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Easy Shift Relocation is the go-to moving and packing company in Bangalore. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation of providing an unparalleled quality of service. We move goods, households, and businesses the way clients want them moved. We treat our customers the way they want to be treated

Tell us your needs, and we’ll follow your instructions to the letter. This is our way of doing business.

We Handle Different Moving Jobs

We serve a lot of local, interstate and overseas moves. Part of the reason we are number one in our ability to cater to different needs. We never say “no”, however impossible the move may seem. If you’re relocating to an island nearby or moving up a high-rise building, we will show you how easy it can be done and finish it without delay.

Honesty Is Best Policy

We play by the rules. We also have our own guiding rule: Give the client the exact figures. 
This is applicable to measurements that we use and the prices we charge. We tell them in advance the precise load our trucks can carry or the maximum capacity of our storage rooms. 
We provide customers with an initial quote to serve as the basis for additional questions that they might have about pricing. The quote can be a helpful tool if you need to make an apple-to-apple comparison. 
We meet a lot of new customers via word of mouth referrals. They all come from different walks of life with varying needs. We would like to hear from you too.


on rated 5
Hello, This Is Amrita Upadhyay I Have Recently Used Easy Shift Relocation For My Relocation From Bangalore To Gurgaon, One of my friend helped me to get their number from urbanclap, he also gave me 2-3 other packers and movers numbers, we called up 3 different companies to get the moving estimate, after check the profile of all companies, Easy Shift Relocation looked more reliable, more experienced in terms of handling the shifting to Gurgaon , the person from Bangalore who came to my place for survey had quoted me 85000 and 65000 rs one for dedicated truck another on sharing basis, we opted for the sharing transfer They charged me total of 65000 for my household and my car no hidden charges what so ever . packing was pretty good . I dint see any misbehaviour from the guy who came for packing, they loaded the truck and left and the for the car another guy came who drove it my car to Easy Shift Bangalore office saying they will have to load it over there . I paid 55000 rs in Bangalore, my goods reached in 8 days . where in I was promised for 5-6 which was a couple of days late . The people who came for unloading were very efficient they unpacked and rearranged all my goods in about 4hrs . which was impressive .some of my furniture was damaged during transit . so I asked them would deduct the amount of damage . but they asked me to pay full amount after a lot of discussion I made them a payment of 15000/- rs keeping 5000 rs balance . but it was really very surprising for me to see the next day Mr Nk Sharma, one of the supervisor from Easy Shift came to my house along with a carpenter to get my double cot and almira repaird .so paid them the balance as well. all in all the service quality was good, cant complain about it as they did what they should have done .
on rated 4
Hello all My name Is Dhruv, my recent experience of relocation of household goods was with Easy Shift Relocation, I have shifted from Delhi to Bangalore, main reason of choosing them for my movement is after doing good research online the only reviews which seemed genuine were of Easy Shift, rest of the other company rating seemed high but fake reviews like in a year they have over 200+ reviews which were posted constantly, for me it seemed fake, other reason was online I could see their existence from past 10 years, one more good point was most of the people who have written good about Easy Shift services are the relocation to Bangalore, Also a major reason is Mr Koushik, after speaking to him I felt a positive vibe to go ahead and try them for my move, in comparison the quotes I got from other companies were lower than Easy Shift, but reading so many bad experience online about a lot of companies, I thought its better to pay a couple of thousand extra to get a better service with a company which has genuine stand in Market, we paid 56000 rs for household goods, there was no car, the packing crew was efficient, uniformed and polite, the goods reached in 8 days, where in I was promised within 10 days, which was good, however the unpacking team was in hurry of unpacking the goods and were not uniformed guys, I wonder for the delivery of goods if they might have sent out side people, where in their head office is in Bangalore, so wonder why no uniform, anyways the unpacking was done ok, there were few damages like leg of sofa had come out, scratches on bed, for which they asked me to deduct 1000 rs, which I did, the overall experience was satisfactory, and I am recommending them for any moves from Delhi to Bangalore, not sure about other cities . Thanks Regards Dhruv
on rated 5
Hello People this review is in regards to the service I used Of Easy Shift Relocation, to shift my household Goods and a car from Delhi(Dwarka) to Bangalore(Marathahalli), I opted for their service because of good reviews posted on several websites and and seeing their establishment is a know and old, Their Head office is In Mumbai, and Most Importantly I talked to Mr Prabhat who was very professional and Confident, compared to a lot of packers and movers executive I talked to Mr Prabhat was the only person who seemed very professional . the prices were mediocre not to high and not too low, packing was done to my satisfaction, and the delivery was done as promised, what I mean to say is, the work was done as they committed, So keep up the good work Easy Shift, and I promise to choose Easy Shift Relocation, if and when I choose to move again . Thanks

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