Tips for safe home moving in summer heat

May 2019
Tips for safe home moving in summer

Summers in India are popularly known not only for kids playing cricket out in the streets under the scorching hot sun but also for people moving from one place to another since everyone are on vacation.

That’s why packers and movers are in huge demand during the summers, and if you’re tackling a move between the summer months of April to June, your moving costs will be as high as the temperatures.

The most crucial part of a summer move that you may overlook is the insane heat you’ll face during the relocation. Dealing with the heat itself is unbearable, performing physical tasks of packing and moving is much worse. They can be hazardous to your health and cause heat-related injuries and illnesses.

Follow some of these tips to beat the summer heat, and stay cool and safe during the entire move. The right planning and proper arrangements can make it simple:

Lessen your load

Carrying out physically straining tasks like packing and lifting bulky home goods in the extreme summer heat can be more exhausting than usual. Although you can’t avoid these tasks while moving your things, you can definitely reduce your load to ensure there is a lesser amount of work to be done.

Sort through and categorize your items so that you can get rid of unnecessary things quickly. Donate or sell unwanted stuff and keep only the essentials to pack and move them to your new home.

Hire professionals

Lower the risk of getting affected by heat-related illnesses because of performing all the physical tasks yourself. Hire professionals who have the experience and take necessary precautions before they begin packing and moving for your relocation. Make sure you find reliable and right packers and movers who provide your required services and ensure you have a smooth moving experience.

Begin early in the day

Early morning is the coolest time of a hot summer day during which you can work with ease. You can ensure the physical tasks get finished when the weather is cold and manageable; and, it’s the best way to protect everyone, yourself and your movers, from harmful UV rays. Moreover, by starting early in the day, you’ll be able to arrive at your new home quickly, and you’ll get more time to unpack and get settled.

Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water and fluids will cause dehydration and may lead to other complicated problems that require immediate medical attention. Staying hydrated during the summer is essential to replenish the bodily fluids that are lost due to excessive sweating.

Considering you’ll have to do a lot of physical work during the move, it’s important to remember:

  • keep drinking water every few minutes;
  • eat fruits which are rich in water content – watermelon, cucumbers, etc.;
  • take frequent breaks from work;
  • provide water and refreshments to the movers as well;
  • avoid foods that cause the body to heat up – coffee, tea, etc;

Take a break when temperatures peak

The sun is at its highest from 11 AM till about 3 PM; and, that means the UV rays are the most dangerous during this time. Take a break when the temperatures are high and protect yourself from heat stroke, dizziness, dehydration and other symptoms of overheating.

If you do have to work during this time to complete the rest of the tasks, make sure you keep the work indoors; avoid doing any of the physical tasks outdoors until the heat comes down.

Protect heat-sensitive items

Not all items are built to survive the summer heat especially when they have to sit in a hot truck for a long time. They may melt, rust, or get damaged due to the high temperature. Be careful and take necessary precautions while packing and moving such belongings:

  • Batteries;
  • Candles;
  • Electronics;
  • Appliances;
  • CDs and DVDs;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Medications;

Pack these items separately and move them such that they spend less time in the heat and more time in the cool interiors; load them last into the vehicle and unload them first. That way, you can avoid any form of damages caused by the heat on these items.

Shield your skin and eyes

While the hot and humid air affects the internal working system of your body, UV rays are harmful to your eyes and skin alike. They cause dizziness and headaches when you stand out in the sun for a long time and also sunburns your skin.

So, make sure you dip yourself in enough sunscreen (lotion or spray) of an SPF 30 or higher, at least 15 minutes before stepping out – apply on your face, neck, hands, legs, feet and even over your ears! Remember to reapply every few hours.

Also, put on your sunglasses not just to look cool, but to protect your eyes. Use UV protective ones, not those that are just dark or mirrored.

Dress comfortably

Wear comfortable clothes on the moving day that lets you work freely and is airy enough so that you don’t feel sweaty and suffocated. Opt for light-colored clothing that’s loose-fitting and lightweight that are freer to move around in.

  • Cloth material – wear clothes that absorb sweat and moisture from your  body like cotton or linen;
  • Colors to choose – go with white (the best option) or light colors so that you reflect the heat away and stay cool; avoid black and dark colors that absorb the heat and make things worse;

Also, accessorize your moving outfit with a hat. This will not only make you look cooler and up your style quotient, but also protect your face and hair from the sun!

Make sure your new home is cool

It’s going to be tough completing all the packing and loading at your old home and handling the hot and humid air during the transport to your new house.

Make sure your utilities are connected and functioning correctly at the new place so that you and your movers get some relief from the insane heat at least after arriving at your new home. Turn on the fan or AC, and make it a cool and comfortable environment to do the rest of the unpacking and other tasks.

Watch out for overheating symptoms

Physically exerting yourself in the summer can lead to your body becoming overheated due to its inability to cool itself efficiently.

Before beginning to work on a hot summer day, especially which involves physical exertion, beware of the symptoms of overheating so that you can take necessary precautions:

  • Elevated body temperatures;
  • Dry throat and constant feeling of thirst;
  • Headaches and Nausea;
  • Dizziness and Fainting;
  • Weakness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Muscle cramps;

What should you do in case of overheating?

Continuing to work even after realizing the symptoms of overheating can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Therefore, as soon as you see some symptoms of overheating, either in yourself or in another person, make sure you do the following:

  • Stop working as soon as you feel overheated;
  • Cool down your body by getting out of the sun or heat;
  • Remove unnecessary clothing;
  • Make room to be able to breathe properly;
  • Place ice packs or wet towels behind the neck, on the head, armpits;
  • Run your forearms under cold water;
  • Stand under a cool shower or take a cold sponge bath;

If you or someone else is affected by the heat, make sure you drink enough water and lie down to avoid fainting and injuring yourself. If the symptoms are severe, seek medical attention immediately.

It’s a well-known fact that moving is a stressful process; and, adding the summer heat will only make it that much unbearable (and dangerous in some cases). Understand the importance of keeping yourself healthy and safe during your move; take proper precautions and beat the summer heat. Alternatively, you can also ask your experienced movers for tips on how to prepare for your move in the summer.

Stay cool in the summer and have a safe move!

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