21 Things to do when moving to New Home for First time

Oct 2016
21 Things to do when moving to New Home for First time

What to do when moving to new home is a must thing to know as it helps you to get quickly back into your normal routine. I have suffered my self lot of harassment when if shifted for first time to new house in same city. I can understand what problems one could face for interstate and international relocation. Then I decided to make a checklist so next time when its time to change the house again, I don't make it messy again. This checklist have helped many of my friends and relatives, so I am sharing it with you so you can be sure to plan an organized shifting process.

Proper Packing and Moving Planning

  • Identify your things and make checklist to pack
  • Make list of goods should be shifted by Packers and Movers
  • Find reliable movers and packers from your city
  • Make list of things to carry with yourself and buy packing materials
  • At least 1 weak before the move finalize your service provider

End to End Cleaning

Nobody wants to live in a dirty house, and when it comes to new home it should be mirror clean inch by inch. Cleanness brings freshness and happiness to your home, so make sure to do it first. Either you can do it by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

  • Wash down cabinet, counter and plumbing fixtures
  • Mop and steam clean hard surface floors
  • Clean carpets by Professionally Expert Hands
  • Clean spider web for every corner of living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony
  • Clear dust from vents, fans and light fixtures

Check Plumbing and Water Supply

  • Check every water tap, and pipes for water supply and leakage
  • Check washers and water filters
  • Make sure your water reservoir and water tank in clean

Make sure your Home is Safe

  • Change locks and install new dead locks at every entry door.
  • Install motion activated lights near main door
  • Check window grills and glasses
  • Purchase fireproof safe for important documents
  • Develop a fire escape plan

Maximize Energy Efficiency

  • Check and if required install ceiling fans
  • Check requirement for Air Conditioner and Air Purifiers
  • Install LED Bulbs
  • Check water heater if outdated install energy efficient water heaters
  • If possible install solar panels for greener and self sufficient energy system

Other Important Things

  • Paint walls, door, and window
  • Know water system and circuit board
  • Introduce yourself to new neighbors

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