Where to donate extra home stuffs in Bangalore before Moving

May 2018
Donate household goods in Bangalore

We buy new clothes, furniture, and appliances throughout the year, and keep pushing our old goods in some corner. At least once in 365 days, we should give some time to look at what we are not using anymore or don't need anymore.

You can sell or donate your extra belongings and make your home cleaner and spacious. Selling will give you money whereas donation will give you happiness and peace of mind.

As you have decided to move from Bangalore but before calling any Packers and Movers you must Declutter your home to move only those items which you need in future, which will also help you to reduce your shifting charges and for a hassle-free move. But the problem may occur when you have to decide how you get rid of the decluttered stuff. Think deeply whether you want to sell the goods as it will help you to home moving budget or you can donate it, as many of the items you can’t sell because of sentimental issues and other reasons such as clothes nobody will buy used clothes, kitchen utensils, old furniture and many more.

You can help your locality by donating your stuff for a good cause. There are many ways where you can donate your stuff and also get rid of unwanted stuff. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you the details of a few NGOs and social welfare societies that accept the old, usable home goods happily for their people. There are so many NGOs and welfare societies that are helping Poor or differently-abled persons to survive and fulfill their basic needs of clothes, food, and shelter. There are various causes of different NGOs and social welfare societies and because of these causes, they are helping contrarily to society. As some are helping baby children for their basic needs or some are helping girl child to make them literate some Social welfare societies are helping old age person or infant babies and so on.

List of Social Welfare Society's and NGO’s in Bangalore

  1. Goonj(Donate at the dropping center)
  2. R.K. Foundation(Visit them to donate)
  3. Rifaa(Visit them to donate/Pay transport charges for pickup)
  4. Peace Child India(Visit them to donate)
  5. Vidyaranya(Visit them to donate)
  6. Swanthana(Visit them to donate)
  7. Karunashraya (Visit them to donate)
  8. Angels Orphanage(Visit them to donate)
  9. BOSCO (Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota)(Donate Online)
  10. Sukrupa(Donate Online)

1. Goonj (A voice, An effort)

Campaign to Contribute School Supplies to Kids at Goonj

Mission: To lessen poverty and enrich the dignity of the poor.

Projects: Cloth for Work, School to School, Not Just a Piece of Cloth, Rahat, Green by Goonj

How to Donate: You will have to visit the dropping center (address given below).
What to Donate:
  • Clothes & Footwear: For children, girls, boys, women (should in good wearable condition), etc.
  • Education: School bags, notebooks, stationery, blackboard, slate and chalk, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.
  • Office Equipment: Computer, laptop, printer, fax machine, photocopier, typewriters, fans, etc.
  • Woolens: Blankets, bedsheets, quilts, sweaters, shawl, jackets, coats, socks, gloves, caps, etc.
  • Paper: Newspaper, magazines, old brochures, one-side-used papers, envelopes, etc.
  • Dry Ration: Pulses, rice, sugar, salt, spices, tea and coffee powder, etc.
  • Utensils: all kinds of utensils that are in good, usable condition, etc.
  • Furniture: Tables, chairs, almirahs, shelf, tiles, carpets, buckets, etc.
  • Sewing machines: For setting up tailoring centers
  • Toys and Games: For setting up activity centers in villages, bicycles, etc.
  • Others: Prams and baby cot, AC and coolers, umbrella, suitcase, trunks, washing machine, etc.
  • You can also donate a large quantity of cotton (surplus/waste) for making sanitary pads and undergarments for the initiative “Not just a piece of Cloth”
  • Monetary: You can also contribute money towards specific causes like Education, Menstrual Hygiene, and so on
What NOT to Donate:
  • Damaged or wet clothes or material;
  • Used undergarments;
  • Broken school material or furniture;
  • Medicines are not accepted;
  • Ration which is expired or about to expire;
  • Shoes or other footwear without soles;
  • Bulky sofas;
  • Material contribution from abroad;
  • Don’t mix flammable things while donating material;

Note: Apart from donating in kind, you can also contribute your time and skills to spread your knowledge and help around the NGO by teaching students creative writing, hardware or software skills, or anything else. (Email Goonj for details)

Dropping Center: GOONJ.. Bangalore, SY. No. 51/1, Chikka Begur Gate, Hosur Main Road, Kudlu Gate, Bangalore- 560068 (Landmark – Near Agrawal Hospital)
Contact: Mr. Chandan
Phone: 080-43752143/ +91-9663798026/ +91-9620136320

Note: If you are not able to reach the team member on the above numbers, you can call on 011-41401216

2. R.K. Foundation (Helping Honest Hopes)

Child Eating Food Provided by Aahar Food Bank RK Foundation Bangalore” width=

Mission: To seek and fulfill the basic needs of the deprived.

Projects: All their projects are mainly focused on Hunger, Clothing, Health, Education, Environment.

How to Donate: You will have to visit them to make your donation.
What to Donate:
  • Food: Food coupons, Groceries or food, Money for buying food, or You can even prepare a special dish and serve by yourself, and Organize camps for collecting food in your locality;
  • Clothing: Gently used clothes (for all ages and sizes), organize clothes collection camps, Buy and donate new clothes or Donate money to meet clothing needs, or You can also volunteer to sort, stack and distribute clothes and ensure they reach the center;
  • Medical: Donate First Aid Kits or nutritional supplements, organize collection camps for First Aid Kits and Nutritional Supplements, Volunteer in distributing the collected items, help in facilitating doctor’s visit or providing an advanced diagnosis for those having serious diseases, help the foundation connect with good doctors to organize special camps;
  • Education: Buy new notebooks and stationery, bicycles for students having a lack of transport, sponsor higher education for a student, help school set up a science lab, computer lab, and provide sports equipment;
  • Infrastructure Development: Buy construction material for repair of the school building, sponsor labor charges, design and sponsor a school toilet;
  • Environment: Help them connect to manufacturers of low-cost solar lanterns, sponsor tree plantation drives, and solar lanterns, organize green initiative programs to do a plantation drive in villages;
  • Other Projects: Help negotiate with doctors and collect funds for surgeries, sponsor surgery of a child in part or full, sponsor a prosthetics for an above-knee amputee, contribute for mobility aids, get involved in livelihood creation programs;
  • Volunteer: You can also volunteer to help them out in various projects;

Address: # 2 & 3, 2nd Floor, New Raja Building, N. R. Road, Bangalore – 560002 (Land Mark: Close to the Townhall Signal, Above Kamat Restaurant & Andhra Bank)
Contact: 080-22210088/+91-9845453403

3. Rifaa (Home for the Girl Child)

Rifaa Home Banner Bangalore

Mission: To restore the children’s fundamental rights to food, shelter, clothing, health, education, love, and care.

Projects: Extend the “Rifaa Home” to accommodate deserving and meritorious students.

How to Donate: You can visit the office which is closest to you to make your donation; You can also pay the Auto fare if you want them to pick up your donation; Groceries can be paid for and delivered through online grocery websites (like Big Basket).
What to Donate:
  • Clothes: Gently used clothes for girls of all ages, other clothes for men, women, and children (any use condition that can be used for other purposes apart from wearing);
  • Education: textbooks, notebooks, stationery, etc.;
  • Grocery: can send them groceries in any amount convenient for you (can order groceries for them through Big Basket);
  • Hygiene: basic products for girls to maintain good hygiene is accepted;
  • Furniture: Rifaa appreciates any kind of usable furniture;

Head Office: #1, North Road, Masjid e Munawwara Complex, First Floor, Cooke Town, Bangalore – 560084
Mailing Address: Rifaa, Home for the Girl Child, 568/A, Byreshwara Layout, Hennur Bande Hennur, Bangalore – 560043
Contact: +91-9845269522

4. Peace Child India (NGO)

Things You Can Donate at Peace Child India Bangalore

Mission: To make a difference in the lives of the young and vulnerable children and help them come out of poverty and deprivation.

Projects: Rural Government School Program, Government Shelter for Children, Healthy Body Healthy Mind Program, First Aid Project, Peace Child India Cooperatives (empowering women to be self-sufficient)

How to Donate: You will have to visit the address to make your donation.
What to Donate:
  • Education: Stationery (pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, color pencils, sketch pens, etc.), notebooks, story books, bus pass for travelling to school, etc.;
  • Clothes: Gently used clothes for school children of all ages (girls and boys), clothes for men and women are accepted too (which will be given to the parents of the school children);
  • Footwear: Good condition or brand new shoes and socks for school kids, any other good-condition footwear that may fit kids or adults;
  • Furniture: chairs and tables, other usable furniture;
  • Volunteer: you can also be a volunteer and donate your time to teach the kids basic English, Computer Science, Mathematics, Cultural activities like singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc.;
  • Sponsor: you can also sponsor one deserving child’s education for one Academic Year and stay in touch with the student throughout;
  • They also accept anything that you deem fit as basic necessity for school children related to hygiene, education, clothing, medical help, etc.;
What NOT to Donate:
  • Damaged or torn clothes;
  • Used undergarments;
  • Rubbish that gets collected in your house;
  • Broken school material or furniture;
  • Shoes or footwear without soles or which are not in usable condition;

Address: 88, 1st main road, Chamarajpet west, Bangalore – 560018 (Landmark – Opposite DTDC Courier)
Contact: Mr. Bernadette Devaraj 080-26506425/+91-9845014628

5. Vidyaranya (Towards Sustainable Change)

Vidyaranya Bangalore Towards Sustainable Change

Mission: Educate children with special needs, Empower women and young girls, Secure well-being of the elderly.

Projects: Children, Children with Special Needs, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizen Care

How to Donate: You will have to visit the office to make your donation, or you can make monetary donations online.
What to Donate:
  • Small Gifts: Study material, school uniforms, painting classrooms, posters at the centers, etc.
  • Large Gifts: help in the construction of additional rooms, help in getting water (borewells), vehicles for kids and old age people, sponsor one center for one whole year;

Head Office: Royal Park Apartments, 3rd Flr, Unit No.15, Municipal No. 34, Next to Hotel Ramada, Park Road, Tasker Town, Bangalore – 560051
Open Shelter: #129, Lalitha Bhavan, Mandur, Virgonagar (Via), Bangalore East, Bangalore – 560049
Namma Mane(“Our Home”): Govt. Model Primary School, Kodihalli, HAL 2ndStage, Bangalore – 560008
Contact: 080-22862622

6. Swanthana (NGO)

The Children of Swanthana Bangalore Performing Cultural Activities

Mission: To provide a better quality of life with dignity for abandoned sick female children.

Projects: Medical/Nursing Care, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, Nutritional care according to the specific needs, Education

How to Donate: You have to visit their office to make your donation.
What to Donate:
  • Clothes: Gently used clothes for girls of all ages;
  • Monetary: They accept monetary donations through online transfer to be able to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, nutritional supplements and physiotherapy rehab to all the 50 children at home;

Address: Sarjapura Road, Carmelaram, Ambedkar Nagar, Post, Bangalore – 560035
Contact: +91-9986951855

7. Karunashraya (Bangalore Hospice Trust)

Inpatient Facility Provided at Karunashraya Bangalore Hospice Trust

Mission: To provide compassionate palliative care for terminally ill cancer patients.

Projects: In-patient Facility, Home Care, Nursing Aid Services, Physiotherapy, and Education for palliative and end-of-life care

How to Donate: You will have to visit them to make your donation (open to accept donations until 8:00 PM every day).
What to Donate:
  • Clothes: Gently used clothes that are wearable, dresses, clothes that can be made into strips, sterilized and used to protect the dressings for wounds;
  • You can also donate used but functioning items or brand new ones and any items like books, furniture sets, clothes, etc.

Address: Old Airport-Varthur Main Road, Kundalahalli Gate, Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560037
Contact: 080-42685666

8. Angels Orphanage (A loving home for the orphans of Bangalore)

Children Seen at Angels Orphanage Bangalore

Mission: To provide orphaned and abandoned children with the safety, nutrition, education, medical attention, and love they deserve.

Projects: Providing a home, daily meals, clean clothes, education and love to over 50 children.

How to Donate: To donate in kind, you will have to visit them at the orphanage; You can also make monetary donations via courier, bank account drop-off, or by visiting the orphanage (see details below).
What to Donate:
  • For children: English Story books (all ages), Crayons, Paint and other art supplies, Toys, etc.;
  • Education: School Bags, Notebooks, all kinds of books in English and Kannada, Pens and Pencils, Rulers, Erasers, Sharpeners, Educational Toys, Uniforms (need to be discussed), Sports Equipment, etc.
  • Clothes: All children’s clothes, Shoes and sandals of all sizes, etc.;
  • For Health: Medicines (unexpired), Disinfectant, Harpic, Phenyl, Band-aids and Bandages, and other cleaning supplies, etc.;
  • Toiletries: Soaps, Shampoos, Detergents, etc.;
  • Visiting & Volunteering: You can also visit them on Weekdays (6:00 PM to 8:00 PM) and on Saturdays (Afternoons); or you can volunteer with them for a few days, weeks or more as you wish;
  • Financial Help: Apart from donating in kind, you can also make monetary donations;

Address: Angels Orphanage, Anath Ashram Compound, Old Cemetery Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore – 560051
Contact: Orphanage: 080-65348406/+91-9886633094 ; Sabina Solomon: +91-9901540582

9. BOSCO (Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota)

Boys Playing at Bosco Home Bangalore

Mission: To encourage the young children at risk to join mainstream society as educated citizens.

Projects: Counselling, Home placement, Tracing missing children, Education, Vocational training, Job placement, Room placement, Advocacy, Health care, Personality enhancement, Child labor eradication, HIV/AIDS Awareness, National Research and Documentation

How to Donate: You can make monetary donations online or via cheque, DD or money orders.
What to Donate:
  • Funds: You can donate funds to financially help Bosco’s cause of rescuing children and setting up rehabilitation centers throughout Bangalore (visit website to know how you can donate);
  • Volunteer: Be a part of Bosco to help in counseling, tracing missing children, education, non-formal education, vocational training, and so on (visit the website to know how you can volunteer);

Address: BOSCO Yuvodaya – 91, 'B' Street, 6th Cross, Gandhinagar, Bangalore – 560009
Contact: 080-22253392/ 080-22424138

10. Sukrupa (Creating Opportunities)

Children at Sukrupa Bangalore Celebrating Independence Day

Mission: To enable every child to have access to good education, life skills, and empower women to be self-sufficient through entrepreneurship.

Projects: SuVidya (School Program), SuKalp (After School Program), SuMargadarshak (Mentoring Program), SuJanavikas (Entrepreneurship Program)

How to Donate: Monetary donations can be made online.
What to Donate:
  • Monetary: You can donate any amount of money you are comfortable with, to help educate a Girl Child at Sukrupa;
  • Volunteer/Intern: You can also donate your time and skills by volunteering with Sukrupa to help mentor students and teach them academic-related subjects or trigger creativity by teaching theatre, music, art, photography, and so on;

Address: #15, G.R.Layout, Cholanayakanahalli, R.T. Nagar Post, Bangalore – 560032 (Landmark – Near Rajiv Gandhi Dental College)
Contact: +91-9845261892/+91-9845670626

Items that donation sites may not accept

We know very well that donations sites will not accept everything, by keeping this in mind we have provided the list of the NGOs and social welfare societies with the kinds of stuff they are excepting. Now you don’t need to contact each and every organization for asking what items they do and do not accept. Many things are still there which NGOs or these societies will not except like Padded items with splits, stains, tints or pet odors, chemicals, unframed or broken mirrors or glasses, and single-pane windows, turn tubs, cultured marble tubs, shattered carpeting; lighting that doesn’t work; encyclopedias and schoolbooks, electronics that are out of date and so on. So, before donating these items please think once what you are going to give. We hope, with the above mention all the details you got the idea what to donate and how to get rid of you clutter stuff.

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