Cargo shipping is one of the common terms we hear when it comes to international relocation or transport of freight or cargo. Originally, the term cargo was a shipload, but now cargo can be transported via sea, airways, railways, and roadways. To ensure safe freight shipment, you need to find genuine cargo packers and movers experienced in providing end-to-end cargo shipping services.

Types of Cargo Shipping Services

  • Sea Cargo Shipping: Our packers and movers transport your goods in the most cost-effective way by following all the safety guidelines. Whether you need full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) cargo shipping, professional movers are well- equipped to make your sea cargo shipping safe and secure.
  • Air Cargo Shipping: When you are in the need of quick cargo shipping, air shipment is the perfect option, wherein packers and movers will take care of the complete procedure for air freight services.
  • Rail Cargo Shipping: Shipping cargo via railways is the most cost-effective and safest option to ship freight from one place to another.
  • Domestic Truck Cargo Shipping: Packers and movers also provide cargo shipping via roadways using domestic trucks and large container trucks for transport.

Services Included in Cargo Shipping

  • Loading & Unloading: Our cargo packers and movers are highly equipped with specialized equipment for loading-unloading the cargo without any damage.
  • Inventory Management: Our cargo shipping companies offer best inventory management services that mainly help you sort and organize all goods in a perfect manner and also help in storing and delivering cargo without any damage.
  • Warehouse: You can also avail safe and trustworthy warehouse facilities offered by shipping and storage companies to store your cargo as per your requirements. All storage warehouses are customizable and cost-effective.
  • Insurance: Most reputed cargo packers and movers provide insurance coverage to ensure the safety and security of your goods and equipment until they get delivered.
  • Tracking: Professional shipping companies are offering tracking system of the cargo to help clients to check the position of their freight.

Process of Cargo Shipping

  1. Gather details of cargo shipment requirements from client to make sure what type of transport the client prefers.
  2. Take complete information of the goods and note the weight and dimensions of the cargo.
  3. Confirm whether you need FCL(full container load) or LCL(less than the container load).
  4. Packing and labeling services if needed.
  5. Secure storage in their warehouse facility.
  6. Make the official insurance for your cargo.
  7. Load and unload with specialized equipment into the containers.

Things to Consider before Hiring Cargo Packers Movers

  • It’s important to check reputation of cargo moving companies.
  • Check whether they provide end-to-end shipping services.
  • Make sure cargo movers are providing transit insurance.
  • Check warehouse facility provided for storage of cargo.
  • Ensure you are able to get 24/7 tracking of the cargo.

Choosing the perfect moving company to shift cargo isn’t an easy thing. But you can find reliable cargo movers to ship your cargo safely with the help of AssureShift. We are expert at providing list of top leading moving companies that provide professional cargo shifting with well-trained staff and best quality equipment.

So, you can easily find trusted packers and movers for your cargo shipping through AssureShift. We help you get connected with one of the top 3 cargo packers and movers for your secure cargo shipping. Get a free quote today and get your cargo shipped securely at affordable prices.

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