How To Pick The Right Moving Truck Size?

Pick Right Moving Truck Size

Moving to a new place is a significant life event, and selecting the right moving truck size is essential for a successful move. This blog will discuss an overview of the truck sizes, and explain how picking the right truck size can save time, money, and effort. 

Selecting the right truck size can be quite confusing. Don't worry, let us handle it for you. Simply share your shifting details, and we will choose the perfect truck size & safely transport your belongings to your new home.

Where to Move?

Understanding Truck Sizes in India

Each truck size has its unique payload capacity, dimensions, and suitability for different types of moves. Generally, they can be classified into 3 types.

What Types Of Moving Trucks Are Available

#1 Small-sized Trucks (7 ft – 9 ft)

Tata ACE, Pickup truck, and Tata 407 – These are the most common vehicles that come under this category having a length of 7 feet to 9 feet.

  • Best used for: Transporting various goods within the city;
  • Ideal to move home size: Studio rooms and regular 1 BHK;
  • Can easily accommodate goods: 1 – 2 rooms of items;
  • Maximum weight that can be loaded: 600 Kg – 2000 Kg;
  • Transporting Distance: Local shifting;



Max Weight in Kg (Metric Ton)

Suitable for Home Size

Transporting Distance

Tata ACE

7 feet

850 Kg (0.85 MT)

Studio room/ Few home goods (1 room worth of stuff)

Local (Within City)


8 feet

1500 Kg (1.5 MT)

1 BHK goods (regular or small 1 BHK)

Local (Within City)

Tata 407

9 feet

2500 Kg (2.5 MT)

1 BHK goods (approx. 1000 sq. ft house)

Local (Within City)

#2 Medium-sized Trucks (14 ft – 19 ft)

Canter truck, Long Platform Truck (LPT), LCV and DCM – These mid-size trucks have a length of 14 feet to 19 feet.

  • Best used for: Transporting household goods, moving offices, and industrial relocation;
  • Ideal to move home size: 2 BHK/ 3 BHK goods;
  • Can easily accommodate goods: 3 to 5 rooms of belongings;
  • Maximum weight that can be loaded: 4000 Kg – 9000 Kg;
  • Transporting Distance: Local shifting (only 14 ft truck), Outside city within 600 Km (17 ft and 19 ft);
    • The 14 ft Canter Truck is generally used to shift a regular 2 BHK house for local shifting only;
    • The 17 ft and 19 ft trucks can safely move goods of large 2 BHK/ 3 BHK over a distance of approx. 600 Km outside the city;



Max Weight in Kg (Metric Ton)

Suitable for Home Size

Transporting Distance

Truck Canter

14 feet

4000 Kg (4 MT)

2 BHK goods

Local (within city)

Truck LPT

17 feet

5000 Kg (5 MT)

2 BHK/ 3 BHK goods

Domestic (within 600 Km)


19 feet

7000 – 9000 Kg (7 to 9 MT)

3 BHK/ can use for 2 BHK goods if moving long-distance

Domestic (within 600 Km)

Getting confused right? Share your requirements & let us determine your truck size and shift your belongings safely

Where to Move?

#3 Large-sized Trucks (20 ft – 24 ft)

  • Best used for: transporting household goods, moving offices, and industrial relocation;
  • Ideal to move home size: 3 – 5 BHK goods or Independent Villa goods;
  • Can easily accommodate goods: 5 to 7 rooms of stuff;
  • Maximum weight that can be loaded: 7000 Kg – 14000 Kg;
  • Transporting Distance: More than 1000 – 1500 Km (Domestic relocation);



Max Weight in Kg (Metric Ton)

Suitable for Home Size

Transporting Distance


20 feet

7000 Kg (7 MT)

3 – 4 BHK goods

Domestic (more than 1000 – 1500 Km)

Truck Taurus

22 feet

10000 Kg (10 MT)

3 BHK/ Villa goods

Domestic (more than 1000 – 1500 Km)


24 feet

7000 – 14000 Kg (7 – 14 MT)

3 – 5 BHK goods

Domestic (more than 1000 – 1500 Km)

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Truck Size

1. Load Capacity

Check the truck's load capacity before renting. Overloading a truck can cause damage to truck and your belongings. However, an under-loaded truck can also pose risks, as goods may shift and become unstable while moving.

2. Truck Dimensions

Check the truck's dimensions to make sure it fits in your driveway, parking spot, or loading/unloading area. Consider the truck's height clearance when going through low bridges or overpasses. 

3. Transport Costs

Find the most affordable truck by comparing rental rates of all truck sizes and estimate the approx fuel costs. Choose a truck that balances load capacity and fuel efficiency. A smaller truck may cost less but require more trips, raising fuel costs. Although larger trucks use more fuel, which can increase emissions and moving costs, it can cut down on number of trips making it cost slightly lesser.

4. Availability of the Vehicle

Popular truck sizes and rental companies may have limited availability, especially during peak moving seasons. Reserve your truck well in advance to ensure it is accessible on your chosen moving date and to secure better renting rates.

5. Road and Parking Restrictions

Research any road or parking restrictions in your neighbourhood and at your destination that may impact the truck size you select. Be aware of these limitations before selecting a truck size to avoid complications on your moving day.

How to Estimate the Right Size Truck for Your Needs?

How To Estimate Moving Truck Size

#1 Estimate the Volume of Belongings

To determine the appropriate truck size, you'll need to estimate the total volume of your belongings. Here are two ways to do this:

  • Create an Inventory List

Make a comprehensive list of all your possessions and group items by room. Make a note of the size and weight of the items. This inventory will help you visualise the total volume of items to be moved.

  • Use Volume Calculators or Moving Apps

Online tools and apps can help you assess the volume of your belongings. These tools use standard dimensions for common household items to predict truck size more accurately.

#2 Factor in Special Items

It's crucial to consider any special items that may require additional space or care during transportation, such as:

  • Furniture and Appliances

Large and heavy items, such as sofas, beds, and refrigerators, may require additional space or specialised moving equipment. Ensure you account for these items when estimating the volume of your belongings and selecting a truck size.

  • Fragile or Valuable Items

For items that require special handling, such as antiques, artwork, or electronics, make sure there is adequate space and protection in the truck. Consider using additional padding or custom crates to safeguard these items during transit.

#3 Note Distance of the Move

For short-distance moves, you may be able to make multiple trips with a smaller truck, which could save you money. If you're moving far away, a larger truck that can accommodate all your belongings in one trip is more convenient and cost-effective.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Moving Truck Size

Why Does Truck Size Matter

Choosing the right moving truck size is vital for several reasons:

  • Optimal use of space: Correct truck size prevents overpacking or under-utilizing the space.
  • Safety: The right truck size ensures safe handling and braking capabilities.
  • Time-saving: Properly sized trucks enable faster transportation with fewer trips.
  • Cost-effective: Avoids unnecessary rental and fuel expenses.

Check the list of items that will not be moved in the trucks.

Tips for a Smooth Moving Experience

  1. Reserving your truck early helps guarantee availability and can potentially provide better rental rates.
  2. Inspect the truck thoroughly before signing any rental agreement. Make sure any existing damage is documented in the rental agreement to avoid potential disputes or additional charges later.
  3. Obtain necessary permits and documentation by checking local regulations before your moving day to avoid delays, fines, or other complications.
  4. Plan for loading and unloading, arrange for additional help if needed to make the move easier and save time.

Bonus Tip

By following these guidelines in this blog, you can ensure a smooth and efficient moving experience that makes the most of your chosen truck size. 

As you plan your move, remember to assess your moving needs, consider your options, and make informed decisions based on your unique requirements. We hope this guide has provided valuable information to help you choose the right truck size for a successful and hassle-free relocation experience.

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