Pets are regarded as part of the family and relocating them would need lots of care and attention. They can easily become anxious, overwhelmed, or sick during the move due to the unfamiliar work & events taking place around them.

Experienced packers and movers are capable of relocating your pets across the country or to a different country as well. They determine the safest mode of transport and make necessary arrangements in transport vehicle to ensure full safety & comfort of your four-legged friends for the entire duration of transit.

Pet moving companies will take the help of their on-team veterinarian for necessary health checks & travel documents, pick up your furry friends from home, and transport them in suitable pet-friendly crates along with required travel accessories like food bowls, labels, collar tags, and so on.

AssureShift is a platform where you can find good packers and movers who are well-qualified to provide professional pet relocation services, including taking care of your pets during the move, handling them with love and care, and making sure they are comfortable throughout the process.

Packers Movers Services for Relocating Pets

  • Free consultation regarding pet travel via road, rail, or air travel.
  • Door to door pickup & delivery services at origin and destination.
  • Pet-friendly fiber crates, crate bowls, labels and collar tags are used to ensure comfort & safety.
  • Customs clearance documents and other paperwork is carried out for import/export of pets from/to India.
  • Professional attendant assigned to be with your pet while boarding airways or rail.
  • For relocating pets through airlines, packers and movers help you get a ‘Fit to Fly‘ certificate from a veterinarian to avoid legal issues during pet travel.
  • They help arrange a crate (IATA approved) as per your pet size so that it can stand, sit, and sleep comfortably in it during transit.
  • Check air pressure and temperature of the area where your pet will be kept.
  • Premium paid services where a professional travels by air or rail along with your pet to prevent him from feeling stressed or lonely.
  • Our professional trainer can also comfort your furry friend with cuddles and make him feel loved and safe.

Tips to Prepare your Pet Before and After the Move

Hire Professional Packers and Movers

Consider hiring a professional moving company that provides the best pet relocation services. Pet relocation services are best for your shift as they follow standard precautions and make your pet move in the right manner.

Take Your Pet to the Vet

Take complete care of your pet before the move, take him to the doctor, and examine his health condition and understand your pet needs. It’s important to get your dog/cat vaccinated and take care of its medication before travel.

Get Your Documents Ready

During pet relocation, you need to carry all the documents of your pet regarding its vaccination, health condition, and other certificates that satisfy the travel of pet norms.

Kennel Training

It’s best to shift your pet in a kennel as it keeps him safe and secure during transit. But it’s important to train them to get used to staying in the carrier for the entire duration of transportation. Kennel training reduces their anxiety levels, prevents injuries during travel, allows us to supply food and water, and also prevents any littering in the vehicle.

Pet Travel Kit

Prepare a kit containing all your pet’s essentials like food, water bowl, toys, and grooming accessories that will keep your pet comfortable & prevent them from feeling out of place during the journey.

Reduce Stress of Pet during Travel

The best way to reduce their stress during the move is to keep your pet action-free. Start training them much before the move; teach them to sit idle by taking away all his toys and things around him. Your pet should preferably sit or sleep during the travel without any movement and also make sure that you feed and hydrate timely in this preparation.

Train your Pet to Adjust in The New Home

As soon as your cat/dog arrives at the new place, don’t open the kennel door immediately as it will feel uncomfortable about the new & unfamiliar environment. Give him some time to adjust to the new home and its surroundings. Preferably take him to a quiet place in the house and lay out some treats & toys before letting him out. Let him start exploring the rest of the house when he feels comfortable.

Relocating cats and dogs is a completely technical process. Good packers movers have necessary resources & skills to relocate your furry animal friends with utmost care & ensuring full safety. Whether you are shifting within same city or to other city, packing moving companies follow high standard procedures & best shifting strategies for secure relocation.

AssureShift offers list of best & most trustworthy pet relocation service providers having well-trained staff who are expert in managing your dog/cat’s needs throughout the transit. Our moving companies also stay up-to-date about all the travel requirements of pets. And to ensure the highest level of comfort to your beloved pets, they provide an ideal environment & make sure to feed your pets and provide them with toys & water during transit.

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