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Hire best packers and movers in Kamothe for safe and economical house shifting anywhere within Kamothe Navi Mumbai. Compare local movers and packers Kamothe rates along with their company profile, ratings, reviews and choose top moving company within your budget. Contact packers and movers Kamothe Navi Mumbai directly or tell us your shifting needs and get 3 recommendations best fit as per your requirement. Get instant charges estimation from nearby packers and movers in Kamothe, finalize anyone to avail top quality home relocation services at best cost.

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Kamothe Navi Mumbai Shifting Services Hiring Guide

Packers and Movers Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Whether you’re moving within Kamothe or to a different locality in Navi Mumbai, hiring packers and movers Kamothe Navi Mumbai can help you have a stress-free relocation in minimum time and moving expenses. However, it’s important to be careful while communicating with home removal companies due to the presence of many unethical and fraudulent movers and packers in Kamothe who attract customers by promising shifting services at half the standard prices being charged by even the cheap and best movers in the market. Remember to never choose movers based on the cost of their quotations, since such low-cost movers will only provide poor-quality services at half rates and may even cause many damages and misplacement due to their unprofessional/amateur nature. You can easily avoid the risk of hiring wrong guys and book trustworthy and top packers and movers Navi Mumbai Kamothe through AssureShift, a well-known reference platform for moving companies. At AssureShift, all shifting service providers undergo extensive verification and are ranked based on our regular feedback and quality maintenance process.

If you plan to move by yourself, you have to take responsibility of relocating complete households from large furniture to kitchen products to electronic appliances, and many fragile and valuable goods like mirrors, glassware, and so on without damaging them. You may also have to look for truck rental services ensure safe transport and delivery or book a truck and two men who can also help you lift and move heavy goods into the truck. Your lack of experience and knowledge to know what security measures are needed and not having enough help to execute the move, may result in damage of goods and also possibly injuring yourself. Not only will you require a lot of time to complete the move, but also have to spend much more money to cover the unanticipated damages to goods and/or property.

But, when you hire dependable house shifting services in Navi Mumbai, they will do the packing job at your home without you having to do anything; you can also avoid carrying huge goods, save time and money, and be stress-free by purchasing insurance. Packers and movers in Kamothe Navi Mumbai use bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing paper, sturdy cartons, packing peanuts, tape, and markers for protectively packing goods and labeling them. The loading-unloading is carried out using appropriate equipment like furniture or appliance dollies, hand trucks, panel movers, moving blankets and pads, straps and ropes, etc. to ensure safe moving of items. The expert relocation companies in Kamothe usually deliver all kinds of local shifting services like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and disassembly and reassembly of bulky goods. Trusted residential shifting services in Kamothe also offer insurance on your home goods to guarantee double safety and compensate your losses in case of any goods damages or misplacement.

To hire professional packing moving services in Kamothe, you can ask family/friends for trusted suggestions as per their personal experiences. You can also get details of numerous budget packers movers through Google or any online directory websites with specific keywords like ‘movers and packers Kamothe, packers and movers near me’ or any other similar queries. Although Google gives a long list of relocation companies in Kamothe Navi Mumbai, it's risky to hire any movers from unknown sources online because they do not guarantee 100% credibility of any of the movers packers, and the presence of many fake and dishonest movers in the market further making it more challenging to identify the right one. It is left up to you to identify trustworthy packers and movers Navi Mumbai Kamothe by checking their registration documents, office setup, reviews and ratings, and website details, before getting in touch with them. Even once you receive estimated charges, never choose lowest price quotes since the service quality would also be poor and result in many damages and loss of goods; moreover, none of the trustworthy relocation experts in Kamothe Navi Mumbai would agree to perform packing moving services at such low and cheap rates.

Hence, find and hire pre-verified & reliable local shifting service providers near you through AssureShift, where you can get details of professional local Packers and movers in Navi Mumbai Kamothe, who have undergone extensive background verification. We do online as well as in-person check of the moving company registration documents, office set up, performance history, and their transport arrangements. Our partner home removal companies in Kamothe can also perform other shifting services like domestic moving to different cities, two-wheeler moving, four-wheeler relocation, fine art shifting, antique relocation, cargo shipping and many more.

You can either directly go through the list and contact any of the movers to get quotes, or you can share your requirements and get references of 3 best packers and movers in Kamothe Navi Mumbai near you, that are capable of fulfilling your exact requirements within budget. We offer guaranteed services with special features like 100% safe moving, standard costs, best deal and offers, delivering fast response and providing full support while relocating to anywhere from Kamothe.

Services Provided by Best Packers and Movers Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Economical Local Home Shifting Services within Kamothe

Economical Local Home Shifting Services within Kamothe

House shifting service providers in Kamothe Navi Mumbai take full responsibility of moving home items safely. They use secure packing material, modern loading-unloading equipment, essential tools and guidelines for safe disassembly and assembly of bulky furniture/appliances and provide quick delivery within few hours.

Quality Packing and Unpacking Services in Kamothe

Quality Packing and Unpacking Services in Kamothe

Packing moving companies in Kamothe use customized techniques and working strategies for accurately packing goods with packing paper, bubble wrap, strong cartons, plastic wrap, corrugated boxes, packing tape, and other suitable supplies as per various goods based on their size, shape, material and weight.

Careful Loading and Unloading Services Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Careful Loading and Unloading Services Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Relocation service providers in Kamothe perform careful loading and unloading using suitable moving equipment like hand trucks, furniture sliders, moving dollies for furniture/appliances, moving blankets and pads, straps, ropes, and so on to safeguard goods as well as property from damages.

Professional Disassembly and Assembly Services in Kamothe

Professional Disassembly and Assembly Services in Kamothe

Before packing sofa sets, fridge, cupboards, beds, TV, AC, and other such large items, house shifting companies in Kamothe Navi Mumbai will dismantle them for safe packing and loading; they also re-assemble dismantled goods at the destination for which you can check working conditions.

Hiring Moving Labor Help for Packing and Moving in Kamothe

Hiring Moving Labor Help for Packing and Moving in Kamothe

If you decide to move by yourself, you can hire relocation company labor to help in moving furniture or any other bulky items. Alternatively, you can also hire two men and a truck for assistance in loading and unloading but also get transport for shifting homes within Kamothe.

Dependable Truck Rental Services and Logistics Solutions in Kamothe

Dependable Truck Rental Services and Logistics Solutions in Kamothe

For individuals and businesses, Kamothe packers movers offer truck rental services for shifting goods within/outside city. Depending on requirements, suggest or choose from wide range of options like compact ones like Tata ACE, Bolero, Pickup truck, or big ones like 14 feet or 17 feet vehicles, etc.

Reliable Domestic Home Relocation Services from Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Reliable Domestic Home Relocation Services from Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Relocating homes from Kamothe Navi Mumbai to any other city is now easy with trusted domestic moving companies in Navi Mumbai Kamothe. Apart from meticulous planning and perfect execution of moving services, they offer insurance on partial or full house items to compensate damages losses.

Timely and Safe Car/bike transport from Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Timely and Safe Car/bike transport from Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Get vehicles safely shifted to your desired destination from Kamothe Navi Mumbai with expert moving and transport companies in Kamothe. They pack each part in bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and corrugated sheets to safeguard the vehicle from scratches during transit in specially built bike/car carriers.

Organized Office Shifting Services within/outside Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Organized Office Shifting Services within/outside Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Office/corporate shifting companies are expert in moving workspaces to any locality in Kamothe or to a different city, without wasting productivity hours. They efficiently take care of smallest details while moving office items like furniture, computers, network and IT hardware, documents, pantry goods, and so on.

Best Storage and Warehouse Setup in Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Best Storage and Warehouse Setup in Navi Mumbai Kamothe

Moving and storage companies in Kamothe offer clean and spacious warehouses to keep home/commercial goods for as long as you need. They provide moist-free and temperature-controlled environment with 24/7 security arrangements, take inventory of stored goods and offer insurance to safeguard them from damages.

Secure Pet and Plant Moving Services in Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Secure Pet and Plant Moving Services in Kamothe Navi Mumbai

Experienced movers in Navi Mumbai Kamothe understand the importance of caring for pets and plants while moving them. They secure plants in plastic wrap and place them in cartons with holes; pet-friendly cages and regular food, water and toys are provided to prevent pets from getting overwhelmed.

Antique and Fine Art Moving in Kamothe with Full Protection

Antique and Fine Art Moving in Kamothe with Full Protection

Kamothe home removal services will first provide professional consultation to prepare a plan to shift your delicate and expensive antiques and fine art pieces safely. They handle them with utmost care, perform best-quality bubble wrapping and padding, and exercise caution at every step.

Benefits of hiring Kamothe packers movers for home relocation

House shifting is hectic, time-consuming, and risky to be performed alone, especially without any prior experience of handling bulky goods. You may not know the right way to pack or move them, which may lead to damages or self-injuries.

However, professional shifting companies in Kamothe will make a huge difference as they have years of experience, knowledge, and make use of safe quality packing and moving supplies and provide standard to top quality relocation services. Mentioned below are some of the other benefits of hiring moving experts in Kamothe Navi Mumbai:

End-to-end House Shifting Services at Most Affordable Rates

Relocation services providers are fully capable of handling your move from packing goods to the end of unpacking after timely doorstep delivery. They also take full responsibility of ensuring safety of all household items with protective packing, secure loading-unloading with appropriate moving equipment, and transporting your belongings using the most suitable transport vehicles.

Relocation Services Performed in Minimum time and Maximum safety

Movers and packers in Kamothe will plan and prepare all details before moving day, like quantity of packing material needed, apt equipment required for lifting and moving various items, along with loading-unloading strategy, and guarantee timely doorstep pickup and delivery services to complete your entire relocation in a few hours.

Also, since you will pay altogether for packing material, labor and transport costs, you will be saving much more money than you thought; especially when considering the insured safety of your goods in the hands of experienced movers.

Items and Damage Expenses Covered with Transit Insurance

Kamothe residential moving companies using best-quality packing material to protectively pack your goods, like packing paper, plastic wrap, strong carton boxes, bubble wrap, packing foam, and so on. They dismantle large goods like sofa, bed, refrigerator, AC, etc. before packing to prevent them from getting damaged. You can also avail transit insurance to safeguard them from any kind of damages or breakage and have complete peace of mind until final delivery.

How much do packers and movers in Kamothe charges for home shifting?

Shifting Size Total Charges (in ) Packing Price (in ) Labor Cost (in ) Transport Rates (in )

Few Home Goods

5,000 – 7,000

1,200 – 1,680

850 – 1,190

3,950 – 4,130


7,000 – 10,000

1,680 – 2,400

1,190 – 1,700

4,130 – 5,900


9,000 – 15,000

2,160 – 3,600

1,530 – 2,550

5,310 – 8,850


13,000 – 21,000

3,120 – 5,040

2,210 – 3,570

7,670 – 12,390


17,000 – 25,000

4,080– 6,000

2,890 – 4,250

10,030 – 14,750

Note: Click on the link to know detailed relocation charges in Navi Mumbai to move within the city as well as to other cities. You can also go through various factors that affect your moving expenses and understand why packers and movers charges in Navi Mumbai Kamothe vary so significantly, and how you can minimize your house shifting costs to enjoy economic and safe relocation from Kamothe, Navi Mumbai.

How to Choose Right Movers and Packers in Kamothe?

You can easily get suggestions of moving companies in Kamothe near you by asking friends/family or search on Google by typing keywords like packers and movers Kamothe, packers and movers near me, etc. Although you get a long list of recommendations through Google, none of them can be trusted easily as there may be many fake shifting companies making it extremely difficult for you to identify the right mover. Here are some details you should check about relocation service providers before hiring them:

Packer Mover Website, Office and Documents

Scan through the complete moving company website and check for important information about the company like years of experience/establishment, contact number and office location details, list of services provided, website structure & design, and various other details. Also, make sure to validate their phone numbers and address by calling them or visiting their office at the location provided.

At their office, you can have a look at the various packaging material and moving equipment they use and whether they have strong and capable crew members who can pack, handle and move your goods safely. They also make proper transport arrangements to quickly and safely shift goods.

Check Professional Behavior of Kamothe Moving Companies

Another essential quality to look for in packers and movers is their professionalism. A moving company that has employees who do not behave or speak to you with respect is a major red flag to watch out for. Unethical movers may provide you with fake invoice copy during pre-move survey or increase the prices for virtually no reason, or possibly even steal your belongings. A professional moving company will behave in a polite and civil way, be honest about the services they provide, and maintain same behavior with you from beginning to end.

Read Kamothe Packers and Movers Reviews and Ratings

Before hiring movers and packers Navi Mumbai Kamothe, don’t just depend on the experience you had when you interacted with them. Any moving company may behave perfectly with you right up until the time you hire them. To find out their true colors, you can check out the experience that the other customers had after they hired the same moving company. You can read the honest packers and movers reviews Navi Mumbai in popular review websites like Mouthshut, Trustpilot, and AssureShift. You can easily get to know about the quality of service provided and also if there were any problems faced by the customers after hiring the movers.

Compare Relocation Company Charges, Profiles, Reviews, and Reliability

Never go with the moving company offering lowest quotes since they may just provide bad/poor services or end up stealing your belongings. You need to compare all shifting company profiles and evaluate which shifting service provider is a better option in terms of credibility and experience, quality and list of services provided, and their brand reputation in the market. Only after comparing all company profiles along with details and cost estimations, you should select or hire the packers and movers company which offers value for your money.

Local House Shifting Process within Kamothe Navi Mumbai

  • Step 1: Pre-move Survey – local home relocation companies in Kamothe conduct pre-move survey depending on the quantity of moving items – they provide on-call estimates for few goods and in-home estimates for complete home goods; during the pre-move survey, you can discuss your packing moving needs in detail so that you can get an exact cost quotation for your entire move and movers can start planning the necessary strategies and working techniques.
  • Step 2: Disassembly of large goods – as movers have good amount of experience in carrying out shifting services, they are also capable of dismantling bulky items by following proper guidelines and using necessary tools; by doing this crucial task, they prevent the dangers of moving such large and bulky goods in one piece.
  • Step 3: Packing at your home – packing need not be done with very high protective material since distance of moving home goods is short and damages will be low during transit. Hence, local relocation companies will pack only delicate items like appliances or electronics while using basic packing material for regular household items.
  • Step 4: Loading with Apt Equipment – – suitable relocation equipment are used while lifting and moving bulky items to protect household items, walls and doors. They arrange all goods in the truck such that none of them damage each other during movement.
  • Step 5: Safe Transport and Timely Delivery – packers movers companies in Kamothe for local home relocation use most suitable truck to properly fit all your items and ensure prompt and safe goods delivery to your doorstep. They also offer double guarantee by insuring your home belongings at 3% of their total declared value.
  • Step 6: Unloading, Unpacking and Reassembly – to make it convenient for customers, moving crew will unload everything using appropriate equipment, and unpack and set them up wherever needed; they will also reassemble any dismantled goods with the same care and safety as before.
  • Step 7: Cross-check delivered goods – once all goods are assembled and ready-to-use, plug in all appliances and set up furniture to make sure they are in usable/working condition. Also, go through your inventory list and cross-check the list of delivered boxes to ensure none of the items are missing; quickly report damages or misplaced goods to the moving companies and request for a prompt solution.


On an average, the cost of packing materials charged by packers and movers in Kamothe Navi Mumbai range between:

  • Rs 1,600 - 2,400 for 1 BHK,
  • Rs 2,100 - 3,600 for 2 BHK,
  • Rs 3,100 - 5,000 for 3 BHK

Transport charges in Kamothe can vary between:

  • Rs 4,130 - Rs 5,900 for 1 BHK
  • Rs 5,310 - Rs 8,850 for 2 BHK
  • Rs 7,670 - Rs 12,390 for 3 BHK
  • Rs 10,030 - Rs 14,750 for 4 BHK


The labor cost for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking home goods in Kamothe will be charged between: 

  • Rs 1,200 - Rs 1,700 for 1 BHK 
  • Rs 1,500 - Rs 2,500 for 2 BHK
  • Rs 2,200 - Rs 3,500 for 3 BHK


Top movers and packers in Kamothe Navi Mumbai are fully capable of moving household items in a safe and cost-effective manner without compromising service quality. They use industry-standard packing material along with protective layering to guarantee full safety of goods while loading-unloading as well as during transit; some of the material used are plastic wrap, cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, corrugated boxes, moving blankets and pads, shredded paper, and various others. Relocation companies in Navi Mumbai Kamothe take 100% care to ensure secure loading and unloading by following modern techniques with the help of apt equipment such as moving dollies for appliances and furnishings, panel movers, hand trucks, furniture sliders, moving straps and ropes, and so on. Kamothe packers and movers will also be responsible for determining the best-fit transport truck to assure safe and speedy transport and timely doorstep delivery.

Through AssureShift, you can hire reliable packers and movers in Navi Mumbai Kamothe in few minutes, with tailor-made relocation services as well as economical moving rate chart estimates. Once you tell us your shifting requirements, we’ll quickly refer best-match Kamothe movers and packers companies who provide your needed services at affordable shifting charges; you can also request for pre-move survey to get most accurate moving price list/ final invoice bill. Compare relocation cost quotations, company profiles and packers and movers reviews to evaluate the best choice of shifting company for your move. Enjoy effortless relocation with best-quality services and insured safety as promised by our best packers and movers Kamothe Navi Mumbai.

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