Plant lovers consider plants as the most integral part of their family. But when it comes to relocation moving all your plants at a time seems to be very difficult, they need lots of care and attention while shifting. They can easily get damaged during transit due to mishandling them or lack of perfect packing and loading into the truck when you move plants yourself. They need the same attention and care you take for our antiques or some valuables to transport them to your new house.

Hiring professional packers and movers is the best option to shift your entire garden to your new home. They are experts at handling all your plants with the necessary care and ease. They take care of packing your plants with the appropriate packaging materials like plastic bags with holes, cartons, and so on. They will take care of placing the plants in suitable trucks in such a way that they get enough air and sunlight. Good packers and movers will also offer required plant moving tips on how to manage your plants after shifting.

However, it isn’t easy to find a genuine relocation company to look after all your relocation services. AssureShift is here to help to find the best suitable shifting company to look after your plant relocation requirements. We are partnered with the leading certified moving companies that offer exceptional services to our clients.

Shifting Company Services to Relocate Plants

  • Free consultation regarding the plants' transportation
  • Packing the plants in a perfect way for shifting by following the right methods
  • Transporting them in suitable vans or trucks
  • Attentive & damage-free loading and unloading services
  • Offer temperature-controlled warehouse services if needed
  • 24/7 Tracking system
  • Door to door pickup and delivery services

Process of Plant Relocation

  1. Pre-move Survey: Firstly, the professional moving companies conduct an on-site survey to know about the number of plants that need to be transported and know about the client’s requirements.
  2. Packing:
  • They will re-pot all the plants into a lightweight plastic pot with sterilized soil.
  • They cover the plants with plastic bags and tie them at the end of the plant to avoid spilling soil during transit.
  • They use packing papers, paper towels, and bubble wraps to fill the gaps between the plants in moving boxes
  • Plants will be placed in robust open carton boxes 
  1. Loading: They load all the plants and place them into the van in moving boxes in such a way that they can’t be moved during transportation.
  2. Trucks: They provide temperature-controlled vehicles to transport plants. Too hot or too cold temperature may harm your plants.
  3. Timely Delivery: Finally, the packers and movers reach to destination and deliver on-time.
  4. Unpacking & Reassembling: They provide unpacking services and also place them at your new home as you desire.

How to Prepare Plants for Relocation

  • Repot the house plants into sterilized plastic pots for easy handling.
  • Pack all the heavy, ceramic pots just like the way you pack your delicates.
  • prune all the plants one week before, this helps plants stay healthy in transit.
  • Water your plants 3 days before the moving, usually, most of the plants need water every 7-10 days, so your plants will be in good condition even on a multi-day trip.

Shifting plants or an entire garden seems to be very difficult as you need to spare more time and attention on shifting them on your own. But professional relocation companies are providing best-in-class plant relocation services with the most care by following safety precautions. Finding a reliable moving company is the toughest task these days due to the presence of fraud moving companies.

AssureShift is the best solution to avoid all these fake moving companies. We have a list of certified and verified relocation companies around your locality. We have partnered with reputed relocation companies who offer the best ever plant relocation services at affordable pricing only. You just need to share your requirements with us and we will refer you top 3 moving companies that suitable for your requirements. You can choose one from them that suits your requirements and budget too. Get a free quote today and make your move damage-free within your budget.

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