List of 36 Items that Movers Won't Move in the Truck

List of Items that Movers Will Not Move

When shifting to a new place with the help of a moving company, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Moving companies handle everything from packing to careful transportation and delivery, giving you the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your valuables to professionals.

However, there is an extensive list of goods that every relocation company will refuse to transport in their trucks, irrespective of the payment/tips involved.

This blog covers the list of objects that cannot be transferred with a moving company; you may quickly sort through and get rid of these items by "donating, disposing of, or giving away" before beginning your move.

Why Movers Don't Transport Specific Objects?

Safety considerations.

Each professional moving company has a list of prohibited items, including non-transportable objects they refuse to move, such as illegal items, explosives, etc. 

When it comes to personal belongings, Although movers offer insurance, transporting certain valuables can significantly increase liability so many companies generally don't transport them.

Some of the items that will not be moved by the relocation experts are mentioned below.

Take note and remember to segregate these when you’re preparing for the move:

A. Personal Belongings

  1. Photo albums
  2. Passports 
  3. Official IDs
  4. Cheque books
  5. Stocks & Bonds
  6. Medical Records
  7. Financial records
  8. House-related Documents

Tip: Keep these documents in a folder or briefcase and carry such irreplaceable items with you even though professional movers work hard to take excellent care of your belongings.

B. Keys and Gadgets

  1. House keys
  2. Vehicle keys
  3. Office keys
  4. Mobiles
  5. Laptops
  6. Tablet/iPad

Tip: Keep your keys and personal gadgets under your surveillance and away from unknown hands.

C. High-Value Items

  1. Money
  2. Jewelry
  3. Collectable art
  4. Family Heirlooms
  5. Coin and stamp collections

Tip: Use a small safe or locked box to store your financially valued or sentimentally precious valuables and transport them with you.

D. Food Items

  1. Fresh foods
  2. Frozen foods
  3. Refrigerated foods
  4. Open cans of non-perishable food

Tip: Pack edibles in a large cooler and drive it by yourself or consume/dispose of such eatables before moving day as moving rotten food can grow mold and ruin other moving goods in the truck.

Non-Perishable Food: Canned goods, rice, pulses, etc., can be moved easily by the movers, especially if they are unopened or packed properly in air-tight containers.

E. Inflammable Goods

  1. Car batteries
  2. Deodorants
  3. Hair sprays
  4. Nail polish and remover
  5. Alcohol & Cigarettes
  6. Fireworks
  7. Kerosene / LPG Gas
  8. Weapons and ammunition

F. Corrosive Items

  1. Cleaning supplies
  2. Paints and thinner
  3. Pool chemicals
  4. Bleach, acids, ammonia
  5. Motor oil and anti-freeze

Note: Relocation companies refuse to carry any liquids or fumes that can ignite during the move or are highly flammable under certain conditions (such as exposure to an open flame or heat). If you are relocating across a great distance from the origin, dispose of all chemicals and buy new ones after moving into your new home.


Remember (or, make a note of) this list of objects that a professional moving team would refuse to move, and get organized for the moving process better.

Ultimately, the list of items that movers will and will not transfer can also vary depending on their company rules and safety level. So, make sure to inquire about the same when you contact a moving company and before hiring one.

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