Risks if You Plan to Pack and Move All by Yourself

Self Packing Moving Risks

When you are moving locally within the same city or nearby place, you might think of doing it all by your self. It may come to your mind that, why to spend time in search of expert packers and movers, and then pay them to complete the shifting job which you think you can manage just as successfully on your own. Also, there is a doubt that moving company can charge you a lot when you have not any idea about moving rates.

However you don't get the desired situation at the time of the move, everything could go messed up and that brave decision of yours could do more harm than good. Do it yourself packing and moving risks are quite obvious incurred expenses way over the set budget limit, hours or even days of wasted time, expensive household items damaged forever, considerable property damage on Moving day, and worst of all – personal injuries that can cost you dearly in the end.

The most common 3 reasons why people prefer to take full responsibility for packing and moving are to save some money, to avoid hassle in finding reliable packers movers, and due to lack of awareness about shifting solutions. But before making the final decision, you should really ask yourself:

  1. How much time and energy you are going to waste, in something which is not your job?
  2. Can I really do it all by my self, visualize the process from start to end.
  3. What if some goods get damaged and broken, and if it's expensive?
  4. Dose I have some other more important works at time of move?

5 Major Risk of Self Moving

You should be aware of the probable problems that could come and common mistakes people make when doing their shifting themselves. This could help you if you are going to do it or could help you to decide whether you should go to an experienced service provider, who can handle it all with ease.

Risk No. 1 : Loss of Time

It may look like an easy job, but when you go for then only you will know the pain and labor it demands. Needless to say, each self-moving mistake and wrong decision due to inexperience will cost you additional hours or even days, so are you really saving time?

  • You will still need to arrange a moving vehicle by yourself, and that alone can take a staggering amount of time.
  • You will need time to convince your friends to come over to your place and help you pack and lift heavy items.
  • You will need many days to pack up your home on your own – something that professional packers will complete in record time.

It’s understandable that you will want to save the time to research, compare and pick a top-rated moving company. However, keep in mind that the time you invest in finding a reputable mover often turns out to be well-spent in the end.

Risk No. 2 : Higher Cost

If you’re executing moving on your own, then the only factor that’s stopping you from hiring an expert moving company in your area must be the costing. Bear in mind, though, that to automatically assume that self-moving is always cheaper than hiring a professional moving company is clearly a myth.

Sure, if you’re moving just a short distance, have a friend who won’t mind to help you out, and you don’t own any sophisticated items that require careful handling, then moving on your own seems like a money-saving option.

But are you aware of the hidden costs of DIY moving? Unless you factor in the cost of the truck rental, packing materials, moving equipment, fuel, then the financial side of your risk assessment won’t be really complete.

Risk No. 3 : Damage of Goods

Depending on the number and nature of the items you have decided to move to the new home. However, most DIY move will own large furniture pieces, heavy household appliances and probably a few specialty items – a fact that should quickly raise a number of safety and security concerns.

Are you sure you can handle all your goods in a safe way? Professional movers and packers have years of experience in the relocation field, good movers will make every effort to minimize the risks when moving and handling large, heavy and expensive household goods. Moreover, good moving companies come fully insured and offer good valuation options so even if something bad happened to any of your belongings, you would be able to file a compensation claim with your mover.

As one of the biggest risks of moving on your own is that you won’t have any insurance or protection for your belongings if something happens on the road.

Risk No. 4 : Damage of Property

Most people tend to forget one of the dangers of moving by yourself until it’s too late – the immediate risks of property damage on moving day. Top professional movers come with the proper moving equipment, and they do know how to use it too, so property damage is something you shouldn’t really worry about.

Make no mistake, the hidden risks of self-moves can suddenly become not-so-hidden once you start moving around huge and heavy household items:

  • Scratched floors, damaged hardwood floors, and broken tiles /unless a furniture dolly, furniture pads, and many hands are available.
  • Chipped and dented walls around tight corners /unless thick protective blankets are used both on the items and the walls respectively.
  • Damaged staircase steps or broken banisters /unless extreme caution is used when going up or down the stairs, while the banisters are wrapped in protective blankets.

The bad news is that property damage is extremely tricky – it’s something that no DIY mover ever takes into account but it’s something that can cost a lot of money to fix.

Risk No. 5 : Personal Injuries

As you can see, moving by yourself can be a rather risky attempt. There are potential risks of personal injury when moving heavy furniture, an unfortunate event that must be avoided at all costs.

  • Be reasonable and think practically your own abilities to handle the move without professional assistance.
  • Gather up as many helping hands as you can.
  • Use right moving equipment at right place.
  • Use proper lifting techniques when lifting and carrying heavyweight goods.
  • Keep exit pathways free of obstacles and perfectly clean.
  • Make sure small children and pets are not present during the move.
  • Dress appropriately, so you are free to move in any direction, sit and jump.

When moving your home, safety should be your top priority – follow the basic rules to prevent accidents and injuries. You surely wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where the costly medical bill is the least of your concerns.

In a nutshell, you should not take all of the packing and moving responsibilities in your hands. Unless you are pretty sure about the problems, your capabilities and you have someone to help. If you are just thinking about the money we will suggest you think twice, as it might end up higher costing. With help of quality packers and movers, you have to just expend once but will get tension free fast relocation results. Which will not only save your time but also gives you risk-free shifting.

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