8 Tips for South Indians to Adjust to North India

Adjust to North India as a South Indian

North and South India are countries on their own. While they are similar in many aspects, there are stark differences in their eating habits, the language they speak, and even their mannerisms to name a few. So, it isn't easy for a South Indian to assimilate into the North Indian way of life or even vice versa for that matter.

For those who are moving from South India to North India, the cultural differences can be particularly significant. However, with the right mindset and preparation, you can make the transition smoother and more enjoyable. This is not just for South Indians either, Northerners could also find this difficult when they move to South India, so read this blog to know how North Indians can adjust to South India.

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you adjust to the North part of India, as a South Indian.

Keep an Open Mind

Don’t go in with any sort of stereotypes in your head. Although many construe this as a way of preparing themselves, it does you more harm than good. Most stereotypes about the North are exactly just stereotypes. They are not based on truth and acting or behaving based on it might even get you into trouble. So keep an open mind and be eager to learn anything.


Food is perhaps the biggest issue South Indians face in North India. There is very little rice;  most of the diet is roti, sabzi, parathas and other local delicacies which vary based on the region of North India you are staying in. They don’t taste the same and adjusting to it can be difficult.

What you need to do is transition slowly to their food. Try to pack some stuff from home and cook if you need to. Slowly explore the food, see what you like and stick to it. There will definitely be things that you like simply due to the sheer variety of food items.

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Learn Bits of Hindi

Whenever you move to a new place, learning the local language always helps. Fortunately, in North India, you don’t have to learn the local dialect per se, but rather just one single language. Hindi alone will suffice in most parts of North India and learning bits of it goes a long way. It is easier to converse, make friends and get work done. So, watch a lot of Bollywood movies with the subtitle on, you’ll get there eventually.

Prepare Mentally for Extreme Climate

Most North Indian cities, especially the ones in the Gangetic Planes, have extreme climatic conditions. They have cold winters and extremely hot summers. So be mentally prepared to face these conditions or you will find them unlivable, especially if you hail from places like Bangalore where the weather is just peachy most of the time.

Take Stereotypes in Your Stride

You will be subject to stereotypes about South India and South Indians while you are staying in the North. It could be about your skin colour or mannerisms, or the fact that you may not know Hindi very well. While this isn’t right, try to take it in your stride and laugh it off. This is the best way of dealing with it. If you are faced with this, do not give them the pleasure of seeing you react negatively.

Learn How to Bargain

Bargaining saves you more than your auditor can with your taxes. If you don’t know the lay of the land, just assume you are being duped (because most likely you are) and bargain as much as you can with the store owner. Learning the art of bargaining is almost a necessity if you are staying in the North long term.

Connect with the Locals

Connecting with the locals always helps you assimilate better with your new surroundings. Meet more people and get to know them, and the new city will feel like home before you know it. Try to find communities of South Indians if you have trouble talking to locals, and get to know the locals through them. Having somebody you know, always helps you settle better.

Give Yourself More Time

Unless you are the type that can go anywhere and make it their own, it will take you time to adjust to North India, like any other new place. So give yourself time to settle and don’t rush things. You will just end up demoralising yourself and increasing stress and pressure that you can simply avoid. Things will come to you, the people will warm up to you, and the city will soon feel like home.


It is never easy for South Indians to adjust to North India and vice versa due to the stark differences in food, language and general way of life. It doesn’t have to be a task either. You can just follow these tips to assimilate with North India faster and enjoy the process while you are at it.

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