13 Different Types of Flooring, Their Features, and How to Pick the Best One

Mar 2022
Flooring Types for New Home

A good floor transforms the look & feel of a home.

Flooring provides structural support for the room's contents and its occupants; your floor gets more attention in a room than anything else.

Choosing a flooring vogue that blends with the theme of your house is very important, as it can make or break the look of your home's interiors.

We know that choosing the right floor for your new home can be very perplexing, as there are many styles and designs like wooden floors, marble flooring, natural floor, etc.

Each flooring type comes with its own benefits, which becomes quite confusing for you to pick one as the flooring type you choose must match the requirements of that particular room, your style, and your budget.

It would help if you look for some floor design ideas online and sit with your family to discuss & choose a pre-eminent flooring type for your new home; you can also get professional help as they have a good eye on what works out best for your house type. 

Here are 13 interesting flooring ideas for your new home and a room-wise guide to help you decide on the best flooring types for each room in your house.

Floor Type #1: Marble Flooring

Marble is a naturally occurring material; you can easily find it in different places all over India. It's available in various colors like off-white, pure white, grey, etc.

Marble is highly porous as it's usually associated with vouge and luxury. It can last up to 3 decades but requires regular maintenance as it turns yellowish over the years.

Features of Marble Flooring

  • Marble flooring is long-lasting; it increases your home value by giving your palace a luxurious look.

  • Marble floors are very expensive as they are made of naturally occurring materials.

  • Marble tiles are very slippery; they are vulnerable to chemicals so they require regular maintenance.

Floor Type #2: Vitrified Tile Flooring

It’s composed of clay and other minerals like quartz, feldspar, and silica baked at high temperatures. Commonly coated with an external glaze, these tiles are mostly used outdoors due to their water resistance and anti-skid capability. Vitrified tiles come in a wide variety of designs, prints, colors, and textures. It's an affordable option. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Features of Vitrified Tile Flooring

  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces because of its water resistance and anti-skid ability.

  • Available in a wide range of designs, colors, prints, & textures in glossy and matt finishes.

  • They are affordable and long-lasting.

Floor Type #3: Vinyl Flooring

We know that vinyl and laminate flooring looks similar, which is quite confusing for you. The overlayer of vinyl flooring is thicker than lamination, which makes it a preferred option for people. It's available in various designs, making it the most versatile and affordable option for people who love aesthetics. Vinyl flooring is water and stain proof which makes it perfect for Indian homes.

Features of Vinyl Flooring

  • They are low-maintenance and long-lasting flooring types.

  • Best suited for cold climate, as it keeps the floor warm.

Floor Type #4: Hardwood Flooring

It’s available in parquet, planks, and strips patterns. They are expensive, high-maintenance but quite durable, as it withstands extreme weather conditions. Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for aesthetic lovers as it is available in natural shades like cherry, walnut, and others. 

Features of Hardwood Flooring

  • A hardwood floor can withstand extreme weather conditions; humidity & cold.

  • It gives your home a long-lasting aesthetic look.

  • It doesn’t have more design/ color options and it’s expensive too.

Floor Type #5: Granite Flooring

Like marble, granite is also a naturally occurring stone. It is the most preferred choice of many. It's highly stain-resistant, scratch-proof, durable, and easy to maintain, perfect for Indian homes; it's available in various colors. This stone keeps the floor cold for most parts of the year.

Features of Granite Flooring

  • As it’s a type of natural stone, granite floors are expensive.

  • It’s water-resistant, but it gets slippery when it is polished.

  • It’s a highly durable and long-lasting flooring type.

  • Granites are scratch and stain-proof.

Floor Type #6: Bamboo Flooring

It’s a naturally occurring material that is manufactured from bamboo plants. Bamboo flooring is pretty easy to maintain; it is water and stain-resistant. A bamboo flooring can bring a stylish look to your home interiors. Bamboo flooring is not suitable for humid wethers, as the humidity can cause plumps in the bamboo planks.

Features of Bamboo Flooring

  • It is stylish and easy to maintain, but it’s prone to scratches.

  • It’s not suitable for humid weather.

  • Its made of naturally occurring materials making it an expensive flooring type.

Floor Type #7: Concrete Flooring

It’s a mixture of rocks, cement, granite chips & other materials; concrete flooring is a highly durable and resilient man-made flooring type. They have wide colors and textures options especially designed for Indian homes. Slight chipping and scratches may happen due to wear and tear; moisture can unfavorably affect this floor with cracks and craters.

Features of Concrete Flooring

  • It is available in various colors and textures, specially designed for Indian homes.

  • Concrete flooring is highly durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.

  • Due to the presence of moisture slight wear and tear can happen.

Floor Type #8: Laminate Flooring

Also known as the Floating wood tile, it is a multi-layer synthetic flooring combined together with a lamination process. Its gaining popularity in India because of its durability and sturdiness. This easy-to-install flooring type is available in various patterns and finishes, making it the best choice for Indian homes. 

Features of Laminate Flooring

  • It’s durable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

  • Laminate flooring is available in various patterns and finishes. 

  • It’s not durable and it’s prone to damage.

Floor Type #9: Linoleum Flooring

It’s an eco-friendly flooring material produced from raw materials like linseed oil, dust, cork, and resin. Linoleum flooring is a cost-effective and highly adaptable flooring option, which is why it’s very popular in Indian houses. It is not very durable as its soft surface is highly prone to scratches and dents.

Features of Linoleum Flooring

  • It is prone to wear and tear because of its soft surface.

  • It’s made of eco-friendly materials and it’s very affordable.

  • Linoleum flooring has wide color and design options which is why it is popular in Indian homes.

Floor Type #10: Stone Inlay Flooring

It’s a traditional flooring type mostly found in palaces and old mansions in India. Its the traditional form of artwork done on marble or terrazzo inlay; perfect for art lovers/ luxury theme home to glam up your living space. Stone inlay flooring is suitable for almost any climate. They can also be used to enhance your walls or ceilings.

Features of Stone Inlay Flooring

  • It’s costly but gives a luxurious look to your home.

  • It’s suitable for all Indian climates.

  • Stone Inlay can also be used to decorate your walls and ceilings.

Floor Type #11: Red Oxide Flooring

It’s the most loved flooring due to its timeless and elegant look. Red oxide flooring is the cheapest flooring option which is easy to maintain but difficult to lay as it required skilled masons. Recently red oxide flooring is also available in other shades, like blue, yellow, green, and black. It's very popular in Indian homes as it keeps the house cool in a warm climate.

Features of Red Oxide Flooring

  • The cheapest, most durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring type.

  • It keeps the floor cool, even on the hottest summer days.

  • Slightly difficult to lay as it requires skilled laborers.

Floor Type #12: River Rock Flooring

These smooth, shaped, semi-polished rocks can give your home a boho/ vintage look. Because of its anti-skid and waterproof feature, river rock flooring is the best option for bathrooms or outdoor spaces like patio areas, passages, pathways in your garden, etc. Its cooling nature and durability make it a popular choice.

Features of River Rock Flooring

  • Gives your home a boho/ vintage look.

  • It is water-proof and skid-proof.

  • Highly durable, suitable for indoors and outdoor. 

Floor Type #13: Foam Flooring

People might not think of foam as a flooring option; foam floor is more like an additional layer you add for the safety of your loved ones and to keep the floor warm. Foam flooring is easy to install, maintain and it's available in various colors & design options. Foam flooring can be one of the best options for toddlers or children, as the softness of foam can prevent them from getting injured when playing around. You can also use foam flooring in your home gym to safeguard your original floor from damage.

Features of Foam Flooring

  • Safe for kids as its softness can prevent children from getting injured. 

  • Keeps the floor warm & is easy to install.

  • Available in various colors, designs, and patterns.

Best Flooring Ideas for Each Room

Best Types of Flooring for Each Room

#1 Living Room Flooring Ideas

To pick the best living room flooring option, you need to focus more on the durability and life of the flooring type you choose, as living rooms require regular cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it’s the first place everyone will notice and it will be best if you go for lighter shade floor tile colors for living room, as dark tiles for living room can spoil the entire look of your living room.

Types of floor tiles for living room

  • Choose a modern living room floor tile like laminate, concrete, vinyl flooring, etc., which are durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. 

  • If you have a large living room and want to give a luxurious as well as modern look to it; pick marble, vitrified, granite, linoleum flooring to give your home a luxury living room with modern floor tiles design.

  • If you want to give your home a traditional look you can go for Stone Inlay which is the perfect blend of artwork and luxury floor. 

  • A small living room with dark wood floors can give a vintage look to your home. If you are aesthetic lover hardwood floors are the best go-to option as they are extremely durable, and can withstand any weather condition.

  • Vintage lovers can also choose the most affordable flooring type which is red oxide floor. 

#2 Bedroom Floor Tiles Design

Your bedroom is a place where you relax after a hectic day. Picking flooring for your bedroom is not a big deal, as there are wide options available; make sure you pick the right color of tiles for your bedroom, which will enhance the look of your bedroom too. 

Tiles designed for room

  • Choose marble, vitrified, granite, laminate, concrete, linoleum, vinyl flooring, etc., for a luxury and modern bedroom flooring design.  

  • If you are looking for a small bedroom tiles design then you can go for a bamboo, or wooden floor bedroom design, which is stylish, stain-proof, and gives your room a timeless & elegant look.

  • If you are looking for cheap bedroom flooring ideas the cheapest go-to option is throwing a rug or red oxide flooring.

  • If you have toddlers or children at your home; you can opt for foam flooring, as the softness of foam can prevent them from getting injured when playing around.

#3 Kitchen Flooring Ideas

A kitchen is a place where you explore a lot and cook yummy dishes, in this process lots of wear and tear may happen. While picking your kitchen room tiles make sure you choose highly durable, which can withstand daily wear and tear, stain & waterproof flooring types. 

Tiles designed for kitchen floor

  • Looking for modern kitchen floor tile ideas, go for vitrified, hardwood, granite flooring are highly durable, they can not only withstand any wear & tear but also makes you 

  • Searching for small kitchen floor tile ideas; the best option is concrete flooring or red oxide flooring. They are scratch, stain, waterproof, and affordable, which is just perfect for small spaces.

#4 Bathroom Floor Tiles Design

While you are picking flooring for your new home, give more attention to the bathroom floor. Refer to some blogs or go through magazines to get the best bathroom floor tile ideas. Always look for features like waterproof, anti-skid, durability, and life of the flooring type you choose. 

Bathroom tiling ideas

  • If you have a big bathroom with separate wet and dry areas, you can go for marble or granite flooring (preferably in a dry area). 

  • If you are looking for modern bathroom tiling ideas, opt for a black and white bathroom tile, which not only makes your bathroom look modern but also classy.

  • You can opt for concrete, vitrified, red oxide, or river rock flooring for tiling a small bathroom or medium-sized bathroom; these flooring types are highly durable, skid-proof, water-resistant, and cost-effective.

#5 Outdoor Flooring Ideas

Outdoor flooring must also be given more attention, as it can make or break the look of your entire home. Choose tiles with features like cost-effective, durable, and non-slip outdoor tiles.

Outdoor flooring designs

  • If you are cheap outdoor patio flooring ideas, or cheap outdoor flooring options for terraces, entryways, pathways in the garden, etc., you can try red oxide, vitrified, or concrete flooring, which is durable and cheap.

  • You can also try stone inlay flooring to give your home an aesthetic look or go for river rock flooring to give your home a tree-house look. 

#6 Flooring Ideas for Other Rooms

Dining room flooring ideas

  • If you have an open dining hall that’s attached to your kitchen; use the same flooring that you used for your dining room. 

  • If you have a separate dining room, you can choose any flooring option based on your budget and requirement. I.e., marble, granite, vitrified, bamboo, linoleum, etc., for dining room flooring.

Home office flooring ideas

  • Go for marble, granite, concrete, laminate, vinyl, or linoleum floor tiles designed for small offices or big home offices, as they are classy and make your home office look professional. 

  • It's best if you choose light color flooring, as it not only gives a luxurious/ professional look but also increases the natural light in the room, which makes you feel fresh and active throughout the day.

Home gym floor ideas

  • To safeguard your original floor from damage you can add a layer of foam flooring on top of your home gym tile.

  • You can also try the simplest and cheapest way, which is adding a gym carpet/ rubber mat.


Here are 13 interesting flooring ideas and a room-wise flooring guide, which you can consider while remodeling your home. Choose the best flooring types that blend well with your home interior's theme and reflect your personality. 

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to give a new look to your floor is by adding a carpet; it instantly changes the look and renders a cozy feeling. Always go for a lighter shade flooring, as it enhances the natural lighting of your home. 

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