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Car Transport in Thane that covers every aspect of the move. With door-to-door pick and delivery, hire Car Transport Services in Thane that is both affordable and reliable. You can get quotes instantly by filling out the form with your requirements. You can hire vehicle transport services in 4 easy steps and get moving today! Contact us to know more.

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Use our Car Moving services and shift your car anywhere within the country with ease.

Get door-to-door pickup, car tracking facilities, insurance, and many other features that come with services offered by our car movers and packers. You can also have your car moved using Car carrier services in Thane or by trains with our partners overseeing the entire move.

Skilled professionals will be sent to your home with specialised equipment and trucks to pick your car up. They will take care of the rest of the car relocation work from picking up the four-wheeler on time from your door to packing it as required to prevent any scratches during transit, loading it in into a suitable car carrier truck for secure transport and finally delivering it to your home within the scheduled time.

You just need to fill out the form with your requirements, and you will get 3 of the best-matched car movers in Thane with quotes. You can compare the company profiles, services offered, car transport charges estimated, and reviews and ratings to identify the mover offering best value for money. Finalise your deal with the best car movers in Thane who fulfil your requirements as per your expectations and within budget.

Standard Car Transportation Charges in Thane

Car transportation charges in Thane are affected by various factors like the value of the car, the distance to be travelled, fuel prices and more. To be very accurate is nigh on impossible without having specific details. We have come up with estimates of car transport costs in Thane.

Distance / Move Type


Car + Household Goods

Upto 450km

₹4,000 - 8,000

₹16,000 - 41.000

450km - 899km

₹6,600 - 10,000

₹20,000 - 49,000

900km - 1499km

₹7,500 - 12,000

₹25,000 - 56,000

1500km - 2200km

₹9,900 - 16,500

₹30,300 - 60,000

Cost of Car Transport in Thane Based on Car Type and Distance

City / Car Type





Thane - Bangalore

₹5,000 - ₹9,000

₹7,000 - ₹11,000

₹9,200 - 14,000

₹20,000 - ₹30,000

Thane - Hyderabad

₹3,000 - ₹5,500

₹4,000 - ₹7,200

₹6,000 - ₹8000

₹12,000 - ₹18,000

Thane - Delhi

₹6,700 - ₹12,500

₹9,300 - ₹16,800

₹12,500 - ₹18,000

₹25,000 - ₹39,000

Thane - Ahmedabad

₹3,000 - ₹5,000

₹3,400 - 6,000

4,500 - 6,800

₹11,000 - 16,000

Thane - Kolkata

₹10,500 - 19,400

₹14,000 - 23,000

₹18,300 - 29,000

₹40,000 - 60,000

Factors Affecting Cost of Car Transport services in Thane with Movers

  • Your choice of Transport Vehicle
  • Fuel prices at the time of transport
  • Time Constraints
  • Obtaining certificates and documents
  • Distance between origin and Destination
  • Labour charges at the city of origin and destination
  • Value of the car

What Qualities to Look for in Car Movers and Packers Thane

  • Value for Money services.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Quality of Team and labour.
  • Customer Support team.
  • Shipment Tracking and other value-added features.
  • Types of Cars transported and Shipping options.
  • Timelines and punctuality.
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery.
  • Hidden Costs and modes of payment.
For more information about verifying packers and movers read our blog about how to verify packers and movers for your relocation.

Process of Vehicle Transport services with Car Movers

The Car Transport in Thane offered by our partners provides end-to-end coverage, so all you have to do is hire the best packers and movers and prepare the car for the move. They will come and pick it up right at your doorstep. It will be inspected for scratches and dents, which will be noted before it is loaded onto specialised carriers made for transporting cars.

The car will then be taken to a car lot owned by our partner and stored before being shipped to its location in a mode of transport of your choosing. 

You have two options provided by the Car transport services provider.

Car Transport by Train in Thane

If you choose Car transport by Train in Thane, the cars are loaded onto the train by our partners in a skilled manner and fastened to the floor to ensure no damage occurs during transport. On reaching its destination, it will be unloaded carefully and taken to the car lot owned by the Vehicle transport services provider before being delivered to your doorstep.

A thing to note here is that the Car transportation by train cost is lesser than any other option available.

Transport by Car Carrier Services in Thane

In case of shifting your car using Car Carrier services in Thane, the car is picked up from the car lot in a spacious car carrier and is transported securely. The car movers and packers will then deliver it to your door on reaching the destination city.

Once it reaches you, another round of inspection takes place to check for any damages that occurred during the move, after which it will be handed over to you.

Tips to Prepare for Car Transport in Thane

  • Clean the Car before transport.
  • Have normal pressures in the tyres.
  • Leave a quarter tank of fuel in the car.
  • Ensure you have the necessary documents in order.
  • Check for loose and broken parts in the car and remove them.
  • Make a note of all scratches and dents on the car before the transport.
  • Give specific instructions about your car. For example: if the mirrors or steering needs specific care, inform the car movers.


Car transport from Thane to Bangalore will cost you between ₹5,000 to ₹14,000 based on vehicle type and the make of the car. There can be differences in the pricing because to move car from one state to another, it will involve a lot of tolls and state taxes to be paid.

The cost of car transport from Thane to Hyderabad can vary between ₹3,000 to ₹8,000 since you transport vehicle from one state to another, it has many taxes and tolls involved, which can change depending on the particular state that you are entering.

It will cost you ₹6,500 to ₹17,000 to transport a car from Thane to Delhi. The prices vary a lot because when you transport car to another state, it will involve variables like tolls, state cess and other state-mandated payments.

The car shipping charges from Thane to Ahmedabad can be anywhere between ₹3,000 to ₹7,500. The large variation is because long-distance car transport will involve many state regulation payments, like certification and entry tolls that you will have to cover.

It will cost you ₹10,000 to ₹30,000 if you are looking to ship your car from Thane to Kolkata since state to state car transport costs will depend on state regulations of the destination city.

Thane Car Transportation Services Reviews

on rated 5
For: Leoreliable Packers and Movers
I am impressed with the Leoreliable Movers team. We took three Quote and then selected your Company which was a good decision for us Thank you team to help us in relocating
on rated 5
For: Vehicle Relocation Service
Affordable and quite good quality service. While hiring online I was a bit scared as I don't trust online companies that much. But after my relocation vrs changed my mind. Brilliant service. If later I need any kind of relocation service I will go for VRS only. Thank you so much vrs packers movers😊😊😊🥰
on rated 5
For: Happy Cargo Movers
I shifted my household items and car from Pune to Kolkata, I got the best service from happy cargo, the staff was professional and the packing was very good I am very satisfied with the happy team I got my goods and car on time in Kolkata without damage. Highly recommend.
on rated 5
For: Happy Cargo Movers
Really would like to appreciate and thank the team. My parcel reached on time, they were always available on the call and replied to me on time. I was a bit worried but they took care of my parcel well! Would like to use the same company in the future. Thankyou entire team
on rated 5
For: Bharat Packers and Movers Bangalore
Very good service. Professional staff. Overall great experience.
on rated 4
For: DSL Express Shifting Solution
Very good service

Finding reliable Vehicle Transport services in Thane is very difficult. There are ways to make it easier for yourself, and the easiest way is to hire through AssureShift. The transport services Thane offered by our car moving companies is an end-to-end service with complete coverage.

This means you get door-to-door delivery and pickup insurance coverage, multiple options, support for cars of any type and make, car tracking facilities and value for money services in one single place.

You get supreme quality service with modern tow trucks, fastening tags, and specialised car carriers in Thane. 

Our moving companies have the complete know-how and possess the appropriate equipment to load, unload, and transport the car efficiently and with great care, ensuring damage-free relocation of your valuable four-wheeler.

You can hire our service in just 4 easy steps.Fill out the form with your requirements, and you will get referrals of three best car transport companies in Thane that match your requirements and quotes. You can just compare their profiles, car shifting charges, services offered, and reviews and ratings and choose one that fits your budget and fulfills the requirements.

You can always contact us through our customer support team in case of any queries or issues during any stage of your move.

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