Productive Activities You Can Do During Off-Days

Apr 2021
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Your off days are the time where you don’t work. Now, you might just want to take a full day of sleep or just do nothing during those times. While it isn’t wrong to do so, there are various other activities that you can do to make yourself more productive.

Let’s get started.

1. Develop A Skill

You might be doing the same activities over and over again at work. You don’t get to learn a lot of new skills. Taking classes during your off days can be a great way to remain productive.

Whether it is cooking, painting, or even gaining new editing skills, no matter what skill you want to learn, developing new ones is a great way to optimize your life using the other half of your brain.

You’ll also gain new knowledge that can benefit you in various ways in your life, whether it is for conversation starters or just knowing more things in general.

2. Create a Blog or Hobby Website

Suppose you have a passion for writing but can’t fully express yourself during your working days. One of the best ways to remain productive is by creating a blog or hobby website. You can get your website using templates easily through website builders.

Besides being able to jot down just about anything, you are passionate about on your site, you can also voice your opinions on specific topics in your niche. This can help you gain new connections because people visit your site to read about your opinion on things.

A bonus thing you can get by writing blogs is earning a passive income. There are various ways to do this. One of the ways is by setting up ads on your site by using Google Ads to help.

3. Exercise

One of the best ways to be productive during your off days is to get up and exercise. Doing physical activities like running or going to the gym is a great way to get in touch with your senses. Exercising also helps strengthen your muscles, boost your mood and reduce stress and health risks.

You don’t necessarily have to go running or to the gym. Doing any movement is better than being stationary. According to research by the National Geographic Blue Zones project, even doing a morning walk can positively affect both life and longevity qualities.

4. Spend Quality Time with Friends or Family

Since you don’t often get time off, this is the time to catch up and spend uninterrupted quality time with your friends and family.

You’ve known your family your whole life, and they’re there with you through thick and thin. While they might not always provide support, they are connections that you need to nurture. Take a few hours to eat out with your family or just simply stay at home and watch movies together.

You’ve chosen your friends for a reason. Perhaps it’s because you all share common interests and make you feel great. They are the ones you can laugh with, confide in, and share memories with, so spend some hours to create a get-together.

5. Finish Personal Errands

While ideally, your off days should focus on yourself and relaxing, you will inevitably have errands to do that you couldn’t get done on your working days.

A good way of finishing personal errands quickly during your off days is by compiling a list of the chores you need to get done promptly into a single block of time, perhaps in the morning between nine to eleven or in the afternoon at three to five.

Whenever the time, finishing errands can help keep your life on track and prevent the piled-up chores from taking an entire day of your weekend.

6. Declutter Living Space

There are bound to be things you are no longer using in your living space. Your off day is a great time to clean out the living space. This can be done by reorganizing and cleaning out your closet. Divide your clothing into three stacks, one you want to throw away, one you wish to donate, and one you still want to keep.

A cluttered living space can lead to a cluttered mind, so doing the same reorganizing and cleaning out your things around your house will help you become more comfortable staying in your home.

7. Read Books

Your day-offs don't need to be spent on getting things done. You might have a book or two that you’ve wanted to read but never had the time to do it. Well, your off days are the perfect time to catch up and finish your books or start a new one.

Find a comfortable place to sit back, relax and read your book for the rest of the day. Reading books can also help relieve stress and ease your mind from work. Books also help you learn new things and see things from different perspectives.

8. Recharge Your Energy

You might feel burned out after a long week of work. Your off days are the perfect time to recharge your energy. Take a long nap or sleep in, basically just treat yourself to a relaxing day.

Taking short naps has been proven to have plenty of benefits like better stress management and improved attention span. The ideal nap time is around 20 to thirty minutes.

9. Attend Online Classes

You might want to improve your skills or gain professional experience. Spending your off days by attending online classes is a great way to do it. Not only will you learn new things, but most online courses will offer certificates of completion once you finish the course.

You can add the newly acquired skills and certifications to your resume to enhance yourself as a professional.

10. Set New Goals

As you grow, you might slowly start to reach the goals you set for yourself a few years ago, and now you might want to aim for something more. Your off days are the perfect time for you to set your new goals in life.

Take time to build an action plan on how to achieve your new goals. Set a timeline and measurements to see how well you’re doing to complete your unique goals.


Now you know the various productive activities you can do during your off days. All that’s left to do is to start doing these activities yourself and grow into a better person and professional.

Good luck and have fun!

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