Don’t Forget These 7 Essential Household Items When Moving!

Essential Household Items to Not Forget When Moving

Moving is always a stressful experience - even more so if you are relocating not just down the street but to another state or country. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and mentally prepare for this huge life change.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for a move is packing all your essential items correctly. Not only do you have to pack up all of your belongings and transport them to your new home, but you also need to consider what items should not be left behind.

To make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, here is a list of essential household items that you should not forget while relocating.

#1 Important Documents

Moving can be confusing and hectic, so it's easy to forget about important documents during the packing process.

However, it is essential that you remember to pack all your important documents, such as your birth certificate, visa/passport papers, driver's licence, insurance papers, and other relevant documents that might be needed in case of an emergency. It may also be helpful to make copies of these documents before packing them up. 

#2 Electronics & Cables

Don't forget about electronics such as TVs or computer monitors; they are expensive investments that often require special cables or cords during setup.

Make sure to identify which cables go where before packing them away; having everything labelled correctly makes setup much easier once you arrive at your new location!

Additionally, if you're bringing any large electronics (such as speakers or gaming consoles), consider investing in TV stands or storage units so they don't take up too much floor space once they're set up inside the house.  

#3 Basic Kitchen Items

Kitchens are usually full of small appliances and accessories that can quickly add up when packing for relocation.

Before starting this task, go through all kitchen cupboards and drawers and make a list of everything you need to pack. This way, you won't end up forgetting any essential kitchen items like spoons, forks, knives, plates, cups etc., which can easily get left behind while packing in a hurry. 

#4 Cleaning Supplies

Having all the necessary cleaning supplies on hand is essential for keeping your new home in tip-top shape before the goods arrive.

Start by stocking up on paper towels, sponges and scrubbers, dish soap and detergent for laundry washing. Consider investing in a window cleaner or glass cleaner will also allow you to keep windows sparkling clean at all times.

As far as tools go, a vacuum cleaner will come in handy for quick cleanups, while brooms and dustpans are great for larger messes.

#5 Bedroom & Bathroom Essentials

Bedrooms are an important part of any home—they afford us comfort and privacy in our daily lives! Make sure to buy bed linens such as sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and blankets so that you can get cosy at night.

Bathroom accessories such as bath mats, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers are also important items that should not be overlooked. Finally, for convenience, be sure to purchase extra tissue or toilet paper rolls before moving day!

#6 Light Bulbs

This is another item that many people overlook while packing up their belongings during relocation season. And while it might not seem like an important task at the time, having some spare light bulbs readily available could save you tons of hassle later down the road.

So make sure to gather up any spare bulbs laying around your old house before leaving so that they can come along with the rest of your stuff during the move!

#7 Extension Cords & Surge Protectors

Extension cords allow us to power multiple appliances from one outlet while surge protectors protect our electronics from spikes in electricity which could otherwise cause damage or even start fires! Keep these handy when setting up electronics around the house post-move-in day!


Whether you are moving across town or across the country, don’t forget these essential household items when relocating! Packing up all of these items will help ensure that your transition into your new home goes as smoothly as possible. Be sure to start planning early so that you have enough time to gather everything together on moving day - good luck!

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