25+ Vastu Colors for Home: A Room-wise Guide

Choose Right Vastu Colors for Home

Vastu plays a significant role in enhancing the flow of positive energy in your house and can have an impact on the people living there. While Vastu is incredibly important in general for a new home, the colours you choose for the interiors of your home is significant as well and it's  aspect of Vastu that people often overlook are. the colours play a significant role as well.

The colour you choose for a specific area of your home should be in harmony with the purpose the room was built for and the direction it faces. In this blog, we discuss the best Vastu colours for your house.

Best Vastu Colors for Living Room

The living room should be constructed either in the North, East or Northeast corner of your home. 

The living room is the primary welcoming spot in your house and the hub of energy. The wall color used in this space should bring a welcoming and calming touch. Therefore it is ideal to use pastel or light shades of colors in these spaces.

The most suitable Living room colour as per Vastu is:

  • White (associated with innocence, purity & goodness)
  • Floral whites (represent honesty & perfection)
  • Beige (represent neutral, calm & relaxed)
  • Cream (instils beauty & charm)
  • Light pink (fosters warmth)

These vastu shastra colors for living rooms represent the element of air and promote peace and tranquility. This makes the space feel open and airy.

Note: Avoid very dark or extremely bright eye colors like deep yellow for living space.

Best Vastu Colours for Kitchen

Kitchens should be constructed in the Southeast corner, as it's also called the fire corner of the house. The kitchen should be preferably painted with shades of red or orange as they are associated with joy, food and feast.

The most suitable kitchen color as per Vastu can be any of the following:

  • Light scarlet red (color of purity)
  • Saffron orange (associated with power & courage)
  • Brick orange (combination of energy & stimulation)
  • Peach (associated with peace)
  • Woody green (associated with nature)
  • Brown (whets the appetite)

Note: Avoid using darker shades like black, blue, purple and dark grey as they destroy the positive energy of a kitchen and are considered depressing.

Best Vastu Colors for Dining Room

The dining area should be situated in the East or Southeast corner of the house. The dining room is a space where your family bond over meals. According to Vastu, warm colours are best suited for these spaces which help your family bond better.

According to Vastu, the suitable colour options for the dining room are:

  • Peach (colour of healing)
  • Saffron (associated with devotion)
  • Light yellow (instils joy & clarity)
  • Light orange (fosters creativity, happiness & joy)

Note: Avoid using black colour as they invite negative energies into your dining space and family.

Best Vastu Colours for Bedroom (Master bedroom)

The ideal spot for constructing your master bedroom is in the Southwest corner as it's perfect for relaxation.

The best master bedroom colour as per Vastu must be chosen from the following:

  • Rose or pink (represents gentleness & admiration)
  • Light brown (fosters good health)
  • Mauve (encourages good dreams & calms emotions)
  • Mahogany (represents strength & endurance)
  • Light blue (brings calmness & relaxation)

Note: Avoid using dark shades of red as they bring negative energy to your bedroom.

Best Vastu Colours for Kid's Room

The kids' rooms should be constructed in the West or Northwest corner of the house.

According to Vastu, the suitable colour options for the kid’s bedrooms are:

  • Shades of light green (represents growth, youth & balance)
  • Shades of light yellow (instils cheer, joy & clarity)
  • Shades of light blue (bring a soothing effect)

Note: Avoid shades of red and dark blue, as red can easily build anger in your child. Similarly using dark blue shade is said to cause health problems in your little ones.

Best Vastu Colours for Pooja Room

The pooja room should be built in the Northeast corner.

According to Vastu, the suitable pooja room colours are:

  • Yellow (harnesses positive energy)
  • White (showcase purity, serenity & peace)
  • Light blue & light green (reinforce your faith in life)

Note: Avoid using red or dark colours as it signifies anger and negativity.

Best Vastu Colours for Bathroom

The bathroom should be constructed in the Northwest corner of your home.

The bathroom should be painted using earthy and neutral colours. According to Vastu, the suitable colour options for the bathroom are:

  • White (associated with innocence, purity & goodness)
  • Green (represents growth, youth & balance)
  • Beige (represent neutral, calm & relaxed)

Note: Avoid using dark shades like dark brown, blue, grey or black, as these colours can make the space look even smaller.


When constructing a house people look into several factors such as location, Vastu, and so on. Similarly, colours also play a crucial role in creating harmony and balance in a living space.

As a result, it is vital to select the right Vastu-compliant colours that bring positive energy and matches all the natural components and orientations of your home. This blog outlines the vastu shastra color tips for home as well as the location in the house where a room must be constructed or built in according to Vastu. Understanding these concepts will help you to take the required steps to welcome harmony into your household.

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