How to deep clean your home by yourself?

Feb 2019
How to deep clean home by myself

Congratulations! Its great news that you have found your perfect dream home (whether you have rented or purchased your own) for you and your dear ones.

But before you move in, the main task you need to take care of is deep clean your new house. It’s a time-consuming task but you should never ignore it because the people who were living earlier may have left behind dirt and grime, as everyone is in a hurry for their Shifting. So, it is always a great choice to clean your house by yourself for a perfect and clean house, before shifting all your goods, as your home will be empty you can clean it quickly. Here we will like to share some of the helpful tips that can help you deep clean your house by yourself before shifting.

  1. Clean all your doors and windows: Never forget to clean the doors and windows 1-2 days before your shifting. Wash and wipe all of them entirely and then put beautiful curtains, so that you will have a new feeling after you move into your house.
  2. Clean all your rooms: First, dust every corner of your room one by one (drawing room, bedroom, store room, etc.), then wash it using the floor cleaner to make it more hygienic and germ-free. Then, wipe it using the mop and make it completely dry. Your new house will be more sparkling to welcome you.
  3. Kitchen: Next comes the most tedious job of cleaning your kitchen. Since that's where the health of your family begins, you should scrub down every surface with the utmost care. If your kitchen is not cleaned properly, your entire home will smell very bad because of spoiled food waste. So always begin cleaning your kitchen starting with the countertops, removing oil stains, scrubbing the sinks, dusting the cupboards, cabinets and shelves, wiping the walls, and the essential fridge and gas stove.
    How to do it:
    • Kitchen Appliances: Try to clean them at your old home before packing them. Disassemble all the removable parts of your stove, fridge and other appliances, and then wash the sides using suitable detergent. Then wipe it using a clean cloth, and after it becomes clean, reassemble all the parts correctly. Make sure to check if it is working properly or not.
    • Sinks: Clean your sink and drain pipes using bleaching powder, put some powder and mix water and spray on your sink and let it soak for 10-15 mins, then wash it thoroughly. This process will help you remove all the stains and odours from your sink.
    • Walls: Cleaning the walls at your new home can be a daunting job, but also a satisfying one, you’ll be amazed to see how much brighter your house will look after the wall-cleaning session. Your home can have walls which are Painted or Unpainted, you can clean them quickly with the help of these simple steps:
      1. Unpainted Walls: If your kitchen walls are unpainted, use a broom to clean all the dust in every corner of the wall; you can also use the ladder if your wall has too much height. You can also tie an old cloth on the top of the broom to clean your walls perfectly.
      2. Painted Walls: If your kitchen walls are painted earlier but have many stains and spots, you just have to clean them using soapy water. You can also add baking soda in water and mix it well, then wet a towel in the mixture and simply wipe over the sticky spots, and you will have a shining kitchen ready for you.
  4. Bathroom: To keep cleanness in your new home, you must clean your bathroom before  2-3 days of your shift. Sweep and wash your bathroom floors and walls using bathroom cleaner. Clean your toilet seat with an antiseptic cleanser and always be sure you keep a bathroom freshener after cleaning. So, that when you enter your new house, you will have fresh felling everywhere.
  5. Electronic Items: As we all know electronic items are used in our daily life regularly, but generally we don’t get enough time to clean them, as it can disturb our daily routine. As we ignore cleaning especially at the time of shifting to a new place these items become dusty. So, its always a good option to all your electrical  items before the moving date, then pack them in appropriate box.

    But cleaning electronic items is a quite tricky task, as they are susceptible, even a single mistake can destroy your valuable things.

    Here is the list of some essential points to remember while cleaning your electrical items.
    • Always prefer to use a soft towel to dust them at first Spray a liquid cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe them slowly to clean them properly.
    • Always remember to check manufactures instructions or the manual book for the safety of your precious items before cleaning them.
    • Never use papers to clean your electronic items as it can scratch your items and destroy them.
    • Avoid direct spray of cleaners on your items as it can damage internal parts of your electronics items.
  6. Floors: One of the most important places you should focus on cleaning are the floors. In every room of the house, the floors collect all the dirt from everywhere and hence are going to be the filthiest. Give a good sweep in every room and focus on the corners as that’s where it’s particularly tricky to get the dust out completely. Finish up by mopping the entire house with a hygienic floor cleaner for a spotless and shining floor.
  7. Outdoor Space: Once you clean inside the house carefully, you can think about cleaning outside space. A neat and organized entrance is welcoming. Clean up cobwebs, if any, near your door or ceilings. Wipe down the outside of the windows if you missed it before. Also, arrange your plants, if they are not placed in order in the corridor, the way you would like it.
  8. Pest Control Spray: Safety of your loved ones at your new home is an essential thing to keep in mind. As your home may be closed from many days, pests (cockroaches, rats, fly, and snakes etc.) can make it their home. They can spread infection, germs and bacteria everywhere in your home which can make your family sick. To avoid this serious problem, you must call a pest control expert, who will spray pest control gas all over your house to kill all of them and provide you with a safe and sweet home.
  9. Spray room Freshener: After you are done with the most annoying task, cleaning your new home. Always remember to spray the best quality room freshener all over your house ( before one day of your move). So that when you open the door of your sweet home you will feel freshness everywhere.
  10. Paint your new home ( if necessary): And lastly, we would like to inform you that you can give your home a new look if it is not painted recently. Then you can paint it according to you and your family choice.

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