Air Freight Cargo Transport Services

Hire the best, most dependable air cargo services via Assureshift for cost-effective, secure air freight services. Share your requirements and get instant quotations from our top 3 suitable air cargo service providers. Compare references, pricing estimates, start-to-end services offered, reviews, and ratings to identify and hire the best-suiting moving firm to move your good securely and timely.

Air freight services or air cargo services are the most viable option when shipping things that are perishable in a short period of time, such as documents, pharmaceuticals, production samples, electronics, consumer goods, perishable agricultural and fisheries products etc.

At Assure Shift, our movers offer hassle-free air cargo service and international freight forwarding at the most affordable prices. Our trained and experienced partners look up at every procedure with extreme care and meticulousness, adhering to all aviation and safety regulations, having a thorough grasp of customs procedures, and keeping worldwide competency in import/export limits.

Air Freight Cargo Transport Services

Our professionals handle any consignment from start to finish, including quality packing and unpacking, secure loading and unloading, and transportation, as well as handling documentation such as Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Shipper Export Declaration filing, etc and post-shipment documentation, documents transfer, order follow-up, temporary warehousing, marking, numbering, etc.

Our international air cargo services suppliers also offer insurance, warehouse storage, and real-time online cargo tracking facilities.

All you need to do is, share your moving requirements and we'll direct you to the best 3 air cargo services providers nearby. Schedule a pre-move survey to get free cost estimates. Compare the charges, services offered by the movers, customer reviews and ratings to best-suited company for you.

International cargo air freight will be delivered in 4 to 6 business days. If you face any problems at any stage of your move, you can contact our customer support team, who will provide you with a 24/7 quick and effective resolution.

How are the goods shipped by our air cargo services providers?

  • Pre-survey of the inventory

  • Packing, palletisation, labelling, and marking to international standards

  • Transportation and warehousing services for merchandise storage

  • Export documentation and custom clearance

  • Air freight reservations following customs clearance

  • Receiving goods at destination and clearing customs procedures

  • Transportation, warehouse storage and door-to-door delivery

  • Unpacking and debris removal (as per your request)

What items cannot be transported by air to another country?

The following goods cannot be transported by air:

  • UN classified dangerous goods
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Power Supplies or Power Banks
  • Illegal Goods
  • Firearms
  • Flammable Substances
  • Explosives
  • Biochemical Products

How are the air cargo freight rates in India calculated?

Air cargo freight rates in India are determined by three factors:

  • Cargo Type (size and weight of goods)
  • Destination (international or domestic airport)
  • The desired speed of delivery

Note: Air freight would incur additional fees such as insurance, surcharges, and customs duty/taxes.

Why is air freight so expensive?

Air cargo services are the quickest mode of transport for any cargo, and they are the best choice when time is a prime factor. Typically used for shipping mail, perishable goods, or items of high value. It is an expensive mode of transportation since each flight can only accommodate a specific quantity of cargo without overloading, and size constraints would apply to the products being delivered.

How to hire air cargo services from AssureShift for international relocation?

  1. Fill out the form to share your requirements.
  2. Get referrals from the top 3 best air cargo service providers near your location and get free quotes.
  3. Compare price quotes, services offered, and the company's reviews and ratings to select and hire the best moving company for your budget.
  4. Confirm the date and time and schedule your move.

Tips on preparing for air cargo service

  • Ensure that the goods are packed properly before shipping them: even though air cargo has a far reduced risk of damage, ensure that the commodities are well packed using pallets, padding, and strong cardboard containers to reduce the likelihood of damage.

  • Ensure that the goods are properly weighed and measured, before transporting them: the information must be precise since it will be used by the trucking firm and airlines to calculate the cost and fuel required to transport them. Inaccurate shipment estimation may result in the goods being held over until the carrier verification procedure is finished.

  • Ensure that the contents of your cargo are precisely described, since any discrepancy might lead to several problems.

  • Cover all of the necessary paperwork: the commercial invoice must be given special consideration. You would be asked to supply the current market value of the products being shipped after noting the weight and dimensions of the commodities.

What are the different types of cargo air freight?

There are two types of air cargo – general and special cargo.

  1. General Containers:

General Containers are used for general uses and to carry commodities that do not require a specific storage place. They carry consumer goods such as clothing, jewellery, electronics, medications, etc.

  1. Special Containers:

For goods to be viable in a specific climate, a special container is considered necessary. Special containers are outfitted with sophisticated features such as temperature and moisture control and are used by carriers worldwide to successfully carry items, enabling greater product sustainability throughout the transportation process.

    Summary of Air Freight Cargo Transport Services

    Air freight services are the quickest and safest option when you have to transport perishable items or goods of high value in a short period of time.

    In AssureShift, our international air cargo services providers offer start-to-end services including initial surveys, documentation, customs clearance, quality packing, safe loading, trucking, storage, transporting, crating, air freight, customs clearance at the new location, doorstep delivery, unloading, unpacking, and waste disposal.

    Share your requirements, and our team will assist in finding a trustworthy partner who can provide your air cargo services at a price you can afford.

    Our partners offer tracking services and insurance in the event of transit damage. This implies that the client can remain updated with the status of their shipments, their departure and arrival times.

    Get in touch with our customer support team if you have any concerns about your transfer at any time.

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