Sea freight is one of the ideal methods of transporting a huge amount of goods at a time. Almost 90% of global trade is being driven via sea and ocean transport till today. Sea freight is a safe and affordable way to transport all kinds of goods. A large number of goods will be packed into the containers and containers will be loaded into vessels that are transported overseas via sea routes.

While looking for sea freight transportation, it’s good to have a clear idea about supply chain management, logistics management, document preparation, to ensure on-time delivery of goods to destination.  If you are new to this field of transport, it is best to hire a professional moving company to help you with all the requirements of sea freight transportation. Professional sea freight packers and movers are experts at providing secure shipping via sea at affordable prices only. All goods will be packed into containers by their well-trained crew and then sealed containers are loaded into the cargo ships very securely.

Types of Sea Freight Shipping Services Provided:

  1. Full Container Load Shipping (FCL): FCL shipping is especially used to transport a larger number of loads.
  2. Less than Container Load Shipping (LCL): In LCL shipping you can share the container space with the others. If you have the goods less than a container load LCL is the perfect option to opt for.
  3. Roll-on Roll-off Shipping (RORO): Our movers offer any type of roll-on roll-off shipping which includes automobiles, trailers, tractors, or any type of heavy machinery.  The goods are directly loaded into the cargo on their wheels which can easily be rolled on and off into the vessel.
  4. Reefer Containers Shipping: The reefer containers are specially used for specific goods that need to be transported overseas with temperature-controlled containers that protect them from spoilage and humidity. Professional shipping companies can ship your goods at the ideal temperature, either at freezing point or moderate cooling conditions.
  5. Hazardous Protected Container Shipping: Our shipping partners are certified in shipping dangerous goods who transport your hazardous goods overseas in specialized containers. The hazardous goods include specific pharmaceuticals, flammable solids & liquids, fuel cell engines, explosives, gases, and many more.

Services Included in Sea Freight Shipping

Warehousing and Distribution

Our relocation companies have huge warehouse space in ports. They provide high-security storage services as per your instructions and also offer inventory distribution services in-time.

Transloading Containers Trucking

It is a special service that avoids the warehousing service. Your goods will get unloaded from the vessel, loaded into the truck immediately, and will be delivered directly to the specified destination. This helps you to save costs of warehousing and time too.

Documentation of Shipping

Getting credit documents for importing and exporting maybe a headache. But professional movers are experts at handling all those shipping documentation with ease. They can look after all documents which are needed for importing and exporting the goods.

Cargo Insurance

You can avail various types of cargo shipping insurance for your goods which is helpful to protect the freight against loss or damage. The cargo insurance is very essential while shipping through the sea as it can save you from seawater flooding, the act of god, vessel collision, or other enforceable accidents.

Process Followed by our Packers & Movers

  • Step 1- Pre-move Survey: They do a survey on the goods and collect the information regarding the precautions and methods that need to be followed during the transit.
  • Step 2 – Collecting Goods: Collect the goods from the supplier and if needed provide packing & Labeling services.
  • Step 3- Loading: The freight will be loading into the containers, if the goods are LCL they are loaded into the shared container, and if they are FCL they will load into a separate container.
  • Step 4- Cargo Insurance & Custom Permissions: They will look after all the permissions needed for goods import or export and also take valid cargo insurance for the damage recovery.
  • Step 5- Shipping: The containers will be shifted to the allotted vessel and sailed to the destination.
  • Step 6- On-time Delivery: The cargo will be unloaded after reaching the destination port and then shifted into a truck and deliver without any damage.

Finding a trusted sea freight service provider may be a difficult task. It's advisable to do thorough research before getting in touch with any sea freight shipping companies to avoid loss. Look for professional relocation companies who have a good amount of experience and are capable of helping you shift your valuable goods with high security. AssureShift is here to help you to find proficient packers and movers as they provide the best trustworthy sea freight services at feasible prices. Get a free quote today and enjoy safe sea freight services at low prices.

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