What is the Average Monthly Cost of Living in Kochi?

Illustrating Elements of Cost of Living in Kochi

Kochi is one of the most popular and costly cities in Kerala. Kochi has been named the country's leading rising city, with a thriving IT industry and other social infrastructure.

This blog covers a computed average monthly cost of living in Cochin that might help you if you plan to relocate to Kochi.

The average monthly cost of living in Kochi can vary between Rs 6,000 - Rs 45,000.

Factors Influencing Average Living Costs in Kochi

1. Accommodation

The average monthly expenditure for accommodation can range between Rs 3500 and Rs 45,000. 

There are several accommodation choices available, such as:

  • Low cost flats in Cochin like PG or hostel are the best option for students to live in.
  • Bachelors and couples can opt for 1 or 2 BHK apartments.
  • Family of three or four members may consider 2 or 3 BHK apartments or villas.

This depends on which locality you choose to live in; 

  • Flat price in Kochi in affordable areas range between Rs 20 lakh to Rs 35 lakh for 1 BHK.
  • Flat rate in Kochi in posh areas range between Rs 60 lakh to Rs 1 Crore for 1 BHK.

Take note: 

If you are new to Kochi and want to discover a suitable location, check out our blog on affordable places to live in Kochi.

2. Transport

Travelling by personal vehicle is the most convenient option in Kochi. However, fuel prices are skyrocketing, potentially increasing the monthly expenses.

Kochi has well-developed public transportation, and if you intend to save money and cut your monthly costs, you can opt for public transport like buses, metros, or rail.

If you prefer to travel privately, you can look for cabs.

Average monthly transport expenditure.

  • Private transport can vary between Rs 2,500 - Rs 6500
  • Public transport can vary between Rs 1,000 - Rs 3000

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3. Groceries

Groceries are relatively pricey in Kochi. Grocery prices for students and bachelors can range from Rs 1500 to Rs 4500, while prices for couples and families might be higher. Rates can also differ based on the individual's consumption.

Average monthly grocery expenditure can vary between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 8500. 

4. Dining out 

There are three alternatives available to you while dining out, i.e., dining at a classic restaurant, a mid-range restaurant, or a high-end restaurant. Depending on personal consumption and frequency of eating out, the rates may change.

Average monthly dining out expenditure

  • Classic restaurants can vary between Rs 500 to Rs 4500
  • High-end restaurants can vary between Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000

Read our blog on posh areas in Kochi if you plan to live in one of the upscale areas of Kochi.

5. Utilities

The computed average utility rate covers electricity, water, gas, internet, and phone bills for people each month. The expenditure can also vary depending on the usage of individuals.

Average monthly utility expenditure can vary between Rs 1000 to Rs 5500.

6. Entertainment and shopping

Entertainment and shopping expenditure vary depending on the lifestyle and spending habits of individuals.

Expenditure Type

Monthly cost for 1 Adult


Starting from Rs 800/-


Starting from Rs 2,500/-

Beauty care/Salon

Starting from Rs 1,000/-

Movie (PVR)

Starting from Rs 250/-

Take note:

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7. Education

Kerala is India's most literate state, with a literacy rate of 93.91 percent. If you are raising children, the tuition, van fare, and other expenses will vary depending on the school you choose and the distance between the school and your house. 

Average monthly utility education can vary between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8000.

Take note:

If you'd like to read more about the cost of living in Kochi for students, feel free to visit our blog.

8. Medical expenses

  • A student or bachelor may expect to pay between Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per month.
  • A couple's or family's expenditure can range between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per month.


What is the lifestyle in Kochi?

In Kochi, you can live a luxurious or modest lifestyle. You will encounter people from many cultures and regions. The cost of living in Kochi significantly depends on where you live, your spending habits, and the lifestyle you choose.

How much salary is enough to live comfortably in Kochi with a family?

In Kochi, 25,000 rupees per month is good monthly pay, with expenses ranging between Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000.

Who prefers to move to Kochi?

The city draws many young people to educational institutions and those looking for jobs in many professions, particularly in the IT industry. 

Many tourists travel to Kochi to experience city life, and the city's parks, cafés, fast-food restaurants, and retail malls provide a wide range of entertainment and ambience.

How much money do you need to live in Kochi?

The average expenditure ranges from Rs 16,000 - Rs 20,000 per month to live comfortably in Kochi. 

Is it worth buying land in Kochi?

Purchasing property in Kochi is one of the best investments you can make for various reasons, including

  • Property values are constantly rising.
  • The property may be sold, rented, or leased.
  • Owning property is a matter of prestige.

How much are land prices in Kochi?

In affordable areas of Kochi, land price varies between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 12 lakh for a cent and in posh areas, the land price for a cent can start from Rs 50 lakhs. 

How to reduce the cost of living in Kochi?

  • Students can opt for PG apartments, where you may split the cost by sharing a room.
  • Utilise the public transportation option rather than the private one.
  • Move to more affordable areas to reduce rent if you are a family or couple.
  • Hire a cook to cut dining-out costs. 
  • Share an apartment with friends or coworkers to save money on utilities and groceries 


Living in a big city like Kochi is expensive. The cost of living index for Cochin is predicted to be 23.93. 

If you're considering moving to Kochi, the variables mentioned in this blog and the cost of living index can help you maintain a good standard of living. 

The average estimate provided on this blog can change depending on people and their spending habits.

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