When to Move Month End or Mid-Month & Weekend or Weekdays

When to relocate During Month End or Mid-Month and During Weekend or Weekdays

While preparing for an upcoming move, it is better to make a perfect plan before to save your time and money. When preparing for a move and got stuck with the budget then a proper planning may help you to relieve from it and also it will make your move stress free. So making the entire process hassle-free, it is essential when you move as well as how you move. It’s better to make a full proof plan to move than making mistakes. Therefore to make your idea a bit easy and comfortable regarding convenience and costs here we have the absolute best time plans and their Pros and cons.

The first thing for relocation is to decide the time of the month when will be the best time

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Moving Over Month End

The month-end is the time which will start from 23rd of the month and till 4th of the next month. During the month-end, so many people use to relocate. There are so many reasons because of which people use to shift during the Month-end, some of them are:

  • End of the lease agreement

  • Sale of Property

  • Joining date of the new job

  • Change in Marital status and so on. 

These are the particular set of circumstance which will come to your way, and you have to decide on the move. Think twice before deciding while selecting the time of the month when you have to move.

Pros of Moving over the Month End:

  • Flexible End Dates: The best part of Moving during the month-end period is that the lease agreement of your apartment will finish at the end of the month and so, you don’t have to increase it. You can quickly move at this time and can make a new lease agreement at your new place from the starting of the month.

  • Easily Join New Job: If you are relocating because of getting a new job or got a transfer at the new place, then this will be the best time to move as you can quickly join your new post from starting of the next month.

  • Time of Property Sale: During the end of the month time, sale on properties is high because of which you can check a relevant place to shift and may get the discount due to high competition available. Also, if you are looking for a property for rent, you might get the discount on the lease of the property you are renting.

  • Starting for Kids School: When you will relocate at the end of the month time, then it will be easy for your kids to start their school from the beginning of the month. Likewise, your kid’s study will also not get interrupted.

Cons of Moving over the Month End:

  • Prices May High: Mostly peoples used to relocate during month end because of various reasons, just because of this the demand of Movers are high, and so the charges may also high.

  • Rush in the Market: During the month-end time, there will be high rush in the market, as many people use to shift their home, so finding a genuine relocation service provider is very difficult.

  • Fluctuating Rent Prices: During the month end, the landlord will respond much faster according to the market rates. As too many peoples use to relocate in the month-end time because of this reason, the rent prices of the properties in the market fluctuate faster.

  • Damage Risk: During the month-end time, Packers and Movers will try to pick more and more consignments for shifting and so they can’t focus on every shipment properly. Because of this, the risk factor of damaging the goods will increase, which you surely don’t want.

Moving During Mid-Month

Mid-Month is the time consider from the middle of the month like from 5th of any month and till 23rd of that month. This is the time when peoples do not relocate too frequently and mostly relocate because of some circumstances. During this period the property charges are low and constant if you find out; this one will be one of the reasons for people to relocate.

Pros of Moving over the Mid-Month:

  • Easy to Find Genuine Relocation Service Provider: During this period people do not use to relocate much, and just because of this reason it will become easy to find a genuine and professional relocation service provider which too necessary for a safe relocation process.

  • Economic Packing and Moving Service: As people do not use too relocate during Mid-Month so, it will become easy to find a genuine relocation service provider at economical charges which will vary minimum of 5 to 10% from Month-End.

  • Rush on Road: As compare to Month-End during the Mid Month there will be less rush, and you can smoothly transit your luggage which will make your move safe and full of comfort.

  • Elimination of Risk: During the Mid-Month time generally, Packers and Movers don’t have too many consignments so, they can concentrate on your relocation which will eliminate the risk of damage or late delivery.

Cons of Moving over the Mid-Month:

  • Not flexible to Start a lease agreement: Generally, people want to start their lease agreement from the starting of the month, and if someone relocates in Mid Month, then they may face the problem while beginning a lease. So, it can be considered that this time is not that much preferable for ordinary peoples to relocate.

  • Routine Break of a New Job: If you are relocating because of getting a new job or got a transfer at the new place, then you may face the problem to adjust at your new job because you need to take leave in order to shift and this may affect your entire job routine.

  • Time of Property Sale: It’s very difficult to find a genuine buyer for your property or if you want to buy a new home for yourself then also you may face the same problem, as, at the time of Mid-Month, no one is comfortable to start or end a new lease agreement.

  • Kids School: When you relocate at the Mid-Month, then it would be very difficult for your kids to begin their classes form the mid-month. Likewise, your kid’s study will also get interrupted.

These are the few pros and cons a person may face while of moving during Mid-Month and Month-End. We hope by going through these points, you would be able to make perfect decision for your move according to your necessities.

 Another main decision is to decide the week time for a safe relocation process to make it easy for you we are providing the few points:

Moving Over Weekend

While moving from one place to another, you have to do everything in the best way possible. So, when moving from one place to another, you can make your entire relocation safe, easy, efficient, feasible and cost-efficient. In which the main decision you have to make, to decide the time when you want to move. The time will play the main important role in relocation, and it is the first and foremost decision you have to make. Here the weekend moving means relocation on Saturday and Sunday. 

Pros of Moving over the Week-End:

  • Don’t Need To Take off From Work: When you move during the weekend time, then you can move during free time which will save you to take extra leave and your work will also not interrupt or you will save your cash as you do not have to take any unpaid leave.

  • Your kids will be home: As your kids are at home, you did not have to worry about to take your kids from school, and your kids will also not miss their important lessons, assignments, or tests just because of your move.

  • Your friends can help you: If you need some more persons who can help you, then you can call your friends to help you, and as it is a holiday, then it will be easy for them as well to come. 

  • You will have extra time to settle easily: If you relocate at the time of the weekend, then you have more time to settle your stuff, and it may be possible that you can get time for relax as well.

Cons of Moving Over the Week-End:

  • Difficult to Find Genuine Movers: If you move in a weekend, then most of the movers are already busy as there is a high demand of relocation service providers so it will become a bit difficult to find a trustworthy Packers and Movers.

  • High Cost: As too many people are used to relocate weekend time as everyone has holidays during the weekend so, most likely every packing and moving company are busy, and also they will charge high for your relocation.

  • It will be challenging to manage the unloading and shifting: During the weekend mostly everybody is at home, and it will become a bit difficult for you to move the luggage while others are on your way. Also, you can’t be able to use the lift simultaneously, and if your apartment is on 2nd or above the floor, then it will become difficult for you to shift.

  • There will be high traffic: As long as you are trying to avoid the rush hour, traffic will be more on the weekend. So while trying to plan move for early and trying to be sure to arrive at your new place in the time, it may cause a problem.

Moving During Week Days

Weekdays are the days from Monday to Friday, and these are the days when you have to focus on your work, on the other hand, you have privacy from other persons on weekdays. So there are pros and cons both of moving on weekdays. Let’s just discuss some of them;

Pros of Moving over the Week Days:

  • It will be cost efficient: Movers usually charge more at the time of weekends as so many people move during weekends. On weekdays movers are not that much busy and to grab the consignment they will lower their charges. So, if you will schedule your move during weekdays, you can get a proficient relocation at a low price.

  • More and more choice of Movers: Moving and packing companies are not fully booked during weekdays which will make you easy to opt best and professional Packers and Movers easily. Also, you will have a list to compare the best and cheap relocation service provider as per your necessities.

  • Your kids will be at school: Generally, on weekdays, your kids are at school so you can focus on your other work without being worried about children. But this will only work when you are relocating locally, and you can efficiently manage to drop and pick your kids.

  • Less traffic during the day: During weekdays there will be less traffic during the daytime so try to plan the transportation time between working hours which will help you more.

Cons of Moving over the Week Days:

  • You have to take off from your work: If you want to relocate your home on weekdays, then you have to take off from your work which can interrupt your work and also an unplanned leave will be deducted from your salary.

  • You can’t take help of your relatives or friend: If you have decided to relocate on weekdays and now want some helping hand to pack and load your luggage or want help to take care of your kids, then you cannot call your friends or relatives as during weekdays they might be busy with their work.

  • Rush on the road: Generally, on weekdays, there is no rush in the daytime, but in the evening there will too much rush on the road which is not preferable for you.

  • You won’t have much time to unpack and shift the luggage: On weekdays you won’t have much time to relocate, and after that, you have to unload and shift your luggage and also on weekdays it may not be possible that you will have time for rest as well as next day you have to join your work.

As you can see deciding the moving time is the major crucial step which can make or destroy your entire process. The month and week time both are the two major parts to decide on a perfect move. Whether you want to move to Mid-Month or End of the month or on weekdays or weekend, each has their different benefits and different challenges. Moving always being a hectic task but you can make it easy by keeping some tips and tricks for relocation or the best way to make relocation hassle-free is hiring a professional Packers and Movers.

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