10 Easy Steps To Pack Plates for Moving

Steps To Pack Plates for Moving House

During a household move, it's common to cut costs by not buying the necessary packing supplies and using old moving boxes. This can increase the damage to your goods, especially when moving delicate items like plates, glasses etc. 

To minimise this, you'll need to know the proper method to pack fragile pieces and the proper packing supplies required to ensure they get to your new home in one piece. 

In this blog, we have listed a few easy steps on how to pack plates for shipping. These easy steps can help pack your kitchen plates to ensure they arrive at your new home safely.

What Packing Supplies Do You Need?

  • Carton Boxes: Use smaller or medium sturdy boxes for transporting heavier and fragile goods

  • Packing Paper/Newspaper: The more packing paper you use as padding and cushioning material, the better protection your fragile kitchenware will have during transport.

  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap provides the best protection for your fragile items, so get as much air-filled bubbly material as you can afford.

  • Packing Tape: Wide tape of high quality will contribute significantly to your safe dish packing experience.

#1 Prepare the Boxes

When packing with a carton box, you should ensure the bottom is reinforced with packing tape. You can also add a couple of tape layers to ensure the base is secure.

Take the packing paper or newspaper and ball up several sheets into wads of paper. Use these to line the bottom and top of the box, as they can absorb shock and act as extra protection. You can also use bubble wrap as added protection.

#2 Packing Plates in Moving Boxes

Step 1: Ensure you have a flat and solid work surface to do the packing. Take a sufficient amount of packing papers or newspapers. 

Step 2: Place the first plate in the centre of the sheet and gently fold one of the corners until the whole plate is covered.

Step 3: Similarly, put another plate on top and cover it the same way with one of the corners of the packing paper

Step 4: After 4-5 plates, wrap the remaining three corners of the packing paper sheet over the whole plate.

Step 5: Secure the packing paper with packing tape.

Step 6: Plates should never be packed flat since this might result in breakage if the box is subjected to any force.

Step 7: Continue wrapping and packing the dishes until the box is completely packed.

Step 8: Add linens or towels on top of the plates, or use extra balled-up wads of packing paper to fill the gaps before sealing the box.

Step 9: Use strong packing tape to seal the box.

Step 10: Mark the box as delicate and handle it with care.

Packing Ceramic Plates & Chinaware

Use bubble wrap for packing ceramics, the air inside the bubble can absorb the pressure from external forces. Hence, the pressure won't be transferred to the ceramic plates.

Wrap each plate with bubble wrap and finish with duct tape, then stack each on top of one other inside the box.

#3 Load Boxes in the Truck

Carefully load the boxes on the floor of the truck. Avoid placing them on top of other items to prevent any breakage.

You can place the packed boxes of plates marked as fragile beneath large pieces of furniture such as desks or tables or inside cabinets where you can fasten the doors. This way, boxes won't shift during the move.

Additional Packing and Loading Tips

  1. Place heavier goods on the bottom of the truck and lighter items on top.

  2. If you don't have sufficient packing paper or bubble wrap, use linens or towels for cushioning.

  3. Use medium or small-sized boxes to transport plates.

  4. Check the bottom is secured well enough with duct tape for support before adding the packing paper.

  5. You can replace packing paper with paper from magazines or newspapers. Bubble wrap and towels can also make suitable replacements for packing paper.


With the right packing supplies and packing methods, you can easily move your plates or other crockery items to your new place. 

Here you can get an idea of the packing supplies that need to be utilized and the easiest packing method for safely moving your kitchen items like plates.

Take your time when packing these fragile items. A little extra attention can save a lot of money and woe.

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