Moving the data center involves shifting of equipment from huge data servers to small data cables and everything is essential to be transported with care. The relocation also needs to be coordinated with the proper shutdown of equipment, de-installation, professional packing, shipping preparation, installation, and testing of all the equipment.

Taking responsibility for this entire complicated process by yourself is extremely risky and leads to more stress than expected. Improper handling of data center equipment while relocating may lead to damages and loss of essential data that lead your business to dreadful situations. Professional packers and movers help you with planning, packing, moving, and delivery of your data center equipment to your desired location.

Important Services in Data Center Shifting

  • Inventory Management: Our packers and movers offer the best inventory management that mainly helps you to sort out the equipment of your data center before your move.
  • Warehouse:  You can get benefited from trustworthy and safe warehouse storage services if needed.
  • Insurance: The best thing about our relocation companies is that they provide the insurance facility that ensures the security of your data and equipment.
  • 24/7 Tracking: You can track your data center movement through the live tracking system provided by the moving companies.

Data Center Relocation Steps

Data Center relocation is a highly risky and delicate process. But a professional can make your move more reliable and safe by providing the following services:

  • Pre-relocation auditing
  • Server relocations
  • Desktop PC rollouts
  • De-racking & Re-racking the servers
  • Dismantling and installing all the data center equipment
  • Cable routing & cable management ( ensuring a clean environment to work)
  • Meticulous administration especially to project the data and hard drives
  • Wrapping up equipment with static-proof materials
  • Installing servers after reaching the destination
  • Post-relocation analysis
  • Resolution for any hardware issues
  • End-to-end technical and functional support

Data Center Protection & Security

  1. The relocation companies always care for your data security; they know how important and crucial the data that is stored in your servers and hard disks.
  2. A unique and specially designed crate and cart system are used for shifting servers, computers, and other peripherals of your data center.
  3. Use soft-sided bags and anti-static bubble wraps bags in packing LCD&LED monitors.
  4. Specially curated carts and dollies are used to move oversized servers, copiers, and printers.
  5. Customized moving containers are used to transport the data center safely.
  6. Also provide warehousing facility, in case of any climatic disorder while shifting.
  7. Certified and experienced professionals will handle all the data center equipment.

Things to Consider While Shifting Data Center

Pre-move Precautions:

  • Backup all the essential data
  • Calculate the risk analysis and assessment
  • List the complete inventory
  • Look for an expert moving company that offers customizable shifting services.

Post-Move Precautions:

  • Check out the changes that have made against the original plan
  • Ensure that everything is installed as per the plan
  • Check hardware connectivity
  • Test the network components
  • Monitoring and testing the systems and equipment
  • Testing security systems

Data center relocation is the riskiest & delicate task, shifting the IT inventory takes lots of stress. But it may feel somewhat easy when you opt to hire the experienced packers and movers for your data center relocation.  They will audit the risks that are associated with the relocation and plan accordingly.

Assure Shift is here to help you with connecting to the reputed relocation company to make your data center relocation more reliable by offering end-to-end moving services. Get a free quote today to avail and experience the most affordable relocation solution for your move.

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