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Guide for Car Transport in Delhi

Shift your car from the capital city of India with ease with AssureShift. You no longer have to be worried about delays, fake companies or quality services when hiring a car transport service in Delhi.

Our Partners have everything you need for shifting your car. Their car transportation services in Delhi provides end-to-end services which means they take care of everything from door-to-door pickup, packing, loading, transit, interim storage, unloading, unpacking and the final delivery of your car.

You also get to enjoy plenty of features with our partnered car movers in Delhi like door-to-door pickup and drop services, insurance coverage, car tracking facilities, interim storage and warehousing.

Our car movers and packers Delhi also provide options for multiple modes of payment and transport. You can have your car transported by trains or by specialised Car Carriers in Delhi.

To hire car shifting services in Delhi, you can just fill out the form with your requirements. You will then get three companies that match those requirements with quotes from the companies themselves. You can then compare them and pick the one you like.

Our customer support is always available to solve your doubts at any time during the day.

Standard Car Transportation Charges in Delhi

Distance / Move Type


House + Car

Upto 450km

₹4,600 to ₹8,300

₹16,500 - ₹51,500

450km - 899km

₹7,300 to ₹10,500

₹22,000 - ₹60,400

900km - 1499km

₹8,200 to ₹12,000

₹27,000 - ₹69,600

1500km - 2200km

₹10,600 to ₹18,000

₹32,500 - ₹75,600

There can be many factors that cause significant variations in these car transportation charges such as type of car, relocation distance, type of car carriers chosen, total amount of work involved, and so on. Read below to get the complete idea of the factors affecting car transport cost in Delhi.

Factors Affecting Car Shifting Costs

  • The type, make and age of the Car
  • The exact location of the destination and its distance from the main hub
  • Mode of Transport and Quality of the Transport Vehicle; Open and Enclosed carriers or Trains
  • Amount of Labour involved in the entire process
  • Overall quality of Service
  • The additional service/Government taxes and toll charges for transferring vehicles across city/state borders.

Car Transport Charges in Delhi to Other Cities

Apart from distance, car transportation charges from Delhi can vary based on many factors like type, make and model of car, demand of relocation to the desired destination city, choice of carrier truck for safe car transport, distance from Delhi to exact destination location, workforce needed, and so on.

City/Car Type




Luxury Car

Delhi - Bangalore

₹15,300- ₹ 23,400

₹ 16,830 - ₹ 25,740

₹ 22,320 - ₹ 34,130

₹ 20,570 - ₹ 31,460

Delhi - Hyderabad

₹16,000- ₹ 24,500

₹ 17,500 - ₹ 27,000

₹ 23,500 - ₹ 35,000

₹ 21,500 - ₹ 32,500

Delhi - Mumbai

₹ 10,630 - ₹ 16,250

₹ 11,480 - ₹ 17,550

₹ 16,070 - ₹ 24,570

₹ 14,030 - ₹ 21,450

Delhi - Kolkata

₹ 11,000 - ₹ 16,750

₹ 12,000 - ₹ 18,000

₹ 16,570 - ₹ 25,070

₹ 14,530 - ₹ 21,950

Delhi - Ahmedabad

₹8,000 - ₹14,000

₹9,300 - ₹15,000

₹14,000 - ₹22,000

₹12,000 - ₹19,000

Process of Car Shifting Services in Delhi

Step 1: Pre-move Survey - our car movers offer free pre-move surveys to inspect the car and determine the apt method of transporting the vehicle.

Step 2: Pickup from Doorstep - specialised vehicle movers will pick up the four-wheeler from your doorstep and transport it to their main hub at the origin location for transport.

Step 3: Careful Loading - equipment like ramps & fastening belts are used to securely load the car onto carrier trucks and ensure the four-wheeler is held immovable and remains scratch-free during transit.

Step 4: Secure Transport - expert car moving companies use suitable car carrier trucks and/or dedicated transport vehicles to ship car to another state/city from Delhi.

Step 5: Unloading & Doorstep Delivery - once the car arrives at the main hub at the destination, it is unloaded carefully and delivered to your doorstep in the same condition.

Step 6: Final Inspection - after final delivery, you can inspect the car for any damages and inform the movers if you find any and begin the insurance claim process right away.

Cost-effective Car Transport by Train

Car movers and packers in Delhi also offer the option to ship car by train to your desired destination location.

Car transport by train is a cheap and best option wherein it can even cost much less than relocating the four-wheelers via car carriers in Delhi and the delivery time can be the same as your travel time.

How do Car Movers in Delhi Ship Car by Train?

  1. Four-wheeler moving companies carry out the necessary pre-move survey
  2. They pick up the car from your doorstep, move it to the main hub, and prepare to transfer it to the railway station.
  3. The car is securely loaded into the train as cargo in the goods compartment and fixed to the floor with the help of fastening belts.
  4. Once the four-wheeler arrives at the destination, it will be unloaded carefully and transported to the main hub
  5. After complete inspection of the vehicle, it will be prepared for final delivery to your doorstep.

What Features to Look for in Car Movers and Packers Delhi?

  • Reliability & Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Services
  • Skill & Expertise
  • Affordability
  • Transit Insurance Coverage
  • Car transport services offered

Tips to Prepare for Car Transportation

  • Clean the Car before handing it over to the movers.
  • Make a note of all scratches and dents on the car before the transport.
  • Make sure there are no personal belongings left behind in the car.
  • Remove any external accessories, and loose or broken parts.
  • Maintain normal pressures in the tyres (neither over-inflated or under-inflated).
  • Leave a quarter tank of fuel in the car (do not fill fuel more than needed).
  • Inform the car movers of any specific instructions like specific care for mirrors, steering., etc
  • Keep the necessary documents ready before relocating car to the new city (NOC, Road tax, etc).


The average car shifting charges from Delhi to Bangalore can cost between ₹15,000 - ₹28,000. The exact car transport costs will depend on details like type, make, model and age of the four-wheeler, chosen mode of transport, labourers required to carry out the work, etc.

Car transportation from Delhi to Mumbai costs ₹ 7,500 - ₹ 25,000 as this is a popular route for car transport services in Delhi. The accurate car transport prices will depend on the exact destination location, type of car, delivery preferences, and so on.

Car shifting charges Delhi to Hyderabad will cost around ₹ 11,500 - ₹ 22,000. For exact car relocation prices, you will have to discuss the complete details of your car shifting with movers like make and model of car, delivery expectations, mode of transport required, etc.

It will cost around ₹ 11,600 - ₹ 22,500 to transport a car from Delhi to Kolkata and the correct car shifting charges will vary depending on the car carrier services you choose, distance to destination location, type of car, etc.

Car Transport from Delhi to Ahmedabad will cost you around ₹7,500 to ₹15,000. The exact car transport costs will depend on details like type, make, model and age of the four-wheeler, chosen mode of transport, labourers required to carry out the work, etc.

Having your car transported to other cities, especially over long distances is a stressful and cumbersome job. It is not easy by any means. So, cut down the stress involved in it and make it a breeze by hiring car transport in Delhi from AssureShift.

We have multiple partners that provide car transportation in Delhi with years of experience and impeccable records. The car movers and packers Delhi partnered with us are genuine, credible and offer top quality services.

Opting for car transport services in Delhi with our partners will ensure you get the best quality of packaging materials like bubble wraps, plastic foam sheets etc and the latest equipment like specialised car carriers, tow trucks etc for the move.

Our affiliate car movers in Delhi also provide end-to-end car transportation services in Delhi. This means you have every part of the move taken care of by professionals. They cover everything, whether it is door-to-door pickup, packing, loading, transit, interim storage, unloading, unpacking or the final delivery of your car.

Hiring car shifting services in Delhi from us would also mean that you get to enjoy a lot of features like door-to-door pickup and drop services, insurance coverage, car tracking facilities, interim storage and warehousing. You also get multiple options for the mode of transport so you can opt for Car carriers in Delhi or transport your car by trains.

To hire a car transportation service in Delhi, all you have to do is fill out the form with your requirements. You will get three references that match your requirements instantly with quotes from the companies soon after. You can then compare all of them and pick one that suits you the best.

Our customer support is also always by your side during the move, solving whatever queries that you have.

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