Unlocking Prosperity: Mirror Direction as per Vastu

Placing Mirror According To Vastu

Incorporating the principles of Vastu Shastra in your home can bring harmony, prosperity, and positivity to your life. One such aspect of Vastu is the mirror direction as per Vastu. Mirrors play an essential role in the energy flow within your living space, and their placement can either create a positive or negative effect. In this article, we will explore the significance of mirrors in Vastu, the correct mirror positions, and how to avoid common mistakes in mirror placement.

The Importance of Mirrors in Vastu

Mirrors are powerful tools in Vastu Shastra because they can both reflect and magnify energies. When placed correctly, mirrors can amplify positive energy and help eliminate negative vibes. However, when placed improperly, they can lead to the opposite effect, causing obstacles and hindrances in your life.

According to Vastu, there are specific guidelines for mirror placement that, when followed, can help harness positive energy at home and improve the overall quality of life.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu: Guidelines for Placement

Eastern and Northern Walls: Mirrors should ideally be placed on the eastern or northern walls of your home. These directions are considered auspicious and help in attracting positive energy.

Avoid Southern and Western Walls: As a general rule, avoid placing mirrors on the southern and western walls, as they are believed to attract negative energy.

Bedroom Mirrors: Mirrors in the bedroom should not directly face the bed. Instead, place them on the side or behind the bed. This placement helps prevent negative energy from reflecting onto the person sleeping in the bed.

Dining Area: Placing a mirror in the dining area reflecting the dining table is believed to attract prosperity and wealth.

Entrance and Living Room: It is considered auspicious to place a mirror near the entrance or in the living room. However, avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the main door, as it can repel positive energy.

Avoid Reflecting Negative Spaces: Ensure that mirrors do not reflect negative spaces, such as cluttered areas, sharp corners, or broken items. These reflections can amplify negative energy in your home.

When moving to a new home or shifting households, it's crucial to consider the mirror direction as per Vastu to ensure that your new space is filled with positive energy. This is especially important if you're moving to a beautiful city, such as Delhi or Bangalore, where you want to make the most of your new life.

Common Mirror Placement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Reflecting Doors and Windows: Mirrors should not reflect doors or windows, as it can cause energy to escape from the house. Instead, place mirrors in such a way that they reflect the positive aspects of your home.

Placing Mirrors in the Kitchen: Avoid placing mirrors in the kitchen, as they can reflect fire and cause negative energy. If you must have a mirror in the kitchen, place it in a way that it does not reflect the stove or other fire sources.

Reflecting Toilet or Bathroom Doors: Mirrors should not reflect toilet or bathroom doors, as these areas are considered impure and can bring negative energy into the living space. To avoid this, place mirrors in such a way that they do not reflect the doors of toilets or bathrooms.

Broken or Damaged Mirrors: Broken or damaged mirrors should be replaced immediately, as they can attract negative energy. Ensure that your mirrors are in good condition to maintain a positive environment in your home.

Mirrors in Narrow Spaces: Avoid placing mirrors in narrow spaces, such as hallways or corridors, as they can create an illusion of even smaller spaces and lead to a claustrophobic atmosphere. Instead, place mirrors in open spaces where they can reflect more light and create a sense of openness.

By considering the mirror direction as per Vastu and avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a harmonious and prosperous living environment in your home. If you're planning to move or relocate to a new city, it's essential to pay attention to these Vastu guidelines for mirrors to ensure that your new space brings you joy and success.

Make sure you pack mirrors safely to avoid installing broken mirrors in the new house.


Mirrors play a significant role in Vastu Shastra, and their proper placement can bring prosperity, harmony, and positivity to your life. By following the guidelines mentioned above for mirror direction as per Vastu, you can harness the power of mirrors to create a harmonious living space filled with positive energy.

Whether you're moving to a new home or just looking to improve the energy flow in your current residence. By doing so, you'll be well on your way to unlocking prosperity and enjoying a happier, more harmonious living environment.

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