate their dependability based on the answers they give:

  • How will you pack and move my items?
  • What type of packing material will you use for different items?
  • How will you handle the special items and antiques?
  • How long will you need to complete the entire move?
  • What protective measures will you take so that my house doesn’t get scratched?
  • How do I communicate with you during transport?
  • Do you provide insurance if my goods get damaged or go missing?
  • What is the insurance claim procedure?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Are there any hidden prices in the shifting charges you quoted?

Which relocation company is right for you?

For local shifting in Mumbai

Since you will be moving over a short distance, it’s sufficient to find a professional packers and movers near your locality that provides good packing and moving services at reasonable relocation charges.

For intercity shifting from Mumbai

Domestic relocation requires much more careful planning and execution to ensure goods are fully protected while moving them over the long distance. Therefore, you need to look for a moving company who is well-known for their best-quality services and reliable enough to entrust your belongings to them.

For moving delicate items

Fragile and special goods require protective packing and must be handled much more carefully. You should select the best movers and packers in Mumbai who have the prior experience and necessary skills to move your delicate items; such moving companies will also offer insurance coverage on your special items.

For moving heavy goods

Shifting heavy items like furniture and appliances is much more than just lifting and moving them, they need to be dismantled before packing and be assembled again at the destination. Relocation companies should have the expertise to use the appropriate equipment and ensure they are moved safely.

Compare to find the cheap and best mover

It’s time to finalize a moving company who best suits your needs by checking and comparing the following:

  • The list of services provided;
  • Company profiles;
  • Reviews and ratings;
  • The accurate moving charges;

When you narrow down the choices, get in touch with the moving company who you have decided to hire; give them the specific date and time of your move, and discuss any last minute details as required.

Tips to avoid fake and dishonest moving companies

  • Don’t hire in the last minute; plan ahead of time so that you can compare and find the cheap and best movers and packers.
  • Don’t just look for lowest quotes since you may get poor and unreliable services; go for average quality services at reasonable prices.
  • Don’t choose relocation companies without checking details; verify the documentation and facts about the movers to get trustworthy options.
  • Don’t trust quotes received only over the phone; request the movers to visit your home to see your items and discuss requirements before giving the shifting charges.
  • Don’t pay the full amount up front to the movers at the beginning itself; it’s okay to pay half the shifting charges quoted by them.
  • Don’t choose moving companies who have unsecure websites (http); good packers and movers usually ensure they maintain a proper and valid website.
  • Don’t forget to read reviews, avoid relocation service providers who have ratings below 3.5 out of 5; the best packers and movers usually have good reviews and 4 out of 5 ratings.
  • Don’t trust a moving company who does not have a proper office and transport setup; good moving companies have professional arrangements.

How can you hire top packers and movers in Mumbai through AssureShift?

You have to spend much time to find the cheap and best relocation companies whom you can trust with your belongings. Instead, you can save your time, effort and money, and hire movers through a reliable reference portal for top packers and movers like AssureShift.

Benefits of finding movers through AssureShift

  • Certified moving companies;
  • Our relocation experts maintain consistently good-quality relocation services;
  • They provide reliable services at affordable shifting charges;
  • Movers are experienced in a wide array of packing and moving services;

How to hire through AssureShift

  • Share your shifting requirements – list of moving items, origin, destination, and date and time;
  • Get references for the top 3 best-matched relocation companies – according to your needs and within your budget;
  • Take the estimated shifting charges from the recommended movers;

Finalizing the right match moving company

  • Request them to conduct a pre-move survey at your home;
  • Discuss shifting needs in details and get accurate moving prices;
  • Compare the rate list obtained along with company profiles and customer reviews;
  • Hire the relocation service provider that best suits your relocation needs;

Why is AssureShift the best?

  • We do thorough document and background verification of the moving companies;
  • We take regular feedback from customers about the movers they hire through us;
  • We look into and resolve customer complaints about any relocation service providers;
  • We take appropriate action against unprofessional or badly behaved movers;
  • We assure you the quickest response within a couple of minutes;
  • We have an excellent customer care team to support you from start to end of relocation;

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