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Packers and Movers Surat Charges and Rates

Planning to relocate within or outside Surat? No need to be stressed for packing and moving your entire household goods by yourself, as best Packers and Movers Surat are available to provide you best shifting services within your estimated budget and time. Hiring reliable shifting service in Surat is one of the best and safe decisions to pack and move your possessions safely, as they are trained enough to provide quick and secure relocation services.

While hiring suitable relocation service providers in Surat, one thing that may confuse you is that the movers charges vary significantly for the same moving services. That’s why it’s essential to have precise knowledge about the Packers and Movers Surat Charges to make sure you don’t pay unnecessarily high prices due to lack of knowledge.

If you’re not aware how much top packers and movers Surat charge to perform your move professionally, you may end up accepting high quotes due to last-minute panic, and you can get cheated if you get in touch with fake and unprofessional movers.

To help you understand the average packers and movers Surat rates, we have provided the complete details of the overall cost for various shifting services charges by genuine movers in Surat. Explained below are also the main factors which are measured while calculating the prices. You can instantly compare and hire the best Movers and Packers in Surat according to your relocation requirements and budget.

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Home Shifting Charges

Residential moving charges in Surat will vary based on several requirements like the number of things, transport facilities, packing charges, labor, etc. Local packers and movers in Surat will charge an average of Rs 6000 – 9000 to shift a regular 1 BHK. Whereas outside city movers and packers Surat prices will be calculated based on specific factors like distance, type of transport vehicle, number and quality of items, and so on. Read below to know the detailed price breakup of the movers and packers Surat charges.

Local residential shifting Charges within Surat

Shifting size

Few Items

All Items


Rs 2500 – 5000

Rs 6000 – 9000


Rs 3500 – 7000

Rs 7000 – 10000


Rs 6000 – 10000

Rs 10000 – 15000


Rs 8000 – 12000

Rs 15000 – 20000

Factors Affecting Home Shifting Charges

1. Quantity of items - Transportation Charge

The number of goods or the size of the new residence you are relocating will decide the type of truck required to move your goods safely. According to the category of transport automobile used, your local relocation charges will be high or low.

Trucks are available in a wide array of sizes starting from the mini-truck Tata Ace to the 7-ton 19 feet vehicles, and the packers and movers charges per km for transport will take up at least 40% of the total moving cost.

2. Type of belongings- Packing Charges

Since the chance of damages is low during local shifting in Surat, careful packing is done only for the essential and fragile items like electronics and antiques, so that they remain undamaged during shipment. Regular or standard packing method is followed for wrapping the daily home goods like appliances, furniture, clothes, kitchenware, etc.

Depending on the sophistication of belongings and the quality of packing supplies required, the price for packing material in Surat will vary accordingly. Relocation companies in Surat typically charge around 30 – 40% of the total shifting charges.

3. Men required – Labor charges

The total number of staff needed to perform your shifting task efficiently like packing, loading, and unloading complete household possessions will be determined by the size of the house, and the quantity of items.

The labor charges will be calculated at Rs 500 – Rs 600 per person and makes up the remaining 20% of the packers and movers Surat price list.

4. Additional services – Optional

The home shifting services in Surat usually does not provide disassembling and reassembling services; but, if you want your bulky goods to be dismantled before packing to have damage-free move, you can request your hired moving service provider for the same. They will make necessary arrangements to provide these services, but you will have to pay extra charges. You can also read our blog for a complete guide to unpacking the goods.

5. Physical Effort – Additional charges

The packers and movers Surat cost will include an additional fee of Rs 500 – Rs 1500; if the labors have to put any extra physical effort to complete your move when:

  • the distance between house and lorry is more than 100 meters;
  • lift is not available, and they will have to shift goods from a high floor;
  • roping is required to move bulky items which can’t be shifted through the staircase or lift;

6. Tips – Optional

Although it’s not mandatory, tipping your shifting service providers at the end of the move leaves a good feeling for both, you and the moving guys. You can recognize and appreciate their hard work, especially if you were pleased with the service they have provided. A decent tip would be Rs 100 – Rs 150 per mover and can also go to a higher amount as per your convenience.


Distance is not measured while calculating charges for Local shifting services in Surat since the entire relocation task can be completed within one day, and the overall distance to be covered will be below 50 Km. Whether your new residence is located at a distance of 5 Km or 25 Km away, the fuel consumption will also not vary too much, and the Surat packers and movers rates won’t differ a lot. Remember to cross-check the complete details of the shifting company before hiring them to have a hassle-free relocation.

Domestic Relocation Cost

While shifting to any new city from Surat, it’s always the best choice to compare and hire expert intercity packers and movers in Surat, who can provide standard services at affordable price. While hiring a trustworthy moving company, you must have overall knowledge how much they will cost to perform your move as domestic packers and movers charges Surat are quite higher as compared to Local Moving companies who provide services only within Surat.

If you tell us your relocation requirements, we will help you get movers and packers Surat rates within minutes, or you can check out the standard domestic moving rates in Surat mentioned below:

From Surat to/ Moving items




Few Household items


Rs 15000 – 21000

Rs 19000 – 28000

Rs 24000 – 31000

Rs 7500 – 11000


Rs 10000 – 13000

Rs 12000 – 17000

Rs 14000 – 20000

Rs 6000 – 8000


Rs 11000 – 15000

Rs 14000 – 19000

Rs 16000 – 22000

Rs 6000 – 8000


Rs 14000 – 19000

Rs 17000 – 25000

Rs 21000 – 29000

Rs 7500 – 10000


Rs 13000 – 17000

Rs 16000 – 22000

Rs 19000 – 25000

Rs 7000 – 8500

Factors Affecting Inter-City Packers and Movers Surat Charges

1. Distance

One of the main cost-influencing factors of long-distance moving company prices is the distance over which your items have to be relocated. The greater will be the distance; the higher will be the rates.

The city or the locality to which you are moving will also affect your moving cost.

2. Vehicle type- Transit Charges

The long-distance movers cost in Surat will also depend on the type of transportation you have selected to shift your goods.

  1. Shared truck: To shift your goods in a shared truck, you will have to share the vehicle between 2 – 3 households. Though the final delivery time may be much later as per your prospect, the prices will be quite affordable. The Surat packers and movers charges per km will be calculated according to the amount of space or volume occupied by your things.
  2. Dedicated truck: If you don’t want to share your vehicle, you can also opt for a single pickup truck to relocate only your household goods safely. The delivery time will be faster as compared to shared trucks but, the added cost for a single vehicle will be almost around Rs 5000 – Rs 15000, based on the size of the residence you are moving, and the total distance to be covered.

3. Packing material- Packing charges

Surat movers and packers charges will also depend on packing supplies according to the total number of things you have planned to shift in your new home.

Regular packing of household belongings will cost around 40 – 45% of the total moving cost, and packing of sensitive items can add up to Rs 10000.

4. Men required – Labor charges

According to the workforce needed to complete the shifting process for intercity relocation, the labor charges will be included in the total packers and movers rates in Surat after accurate calculation and taking into consideration the amount of work involved. The professional shifting service providers charge a minimum price of around Rs 700 – Rs 800 per person.

5. Unpacking – Additional charges

During long-distance relocation, unpacking of the delivered items at your destination is not done by the movers, which will be provided after paying extra charges. If you require additional services like disassembly, unpacking, reassembly, and rearrangement of all the things, the movers will add the necessary shifting charges.

According to the size of the house and the number of labors needed to perform the task, the charges for unpacking and rearranging your items may range from Rs 1500 – Rs 4000.

6. Insurance – Optional charges

Although it’s not compulsory, purchasing insurance can ensure complete safety during your entire relocation process. Even if not over the whole home goods, taking insurance on the valuable items is highly suggested.

The average cost of insurance will be 3% of the total declared value of your things.

7. Storage/ Warehouse charges

While moving long-distance, you can store your house or commercial goods in the warehouse provided by the moving company for as long as required, but to avail storage service in Surat at minimal charges which will be calculated daily. They will maintain record of the possessions from the time you hand over your items, and they will provide you proper security for the entire storage duration.

Although not all moving companies, most of them will provide 15 days of free storage service in Surat and charge you a minimum price of Rs 150 – Rs 350 per day for the additional days of storage you require.

Note: Before hiring any inter-city Moving company in Surat, you must be sure your shifting company has these essential qualities and can be trusted to perform your upcoming move efficiently within your projected budget.

Car/Bike Shifting Prices

Packers and Movers Surat are skilled enough to pack and move your precious vehicle with complete protection to your destination within the discussed time and budget.

From Surat to/ Vehicle




Rs 5000 – 8000

Rs 8000 – 11000


Rs 3000 – 4000

Rs 6000 – 7000


Rs 3000 – 5000

Rs 6000 – 8000


Rs 4000 – 7000

Rs 7500 – 10000


Rs 3000 – 6000

Rs 7000 – 8500

Factors influencing Bike and Car Shifting Charges in Surat

  • Size of the vehicle:Bike and car transport services in Surat charge minimal rates to move a regular-sized bike or car, while bigger top-end model car or a heavy sports bike will cost higher prices due to the superior protective packing required to move them securely.
  • Insurance: Purchasing insurance before relocating your vehicle may increase the overall Surat movers and packers price to move your vehicle so that you can easily claim in case bike/car damages.
  • Distance:The total distance from the origin to the destination where the vehicle has to be relocated, will also affect the charges for bike or car transport in Surat.

Office Shifting Charges in Surat

Moving the entire workplace from one location to another within or outside Surat needs extra care from beginning to end since the items can be fragile too. This can be made possible with trustworthy packers and movers in Surat who are well-experienced in moving offices.

Local Corporate Shifting Charges in Surat

Office Capacity


Micro Office (6 people capacity)

Rs 6000 – 10000

Small Office (20 people capacity)

Rs 12000 – 19000

Medium Office (50 people capacity)

Rs 25000 – 40000

Standard Office (100 people capacity)

Rs 55000 – 86000

Corporate Office (>100 people capacity)

Contact for pricing

Domestic Office Shifting Charges in Surat

From Surat/ Office Capacity

Micro Office

(6 people capacity)

Small Office

(20 people capacity)

Medium Office

(50 people capacity)

Up to 400 Km

Rs 8000 – 12000

Rs 15000 – 23000

Rs 30000 – 50000

Up to 800 Km

Rs 12000 – 17000

Rs 21000 – 32000

Rs 42000 – 70000

Up to 1200 Km

Rs 20000 – 28000

Rs 34000 – 51000

Rs 67000 – 110000

Up to 1600 Km

Rs 36000 – 50000

Rs 61000 – 92000

Rs 120000 – 198000

Up to 2000 Km

Contact for pricing

Contact for pricing

Contact for pricing

Factors Affecting Office Shifting Charges

  1. Quantity of office goods.
  2. Type of office items to be shifted like office furniture, CPUs, network equipment, appliances, pantry items, etc.
  3. Distance between your current and new workplace.
  4. Floor and lift availability
  5. Transportation
  6. Insurance.

How to reduce moving charges easily

  • Plan your move earlier: Planning your upcoming move at least one or two months before will give you enough time in hand to complete all your pre-moving tasks. You can also find the cheap and best moving service provider and keep track of the completed tasks.
  • Get rid of unwanted clutters: As we have mentioned above that the quantity of your possessions is one of the main determining factors which can speedily increase your shifting charges. The cheapest way to move in Surat will be to get rid of all your unnecessary items and carry only the essentials into the new place and cut down your relocation cost.
  • Move during the off-season: Movers and Packers Surat are fully occupied, and they will charge higher prices during the weekends and end of the month as this is the peak time of moving. So, it’s good to schedule your move on the right day to avoid unnecessary high expenses.
  • Get quotations from at least 3 Movers: It’s always the right decision to do broad verification before finalizing your deal with them. That’s why you must contact at least 3 affordable shifting companies in Surat and request them to provide you written estimates. You can compare their details and charges to get perfect moving and packing services in Surat at affordable prices.

Two ways to hire the best Movers from AssureShift

1. Directly get in touch with Packers and Movers

You can easily have a look at the list of packers and movers in Surat, and find the movers who provide your required services at good rates; compare the top movers in your locality. You can view the profiles of all the relocation companies, office address, and their reviews and ratings, all in one place. Finally, you can quickly compare their legitimacy and contact them to get pricing quotes by explaining your shifting requirements.

2. Tell us your requirements and get references

It’s evident that due to relocation stress, you may forget to discuss your entire requirements while speaking to numerous shifting service providers. The simpler solution is to tell us your exact shifting needs just once, and we will recommend 3 best-matched moving companies in Surat who suit your requirements. Our recommended movers will contact you within few minutes, and you can discuss your complete relocation requirements in detail, and get their estimates. Once you compare the shifting company details and their charges, you can hire the most suitable packers and movers in Surat without wasting much time and money.

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