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Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers & Movers is a comprehensive moving and packing service provider in Hyderabad, catering to local, national, and international relocations. Our expertise spans across home shifting, corporate relocations, packing services, storage solutions, local moves, long-distance relocations, and vehicle transport. With over 12 years of experience in the Hyderabad moving industry, we are equipped to handle moves of any scale, from relocating small apartments and large homes to assisting small and medium-sized businesses in their relocation efforts.

We are committed to providing a swift, effective, and hassle-free moving experience for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're moving within Hyderabad or from Hyderabad to another location in the city, our team ensures a smooth transition, prioritizing safety and comfort.

As Hyderabad continues to expand, the demand for reliable moving and packing services is on the rise, driven by people relocating to the city for new employment and business ventures. However, selecting a trustworthy moving company amidst the plethora of options online can be challenging. A poor choice can lead to a chaotic relocation process. Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers & Movers brings the necessary experience and skills to fulfill all your moving needs in Hyderabad, ensuring a seamless and efficient move.


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I recently entrusted Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers and Movers with the task of moving my 4BHK household from Hyderabad to Mysuru. I'm delighted to report that they exceeded my expectations. Their service was exemplary, combining professionalism with efficiency. What stood out most was their commitment to timely service; they ensured that every aspect of the move was scheduled and executed flawlessly, resulting in a smooth and swift relocation process. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction were apparent throughout. I'm thoroughly impressed with the best job done by Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers and Movers and highly recommend them for anyone looking for top-notch moving services.
on rated 5
I recently experienced excellent service with a moving company, particularly commendable under the supervision of Bal Reddy. The entire team was incredibly supportive throughout the shifting process, making what could have been a stressful experience much smoother. What stood out was not only the quality of service but also the cost, which was quite reasonable compared to other quotes I received. This balance of affordability and high-quality service really set them apart for me, and I appreciated the team's dedication to ensuring a seamless move.
on rated 5
Shankar Verma here, and I recently had the opportunity to use Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers and Movers for a within-city move from Hyderabad to Nalgonda. We needed to relocate our 3BHK household, and the team provided us with excellent service. Their work was commendable, ensuring all our belongings were safely packaged and transported without any damage. The care they took in wrapping and securing our items was impressive, providing peace of mind throughout the moving process. The team was professional, efficient, and handled everything with great care. I'm pleased with their service and would recommend Sri Shiva Shakthi Packers and Movers to anyone looking for a reliable moving service that prioritizes the safety of your belongings.

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