Tips to Stay Cool & Healthy When Packing and Moving in Summers

Packing Moving Tips for Relocating in Indian Summers

Relocating in summers is ideally not a favourite thing to do but surprisingly you will find many people opting for it. For instance, long vacations and holidays in some organizations encourage ‘Transfer Orders’ and many people are left with no option but to make a move. 

If you are also planning for this big step, these summer moving tips which are carefully strategised and compiled will make your summer move a whole lot easier and cooler!

Tip #1 Begin Early in the Morning

Start early morning

Use the early morning times for packing, and you will get done with much of your work before the day becomes too hot. 

Even in the case of moving, try to begin as early as possible so you can steer clear of the rush-hour traffic.

In case you have already hired a Movers and Packers company, remember to inform them when you make any changes in the moving time that was planned earlier.

Tip #2 List Out All Your Items & Tasks

Maintain checklist of tasks

Make a list of all your belongings before you start packing & moving them. This process will make sure you keep a track of all your valuables and daily-use belongings.

You can also make checklists of the tasks to be taken care of before & after moving. For example, shred documents, pack essentials, update address, things to buy for the new house, etc.

Tip #3 Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Declutter unwanted things

Always try to reduce the number of goods that you want to move as this is a great way to lessen your burden as well as the cost of transportation.

Here are some things you can leave behind for good use:

  • Old clothes and utensils can give them to some needy ones nearby or scheduled for an NGO pickup.

  • Broken/old furniture, decoratives, and old/scrap paper can be dealt with by a nearby junk dealer for some extra cash.

  • Donate food items and groceries to the maid, security/gatekeeper, or any other economically challenged staff and acquaintances near you.

  • Plant pots require additional time and effort, and they could easily break during transit; instead, you can leave them behind for the next tenants to use. (if you wish to take them along, make sure to gather apt packing materials of robust quality for their secure transit.)

Tip #4 Store in a Cool Dry Place Away from Sunlight

Protect heat-sensitive items

Some of the daily use products like Cosmetics tend to melt and get separated from the ingredients under extreme temperatures.

Medicines, Syrups, and Ointments can have adverse chemical reactions and turn poisonous; Electronic gadgets like Laptops, iPods, Tablet PCs, and Power banks definitely burn out. Even the colours and pigments of your most valuable Photographs and Paintings get damaged in the extreme heat or when exposed to the Sun.

Remember to pack all these items properly, with a plastic or bubble plastic wrap, and always keep them in a cool, dry, and dark setting.

Tip #5 Keep Yourself Comfortable When Packing

Take care of your health

Packing in the heat will certainly take a toll on you! 

You will sweat a lot, be easily exhausted, and most importantly, lose a lot of Electrolytes and water.

Why are electrolytes so crucial? 

Electrolytes are minerals usually found in bodily fluids such as blood, sweat, and urine. They are vital to maintain, regulate, and balance bodily functions such as communication of the nervous system, functioning of muscles, regulating internal pH levels, keeping the body hydrated, and so on.

Thus, it is important to keep your home well-ventilated or air-conditioned at all times when the packing and moving tasks are underway; dress comfortably in loose, light-colored, cotton clothes.

Also, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day; keep some cool refreshments like Lemonades, Buttermilk, Fruit juices, or plain water readily available for you as well as the moving crew.

Tip #6 Look Out for Heat-strokes

Watch out for heat-strokes

Keep an eye out for common heat-stroke symptoms like:

  • Dizziness, mild headaches.

  • Dry throat, feeling thirsty frequently.

  • Extreme fatigue.

  • Loss of consciousness.

If you (or, anyone near you) experience any of these symptoms, step indoors immediately and sit under an AC or take a cold shower straight away.

In case of mild symptoms, wash your face and put some water over your head. 

In case of severe symptoms, get immediate medical attention.

How can you avoid heat strokes?

Plan to take a break from the packing work between 12 Noon to 4 PM as temperatures are usually soaring at this time and the sun is at its peak. 

If the goods haven’t been transported to the new location yet, it will be best to wait it out until after the sun begins to descend (after 4:30 PM).

Tip #7 Keep Your Kids & Pets Cool and Safe

Plan safety of kids and pets

Kids are notorious and may create additional trouble during the packing and moving process. Moreover, it will be difficult to ensure their comfort and meet all their demands even while managing the relocation tasks. 

It is better to ask any of your friends or relatives to look after your kids; you can drop off your kids at their place so that they are safe until the move is completed. 

You could do the same for your pets; if you’re unable to find someone to take care of your pets, keep them tied up in a well-shaded area, away from the place of action, and leave them with their water bowl and some treats.

Tip #8 Opt for Professional Expertise

Hire professional movers

It is advisable to hire professionals because they will take responsibility for your entire relocation process and this will halve your headache. They will do a fantastic job at packaging, organizing, and safely moving your household belongings to your new home in time. 

But the market is filled with numerous fake and unprofessional moving companies, making it extremely challenging to get in touch with a good, reliable one. 

The only solution is to go through the painstakingly long process of verifying moving company details before hiring them.

Bonus Tip!

Save yourself time & simply take reference of a trustworthy & pre-verified mover via an online packer mover directory website (like AssureShift). Share your relocation details on the website and hire a suitable top-rated moving company within a few minutes.

The Crux

Relocation is one of the things that one has to undergo at some point in their careers. Consciously or subconsciously, the maximum number of relocations do happen in the summer, making it even more arduous.

Neither the heat waves nor the process of relocating should be taken in a lighter note. We recommend you go through all these mentioned tips for a more relaxed and chilled out relocation this summer. 

Also, make sure you steer clear of fraud movers and lowest-cost quotations when searching for house moving experts. Opt for referrals of pre-authenticated relocation companies from a reputed online movers and packers directory. Share your details on AssureShift and hire the best-match mover for your requirements and budget within a few minutes!

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